Cooking Delights – Luffy X OC


A sharp noise pierces through the night as the stainless steel bowl dropped on the kitchen floor.
The young girl quickly picked up the strawberries as she scolds herself for her stupidity. She was secretly trying to prepare the breakfast before dawn so she could surprise the crew. Sanji the cook woke up pretty early, so she practically stays up all night for this.

“Uhmmm?” A head popped up behind the kitchen door as Luffy slide into the kitchen. “What are you doing?”

“Ah! Captain! Sorry to wake you up, I’m actually preparing breakfast…” She washed the strawberries and smashed them with a fork. The blender would wake everyone up so she resorted to smashing it manually.

“Uhm, it’s ok. I’m on watch duty today!” He sauntered over and grabbed the bowl of smashed strawberries. Just in time for some late-night supper.

“Captain! These are the food supply for breakfast! Sanji would get mad at you for eating them!” She snatched back, she was the only one other than Sanji that have the key for the fridge, she has to protect the food!

“No! I’m the captain!” He snatched it back again, the smashed strawberry swirled a little from the tug.

“Nami and Sanji said to never listen to you when it comes to food!” She pulled them back again, this time with greater force. Luffy continued to hug the bowl tightly to his chest with the young girl trying her best to pry open his fingers.

They struggled for a moment before the bowl decided to topple from the impact and spilled over her.
(A/N: Seriously lol. I have no idea how to make this smoother than smooth.)

Luffy, in order to salvage the bowl, inched forward as well, but unfortunately, topple over her instead.

“Ah… Sorry, my bad. Shishi!” The captain sat up on her and held one hand over his head apologetically as he giggled at the girl fuming with rage.

“Look what you have done! Captain!” she shouted while looking at the smashed strawberry smeared across her chest.

“Uhmm… I’m really sorry,” He looked at her again, “Then I guess we shouldn’t waste food.”

Luffy used his finger to picked up some of the smashed bits and put it in his mouth.

“It’s really good! You’re really talented! It’s almost as good as Sanji’s cooking!” He continued to bootlick while finishing the strawberry bits on her chest.

“Really… It’s just smashed strawberries though…” The young girl blushed at his compliment, little did she know it was just Luffy trying to buy time to finish up all the strawberries. She looked back at her captain and realized that he has been picking strawberries bit off her chest.

“Captain! What are you doing!”

“Eating strawberries?” He stalled and pondered for a moment before diving his face down to lick the smashed strawberries off her blouse.

“Ekk!” She stabilized her breathing for a while. That’s right, what else can Luffy do? He is just a kid at heart and –

“Ekk! Captain!”

Luffy inched closer to her neck and started to lick the smashed strawberries that spilled there. He started to gobble up hungrily, licking and sucking her neck, leaving a trail of love bites on her neck.

“Ugg, captain… stop!” She pushed him away with her hand, she could still feel her skin burning. She needs to stop this before it gets any further.
The captain, whose eyes caught the leftover strawberry on her fingers, decided to attack them instead. He grabs hold of her slender fingers and began to suck on them.

“Ugnn! Cap… Captain!” She needs to stop this innocent young man from going further.

“I really like that sound you make,” He licked her fingers further, the joints and the tip, trying to earn the moan he heard earlier. “It’s even more addictive than the strawberry.”
She stared at her captain with wide eyes, is this the Luffy she knows?

“Could you… Make that sound for me again?” He digs his head in between her neck again, he remembered vividly he first heard her moans when he sucked on her neck.

“Ah! No, captain!” She tried to push him away but the skinny boy was stronger than he looks.

“Not this, the other voice,” He sucked harder, his innate instinct lead him downwards, telling him something better is waiting for him below the neck.

He slowly lifts her blouse up, revealing the lace bralette she has been wearing, he sucked the tip of her breast slowly, earning moans from her. He continued hungrily, yearning for more moans from her dainty mouth.

“Uhngg… Captain… What happened to you… ?” Her breathing was irregular, her body stuck onto the ground as Luffy was hovering on top of her. Her mind running through all sorts of questions. How could someone be so pure and innocent suddenly…

“It feels good, right?” He asked, lifting his head up to look at her. “Nami and Robin were talking about it on the deck today while I was fishing. I couldn’t really understand but I’m putting words to actions now.”


“Ah!” She felt his finger caressing her clothed member suddenly. Nami and Robin?! Do they talk about such a thing on the freaking deck?!

“See, it’s wet. It means you like it, right?” He smiled, “Then give me more of that voice.”

“Captain… Ughn. Captain!” Luffy quickened his pace, his finger now pulling her panty away, and slowly pushing his digits in. He twirled his fingers around, rubbing her walls and wherever that would earn an extra moan from her. It was like a game of discovery, to discover what makes her moan the most.

“Captain! We can’t do this any more… You can only do this to someone you have a special feeling for! “ She mustered up her breath and finish the sentence, her hands pushing him away as she got up.

Luffy hugged her from behind. Panic at the loss of warmth and loss of contact. He is not sure what this special feeling means… but….

“Your voice is the only voice I want to listen to, and I want to be the only one that makes you make that voice. Is this, the kind of special thing you mean? You are special to me!”

“Captain? But… “

“No buts! I’m the captain! Shishi!” He wrapped his arms around her before dashing out of the kitchen and jumping up to the crow’s nest. This place is clear of people as he is the only one on watch tonight.

He removed her dirty clothes and threw them aside before sitting on top of her again. He bends forward and hugged her tightly, taking in her womanly scent.

“So, am I special to you?” He shot up, suddenly remembering to ask back the same question.

“Isn’t this a little too late to ask? Baka Captain,” she giggled and sat up. “Do you really know how does this work?” She whispered to him, her hands slowly unzipping his pants.

“Whoever makes the best sound win!”

“Ughh! What… This…” Luffy moaned, his muscles stiffened as he felt a warm hand caressing his member. He never knew one could feel this way. All his senses are concentrated on his member, slowly feeling every touch she made to him. Tingling with excitement as it twitches as if waiting for something.

“Your body is much more mature than you…” She inched closer for a kiss on his lips, slowly guiding him to open his mouth and sucking on his tongue. She is sure he did not get to eavesdrop much, so she pretty much has to guide him around then.
She sighed, never knew her partner would be a sex idiot, quite a disappointment actually.
Before she could continue her next move, she felt her world turned around as she was flipped over, her knees on the floor while ass facing him.

“This is what Sanji said, doggy style, right?”

“What?!” This Sanji! Polluting the mind of innocent young boys! Unforgivable! “Ah! Captain! Slow! Down!”

The young boy in heat recalled the instruction from his cook, and placed his member in her without a second thought, he grinds against her, experimenting with different positions as he widens her leg or changing the placement, using her moans as a gauge on where is the best position.
Luffy carried one of her legs up and swing it over his shoulder while entering her.

“Ah! Captain! Captain!” Her moans and his pants filled the room. Their juices mix as she came, Luffy closed his eyes while pumping into her fiercely as he came with her moans filling his ears.

“I think I shoot something out into you. Are you ok?” He quickly grabs hold of her when he exits her body. He carried her weakened body in his arms as he plants kisses on her forehead.

“I’m fine… But to think this whole ship is filled with filthy people polluting my captain is just so…” She smiled, slowly dozing off in his arms.

“Your voice is so wonderful. I want to hear it every day.”

“Uhm…” She mumbled and nodded softly, she needs to speak to Robin and Nami to ask them to be careful of what they say the next morning.

“Let’s do this again, I have so many things I want to try, all Sanji and Franky do is talk about sex in the boy’s room!”

“Uhm…” She might need to educate Franky and Sanji as well…

“Oh! And Brook ever asked if I could stretch my little Luffy like how I stretch my arms too!”

“Uhm?!” She shot up, unbelievable. What did she just hear?

“Should we try that tomorrow? Shishi!”

“No!” She smacked his head.

Brook! Damn you for polluting my cute little innocent captain!