Captive – Killer x OC

Hysterical laughter echoed through the deck of the pirate ship. In the midst of them sat a girl in her torn and tattered marine uniform. She was handcuffed, hand placed behind her back, and was tied up securely with ropes.  
“Freshly caught marine!” The rowdy pirates slowly gathered at the deck; their eyes hungrily take in the sight of the beautiful marine girl.  
Her defiant face intrigued the pirates as they discussed openly on what they should do with her. Some have already eager torn pieces of clothes off her by teasing her.  
She gritted her teeth as she muffled strength to avoid their hands with no avail and occasionally throw stares at the captain of the ship, Eustass Kidd.  
Kidd turned away, not bothered by the sight, he was used to his underlings’ behavior. He waved his hand in the air, giving them the green light to do whatever they want to the poor marine.  
Fear spread through her body but she kept her death stare on the captain and the first mate. She swears she will fucking kill them the moment she is free from the sea stone handcuff.  
“Captain!” The first mate called out while walking towards the girl who was thrown on the deck. He kicked away the filthy hand that was reaching out to her, pulled her up and throw her over his body in a single swift move.  
“I want to have her for myself.” 
Kidd turned over and look at his first mate who hardly ever have any interest in women. He looked at the rest of the underlings with a furrowed and nervous face.  
“Go ahead,” He smirked as he disappeared into the cabin.  
“Mm! Mmm!” The feisty marine tried her best to kick Killer and free herself from him while he steadily carried her and disappear throughout the hallway. He entered into his room and threw her roughly on the bed. The tightly tied rope accentuates her curves and her position left her vulnerable. Half her shoulder was shown through her originally conservative uniform, her waist down was stripped off partially as well, leaving her in her underwear.  
“What’s with the struggle? Do you prefer to be gang rape instead?” He pulled the cloth out of her mouth to grant her the freedom to speak, and slowly untie the rest of the ropes on her body, leaving her with the sea stone handcuff. 
“Bastard,” She coughed dryly, using her legs to kick herself off the bed and away from the pirate as she sends a roundhouse kick to his head.  
He blocked it with his arm easily as he used his other hand to remove the mask from his face. He strides slowly across the room to take a seat on the sofa and closed his eyes. His senses heightened as his haki allow him to be aware of the crowd crowding outside his room eavesdropping.  
He smirked and look and at the flustered marine. Her long legs exposed in the air, her clothes torn while the handcuff brings her arms to her back, forcing her to protrude her chest.  
She fell back on to the floor due to being weakened by the sea stone, that useless kick took up all her accumulated energy. She knew it was useless but she cannot bear to not do anything against these pirates.  
She knew he was right. She would rather be here than with the rest of the pirates out there. She stared back at Killer, taking in his features that many guys would dream to have. She pulled herself out of the trance as she realized that she might be in deep shit now that she saw his true face. 
“Look how afraid you are. I’m not going to silence you… I’m feeling a little bit lazy today if you can entertain me. I might let you off,” he smirked, his hands holding in front of him as he laid back lazily.  
In fact, he has no intention of doing anything to the lady in front of him. He has never once had any interest in women. However, something about her eyes caught his attention, he wanted to save her. But first, he needed to shush that group of pirates outside, and he might as well have some fun teasing this girl along the way.  
“Entertain… You!?” Her eyes lit up slightly when she heard that the pirate wanted to let her go, however deeply she knew it might be another scam or game that he is playing at.  
“I don’t know. Maybe… Some moans from you pretending you’re having sex might help? If I’m entertained, I’ll let you off.” 
“Fuck you. I knew you pirates are not up to anything good. I will never do that!” She retorted back if eyes could kill, Killer would be dead by now.  
She clenched her fist as she saw Killer slowly rose from the sofa, taking small strides towards her. She pushed herself away in fear until she felt the wall behind her. 
“All you filthy pirates want is just to humiliate me, will you really let me off without doing anything to me?” She shuddered, if this is the only chance to keep her virginity, she might as well try and take it.  
“That will depend on how well you do of course… ” He smirked. Such a trusting angel. She should be glad that the person she met was him. No other people will let such a goddess slide off so easily.  
He saw her closed her eyes, deep breathing as she gathers courage before a small moan slipped her mouth. “Fine?!”  
He chuckled inwardly at her innocent response; he was not sure if that was enough to drive off the crowd either.  
‘Bang!’ Looks like it is not, he raised his eyebrow.  
“Oi Killer, how is it with the marine? The other brothers are waiting!” Heat shouted over the door.  
Heat knew what Killer was trying to do is to protect her. But if he doesn’t put up a good show… The rest will still get to her when they have the chance to. They all know how horny men will get on the sea. 
Killer, who was now squatting in front of the poor marine sighed. 
“Looks like that wasn’t really sufficient then… Kind souled people like me should help you to the end then,” he pulled the girl over and threw her on the bed, earning a few swear words and scream from her. 
He tore away the last piece of clothes from her body, leaving her in her bra and panties, and pull her towards himself.  
She was bounded by the handcuff and could only be dragged to him again and again. She tried to bite him but squealed when she realized he has already placed his digits on her sex. His fingers pull away from the thin cloth and made way into her warm but dry hole. He quickly plays with her clitoris while his other hand massaged her breast roughly.  
She bites her lips down, finally realizing that pirates are pirates after all. She should not have trusted him, and all she could do now is to hide her arousal to not fulfill the pirate’s satisfaction in humiliating her any further.  
She muffled her voice but little did she know that if she were to moan loudly now, Killer would have let her off as his original intention was to just trick the guys outside of the room.  
Killer continued to pull her body towards himself while playing with her body. Her constant attempt to struggle only excite him further, especially when she tries to push herself away from Killer but indirectly pushes against his groin.  
Her bosom swayed beautifully in rhythm with her attempt to make things difficult for him, however, it has also successfully piqued Killer’s interest as his eyes turned red. He buried his head in between her bosom with his mouth lavishing on her nipples and his body now enveloping hers. His legs trapped her tiny and fragile body in between him and underneath his body.  
One of his hand pressed her shoulders down, restricting her of any big movement, the squirming of her body proves futile as his legs squeezed her thigh tightly together. His other hand cupped her breast and bring them forward to his mouth.  
“If you have co-operated with me and not struggle from the start, things would have been different,” he whispered into her ears while nibbling them gently.  
“But now it’s too late. You have successfully seduced me.” 
He flipped her body forcefully and put her in a dog-like position as he unzips his pants. Her hands still cuffed and place behind her back, without her hands to support, her head laid flat on the mattress as she was forced to prop her butt up in the air.  
She flinched as she felt something warm circling her entrance, the warm and wet sensation tingles her insides as her clit was exposed to the cold air.  
The pirate aimed his member at the entrance of her hole before grabbing her waist and forcefully entered her. 
“Ahhh! Ahh…” Her back arched as her head tilt up from the impact. Killer grabbed her hair from behind and started to grind her hard. Her body lifted off the mattress as he grabbed her hair, it was painful but it sends thrills to her every part of her body.  
She tried to muffle her moans but was forced to open her mouth to gasp for air every time he pulled her hair back. Killer then slowly drags his member out of her, giving her the urge and pushing her to her limits till she feels the itch before pumping hard into her again and again.  
He brought her to orgasm again and again in the same humiliating position. After a few good pumps, he finally came and withdraw out of her body. He flipped her back to let her rest comfortably on the bed. His member slowly rose to attention again as he saw her dainty mouth slowly gasping for air.  
He continued to kneel in front of her, his hand slowly caressing his own member as he took in the sight of the goddess. Her bosom moving slowly as she catches her breath.  
“You turn me on so much,” he whispered softly under his breath, a voice that only the two of them could hear. The defiant marine shot him her signature death stare again before turning her head away from him.  
Killer chuckled at the sight of her. He knew he will have so much fun with her going forward. Ignoring her shriek, he carried up one of her legs and placed it over his shoulder before entering her again. He bent forward and reach for a kiss while pumping her.  
“Mm… Ughnn!” She was kissed senseless, her eyes closed as she felt his member ramming against her insides. He was no longer pulling out his member, but he still managed to ram into her deeper and deeper.  
“Marine girl… Or should I start calling you my girl instead…” he whispered into her ears. He loves the feeling of her sex, she was so tight, and her body was so soft and smell so delicious.  
“I… Will not submit to the likes of you…”  
“Then try not cumming,” He smirked, withdrawing out from her body while flipping her back and pulling her up. He kept her up in a kneeling position and spread her leg wide enough to accommodate him. He rammed into her from behind while sliding his finger on her clitoris, his finger flicked her clitoris slowly and bring her yet another wave of endless pleasure. 
“You’re squeezing me so tightly, are you really not submitting to me?” His other finger climbed up her body and play with her nipples, his manhood rammed hard into her, but the action with his fingers was soft and gentle, strong enough to stimulating her senses but soft enough like a feather to tingles her body.  
“Ah… Ah… You… Fuck… Ah! Ah! ” he felt her body trembling and her body went limp. He quickly finishes up with a few quick pumps as well, letting out a groaned of satisfaction as he cummed inside of her. He let go of her as her limp body fell back onto the soft bed, she has already lost consciousness from the continuous sex from him.  

 He bends down, kissing her on her cheek, it’s ok, he will make her submit to him one day.