Rebellious Kids – Vivi X Kidd (2)

“I won’t let you off so easily…” His words resound in her mind like a curse, a curse she could not get rid of.

She left the school grounds successfully. She submitted her resignation letter successfully. She also managed to avoid all the places that he used to ambush her successfully.

Yet, things don’t seems to be so easy.
She shook her head, her hands clutched tightly onto her car key, now, all that is left is to get into her car safely.

She has purposely parked her car out of the school as she knew he might ambush her in the school’s car park. She quickened her steps and walked into an alley, still consciously looking around her while frantically looking for her car.

She was panicking so much that she did not notice that she is tearing up.

She heaved a sigh of relief as she spot the familiar brown car. She scurried towards it and quickly throw herself inside. She closed the door shut but before she could lock the car, the passenger seat’s door was opened and a red hair man barged in.

“You thought you could hide from me eh? Vivi.” Her eyes widened in fear, her tears flowing down her cheek, she knew it wouldn’t be so easy.

“Why can’t you just let me off?” She sobbed, giving up on any form of resistance when Kidd lowered her seat and hovered on top of her.

“I told you that I love you.” He reached in eagerly for her neck, sucking on her and leaving trails of love bites.

She quit her job, so he does not need to worry about give her tons of love bites, isn’t it?

“This is not love!” With a sudden force, she pushed him away. “Please Kidd… This is not how love is like. You don’t know love at all…”

“This is how I show my love. Now shut up and take it.” He tore his blouse open together with her bra roughly and sucked on her breast. “I’ll give you so much love you will come begging me for more like all the time you did in the past.” He pulled and bunched her skirt up to her waist, tearing her panty off while earning a shriek. He plunged two digits into her, slowly curling them as he explored her walls.

“And you’re already so wet, this is the proof that you love me too,” He smirked, pulling his digits out and pushing them into her dainty mouth.

“Uhm!” She tried to pull her head away but he continued to plunged his fingers into her mouth, playing with her tongue until it is clean from her cum.

“It’s not!” She retorted when he finally removed his digits. “Kidd!” Her eyes shot opened when she saw her unzipping his pants and grabbing his throbbing dick out. His legs opened and knees resting on the chair by her side. Her legs now thrown over his shoulder and his palms on her thigh.

“Yes babe?” The inclined chair made it easier for his dick to reach her dripping hole as he direct his member on her. He pushed himself deep inside her, impaling her while pushing himself and her thigh down until they almost touch her face.

The vulnerable position left her hole wide open, the inclined chair allowed her to look at him impaling her again and again. Her head shaking in denial while she bites her lips to keep herself from moaning.

“Moan for me, bitch.” He continued to rock into her, now holding her thighs up while he pumped into her. Her toes hitting the roof of the car every time he pounded into her.

“Fucking moan! Tell me you love me too,” He let go of her legs, one of his hand squeezing and pulling her nipple while the other reach into his pocket.

He took out the familiar vibration that he used to use on her so much and turned it on. He slide it down her body, sending shrills to her before circling her clit with it. Occasionally pushing the clit with it, and rubbing it vigorously.

“Kidd! Kidd! Ughnnn!” She came hard as she squirts onto him, dirtying his clothes.

“Heh, you came for me. Isn’t this enough to prove that you love me?” He stopped, his dick still burying deep inside her.

His face flashed across a hint an annoyance as he saw her red and swollen eyes. “Then I make you realize that you actually love me so much. I’ll make you into a slut that can only come for me and only me. And you will realize that you need me so much!”

He pulled out and pushed her body around to flip her over. She kneed on her car seat, her chest resting on the inclined backrest while her hand holding on to her seat for support. She felt his hands prying her open and his warm member entering her from behind.

“Ughhnnn,” Her mind in a state of trance as she moaned, her body rocking forward as he impaled her from behind. His hand guide the vibrator and placed it just at the tip of her clit, sending shock and trembles throughout her body as she moan.

He pound into her faster, and every time he impales her, it pushes her body and clit towards the vibration, giving her another wave of pleasure as the vibration rubbed against her clit.

She moaned again and again, gasping every time when he uses his body to push her against the vibration, but purring for more than he pulled away and pulling her back. The vibrator that is vibrating only on the tip of her clit urge her to want more.

“Please… Ah…!” He generously pumped into her again, his hand now pushing the vibrator against her clit as well.

He felt her cummed again as her body arched beautifully. Her body trembling hard from the orgasm. He quickly plunged three digits into her wanting hole, her body trembled even more as she is at her most sensitive period.

The fingers skillfully impale her while her knees shake, he curled inside her and rubbing her g-spot until she came again.

“Now, show me how much you love me…” He let go of her and retreated back to the passenger seat. He helped the weakened girl moved over as well and positioned her to sit on his member. Her wet hole make it easy to slip in, she was already tired from the orgasm earlier and she rested on his chest.

“Ride me, and I’ll let you off.”
She looked up at him and pushed herself up. Yes, she has quit her job, so, this will be the last time.

She told herself that and started to moved rock her body forward until she gets used to it. Her knees now placed beside him as she felt his palms on her ass, slightly lifting her up.

With his guidance, she lifts her ass up before sitting down to envelope his dick. She repeated a few times until she was familiar enough and began to bounce on him. Her bosom swayed from the impact and Kidd took hold of one and guide it to his mouth as he sucked on her nipple.

“I’m coming, Vivi…” He panted, his hand rubbing and massaging her bosom. She clenched and squeeze him tight when she bounced on top of him. Their moans filled the car as she screamed again from the orgasm.

“Kidd! Kidd!” She came again, before him. He quickly lowers the seat and flipped her around and pumped into her furiously.

“Ugh!” He groaned as he released into her after pumping a few more times.
He lazily withdrew his member and looked at the wanton girl lying on the seat.

“I’ll let you off, only today.”

He covered her up with her torn blouse and throw on his clothes before getting into the driver’s seat.

Sending his love one home, this is probably the most gentleman thing he will ever do.