Playing with Swords – Zoro X OC

Their swords met with a clang. The blades touching for a second before their owner jumped away. They sped through the air, their attack quick as the wind as the dust flies, wind gathering around them.

She was a bounty hunter; she was about to leave this island for the next until she saw the Straw Hat Crew approaching. She decided to take on the First mate, Roronoa Zoro first, and use him as a gauge to know his Captain’s power.

It was a wrong move, after all, she found herself at the losing side when the swordsman appeared to be more powerful than his awfully bad sense of direction as she found him wandering aimlessly around the town.

They challenged each other and before they knew it, they were playing on a bet.

“You will let me hand you over to the Marines alive, without struggling.”

“And you will be my slave for a day.”

“Heh, do you need someone to guide your way around the town so badly?”

“Maybe? ” The green hair swordsman smirked before slashing across her neck, his attack light enough to tear the fabric away, but not cutting her skin this time. Her middle length dress slides down her body as she grabbed them tightly to her chest with a hand, her other hand clutching her katana tightly.

“Are you trying to humiliate me?” She gritted her teeth as her eyes focused on Zoro again, she sent a powerful slash towards him but he dodged, slashing down the slices of her dress, her tattered dress now revealing her thigh.

“I’m just preparing to have some fun.”

“Preparing?” Their eyes finally met in the midst of speeding through the alleys. He kept one of his Katana, his hand clutching a single katana as he pointed the katana to her neck, cornering her against a wall.

“It’s my win,” He smirked at her futile attempt of defending herself. He used the hilt of the katana to hit her weapon away, both of her hands now hugging the single piece of fabric to her chest.

His huge hand grabbed her hands together roughly and locked them above her head, the fabric slides down her petite body, revealing her figure and undergarments. Her face flushed with embarrassment as chains of cursed words leave her mouth, but never once did she asked for help, her pride won’t allow it, and it was a bet she agreed to after all.

His left hand still gripping her hands above her head while his right hand slipped the edge of the katana across the middle of her bra. Her globes sprang free from the confinement as she squeezed her eyes shut, unable to bear the humiliation.

He delved his head in between her cleavage, taking in her scent and licking her nipples.

He slowly unsheathed his katana before ripping her panties away, his hand now finally free to roam her body.

He sucked her nipples slowly while plunging two digits into her sex, curling his fingers and thrusting in and out, she sucked in a breath at his actions but bit her lips to prevent any moans escaping her mouth. He looked at her breasts that were shimmering with her sweat, and her nipples wet and red from the sucking. His tongue flicked around her nipples teasingly before opening his mouth and taking in her breast, biting them slightly and leaving red marks on her pale snowy globes.

He took his fingers out that was wet with her lust and needs, he plunged them into her dainty mouth and asked her to suck it, whispering dirty words into her ears as he releases his left hands, and proceeding to take off his pants.

“You want it?” He saw her staring at his huge and erected member, her eyes clear with lust and her lips full and red from the sucking. He slides out his fingers with a pop and grabbed her head pushing her down on the floor. “Then you have to beg like the slave you are.”

Lust took over her as she started licking his member with small strokes, and slowly his entire length before putting him into her mouth.

He was so big she couldn’t take him fully; her hands wrapped around his shaft and mimic the thrusting motion as her fingers played with his balls. He felt his balls tightening as he grabbed her hair and moved her away, he tilts her up, exposing her chest and stroked himself to climax. His cum spilled across her breast as he smirked at the sight of his cum covering her. It was an act of possession for him.

He felt his member hardening again slowly at the sight of her licking the cum that spilled near her mouth, he pulled him up and started to finger her again.

“Ugh… More…. Deeper…Please…” Her moans were like music to his ears as he felt the need to hear more.

He took his fingers out and grabbed her thighs, spreading them out as her womanly scent hit him. Her black curls were wet with her pre-cum as he bought them closer, and thrust into her completely.

“You want it so much, don’t you?” He smirked as she screamed at his brutality; lust took over him as he slides himself out and thrust into her again, not even giving her time to get used to his length. His member hit a new spot as he opened her up greedily, his eyes not leaving hers as he took in the sight of her writhing with pleasure.

Their body glistened with sweat as they continue their sex, her hips started to roll against his as they both moan into each other’s mouth, their tongues fighting for dominance.

Her legs tightened around his waist, pulling him deeper into her as he groaned with the need to release, her sex was sucking him in and he felt even harder to pull out. He thrust against her a few more times and they cum together.

Their pants filled the alley as Zoro slowly pulled himself out of her. Her body clung to him weakly as the evidence of their sex dripped down her thigh.

He took out his coat and covered her naked body as her tattered dress was impossible to be worn anymore. He carried her up in his arms as he wondered where the nearest hotel is.