Captive – Orihime x Grimmjow x Aizen (1)

A long trail of whimper and moans escaped from the mouth gag holding the orange hair girl.  
Her head tilted up as her ears pick up the sound of the door opening.  
“What a beautiful view Ulquiorra has been hiding from me…” A young maiden was seen knee-ing on the floor. Her hands chained to the ceiling, blindfolded with a mouth gag keeping her mouth open.  
She was fully cloth in her figure-hugging Espada uniform, but two small vibrators were seen attached to the nipple n top of her clothes. Her body will be shaking uncontrollably as well, presuming from the vibrator that is inside her.  
It was a blessing that he managed to overheard Ulquiorra reporting to Aizen. Apparently, they have decided to mind break her into submission and Aizen gave the Espada a couple of tools.  
What a waste, that Espada really didn’t know a thing about a woman does he? All he was doing was following instructions, placing the tools at the spot he was told to.  
“Ughnn!” Orihime body collapsed from the numerous orgasms, but the chain held her back, her chest barely touching the floor. She was kept in this same position for hours. Her body drenched in sweat, uncomfortably sticking to her body. She was unable to see due to the blindfolds but she could recognize from the voice that it was Grimmjow.  
Fear enveloped her as she slowly retreats. Her knees slowly dragging her body back, but the long hours of kneeling on the floor left her legs rigid. She whimpered in fear, she has realized that Ulquiorra has no interest in her, but not for the fiesty Grimmjow. Nothing could be worse than him coming right now.  
And how right was she.  
“Ugh!” He forcefully grabbed her orange hair, forcing her to face him, his other hand stripped the blindfold off as he enjoys the defiant look of the woman.  
Strings of saliva escaped from the gag, leaving a long trail down to her neck, her eyes hazy and clouded, despite her body still vibrating uncontrollably, there are still resistant in her eyes.  
“I’ll help Ulquiorra to break you, a gift for him to thank him for giving such a wonderful present to me.” His hand held onto her hair, forcing her to look at him, his other hand slowly trailed towards her bosom.  
What a waste, he chuckled at the two vibrators attached to her nipples, he ripped her clothes off together with the vibrator, earning a muffled scream from the orange hair woman. His hand roughly slapped her bosom that are now free of restrains continuously. Her nipples were already red and perky from the long hours of stimulation.  
He pulled her hair down further behind her back, forcing her body to arched beautifully, sending her bosom into his mouth as he sucked greedily. His other hand pinching and squeezing her breast, leaving red marks all over it.  
He proceeded to strip off her dress, as expected, a vibrator was seen clinging onto her sex, turned to the highest and fastest setting.  
He smirked, finally something that Ulquiorra did right. The woman was now struggling, her hands waving in the air trying to reach him but to no avail. She was still chained, and the long hours of torture have drained away most of her energy.  
He stood up and went behind her, his hand still grabbing her hair, and pulling her from behind. He positioned her into a dog-like position before slapping her ass.  
“I will have so much fun breaking you…” he let go of her hair and pulled out the vibrator that is now soaking wet with her juice. Orihime slumped her body, breathing out a sigh of relief as she felt the alien object leaving her body. However, it was not long until she felt something big and warm circling around her entrance.  
She struggled with her hands flailing around, but nothing could stop the man behind him. He grabbed hold of her thigh that is sticky with cum dripping from earlier and pulled them onwards him. He wet his member with her juices before aiming at the entrance. With another quick pull, he entered her and broke her hymen in an instant.  
She arched her back from the pain, her eyes dilated, tears running down her face fiercely as she whimpered. The man behind her was still pounding deeply into her, her bosom bounced uncontrollably as she moaned and screamed into the gag.  
Grimmjow came to a stop when he felt her orgasm, he left his member deep inside her, her insides pulsing from the orgasm, massaging his member slowly. He felt her squeezing and sucking him as he grabbed the vibrator and placed it on her clit on its highest setting.  
“Ughmm!” He rubbed the vibrator against her clit before pounding into her again, occasionally slapping onto her ass, leaving a bright red mark on her pale white ass.  
He started squeezing her ass, pulling them aside as he sees himself impaling her. Her ass glistening with her sweat, and their juices spilling out when he pulls them aside.  
“You want it so badly don’t you, even though you have come countless times, you’re still squeezing me so tightly.” He smacked her ass, again and again, each time earning a moan from her. He can feel himself reaching climax as he pounds into her more fiercely, carrying her legs up to his thigh and opening them up widely. The view of her sloppy and wet sex was so inviting to him. He slammed his member against her a few more times before cumming inside of her.  
He dragged his member out, pulling out a long trail of their juices mixed together.  
He gave out a sigh of satisfaction before moving towards her front. He took off the mouth gag from her mouth, his big hand caressing her small face.  
She was still recovering from the countless orgasm she had earlier on, her tongue licking her dried and cracked lips while clenched her teeth to adjust her jaws from opening for so long. 
His fingers wiped off the tears and saliva off her face as he slowly sees her eyes slowly regaining consciousness.  
“Please… Stop… ” She forced the words out of her dry throat.  
He smirked; he was so turned on by her submissive look. His other hand stroked his member slowly as he looked at the broken woman.  
“I will not…give in, no matter what… ” Images of Ichigo flashes through her mind, how he fought, and overcome himself repeatedly all the time. She can be stronger as well… She needs to be stronger.  
This woman…  
He squints his eyes at the woman.  
A third voice appeared.  
“And to think that I purposely let you overheard our conversation thinking you could break her…”