Captive – Orihime x Grimmjow x Aizen (2)

Grimmjow turned around to look at the man walking towards them, the door slowly closed behind him, taking away any last bit of light.  
“I will not… Give in…” Orihime mumbled to herself, as if a mantra, to force herself to be awake. She clenched her fist, inflicting pain in her palms to pull herself out from the trance of the orgasm earlier.  
“This just makes it more interesting…” Aizen’s finger caressed her chin, his long finger slowly trailing down her neck. He lingered his fingers on her neck, and suddenly strangling her tightly.  
“We’re going to make this… Even more fun for you.” 
Grimmjow took the hint and got behind Orihime. He grabbed her thigh and pull them towards him, Orihime struggled, trying to get out of Aizen’s grip.  
Her mind started to get hazy with the lack of oxygen, her mouth opened, trying to take in any last bit of air.  
She saw his smile widened as he released his grip, but before she could recover herself, she felt him grabbing his dick out of his pants and forcefully plunged into her mouth. His hand bunched up her orange hair and gripped them instead, a few loose strands of orange hair drooped to the side of her face, framing her beautiful face.  
“Uhmmm!” She moaned into him as she felt another foreign object impaling her from behind.  
Aizen groaned as her moans send vibrations through his member. He began to control the movement of her head, impaling deeper into her mouth, earning more moans from her.  
Each Grimmjow moved forward and plunged into her, it will send her body moving forward, helping her to deep throat Aizen. It was a perfect combination as if performed a hundred times. Both men quickly reach their orgasm as they cum into both her holes.  
Aizen continued to force her neck up, forcing her to swallow the cum that he so preciously rewarded her with.  
With a signal, Grimmjow freed her limps from the chains and. took a rope from the other side of the rooms. He tied her naked body up, her legs folded into a M shape and tied closely to her chest. Her arms tied securely behind her back, forcing her to protrude her large bosom to the men.  
She felt ashamed in this embarrassing position, but there was no time for her to think or complain as she saw the men’s figure loomed over her.  
Aizen carried her up, her legs hooking over his arms and her wet hole spread open wide for him.  
He saw her pink hole secreting juices from the countless orgasm she had earlier, her clitoris pulsing from excitement, as in anticipating what that will come next.  
“Dirty slut, your body is much more honest than you.”  
He entered her again, his mouth claiming hers as his powerful arms moved her up and down his shaft. She shook get head vigorously as if denying what he was saying.  
Cries among her moans were heard when suddenly her entire body froze, she felt another person entering her from behind.  
“We will give you all of our cum, just what a slut deserves,” It was Grimmjow, during their exchange of conversation, he was getting behind her and getting himself ready for her other hole.  
He was wet from her sex earlier but her hole wasn’t, he then covered his manhood with his saliva thickly before plunging deeply into her ass from behind.  
Both men moved in rhythm with her body, fucking her deeper than ever due to the position they are in.  
She could hear the sound of their manhood impaling her. The sound of their juices mixed together. She could sense that there was no way out, she was tied up, no way to even struggle, her movements restricted and controlled by them. She could smell sex in the room, and she could feel cum all over her body, she was not even sure if it was theirs or hers. After all, she has already come multiple times from the hours of torture earlier, her thigh was wet with her juices even before Grimmjow came into the room.  
Her throat, thigh, and ass are still tingling from the pain they inflicted on her earlier, the slapping and gripping, she could still feel Grimmjow’s gripped on her ass.  
She could almost envision the size of their manhood inside her, they were reaching deep inside of her, places that she never ever touches before. Her insides full of their cum, and are leaking out even as they continue to impale her.  
“You love this, don’t you? That’s why you are sucking us so tightly.”  
Her eyes dilated, as she experienced another wave of orgasm.  
“Ughhaa.. Ahhh!”  
Aizen looked at Grimmjow, a sense of victory took over her as he knew this was it for the maiden.  
“Please… No more… No more!”  
They ignored her pleading and continued to fuck her deeper. They came and slowly removed themselves from her body. 
Grimmjow slowly let her down and removed the ropes on her body. He carried her to the bed before dressing up and walked towards Aizen.  
“Tomorrow… We will make her beg for it. That will be when we truly break her. ”  
He smiled, slowly leaving the room.  
There is no prey that can escape from him.