Secret Affairs – Sanji x Nami

“Wait… Sanji… No…” Nami purred as Sanji’s experienced palms explore her body, his body heat scalded her skin as he pulled her tank top down together with her tube bra, revealing the twin globes that she loves to seduce him so much with. 
“Nami…” He whispered into her ear, biting her earlobe softly before sending butterfly kisses across her neck, Nami turned her neck slightly to the side, giving him more access to herself. Her palms on his broad chest, clutching his shirt tightly to prevent herself from clawing it off like how she always fantasied to. 
“Sanji… It’s… still early…” She moaned, his palms cupping her breast and playing with it slowly, caressing them like it was the most precious thing on earth. 
“Shhh… It’s okay, it doesn’t matter…” He landed a soft kiss on her lips to quiet her down before sneaking his hand under her mini skirt, he smirked slightly as he felt the damp cloth that covers her sex, he pulled it to the side before sticking a finger into her moist sex.  
“God Nami, you’re so tight…”  

He slid another digit into her sex, curling them slightly as she moans, he could feel her getting wetter, her juices coating his fingers inside her as his fingering creates wet sounds that filled the kitchen. 
They had just confessed their feelings towards each other, and Nami was being exceptionally flustered towards this entire relationship thing. She probably doesn’t feel secured especially with her past, but it is a man’s job to let the woman feel secure around his arms, and he is going to show her now. 
“Does it feel good?” Sanji asked softly, his fingers moving agonizingly slow, he wanted to make sure she was ready, but at the same time tease her to show her how good this can feel.  
“Tell me if it feels good, I want to hear it from you, Nami…” 
“Mmm…” She gave a curt nod, embarrassed by what they were doing in broad daylight, in the middle of the kitchen. She gave out a yelp when she felt him using his other unoccupied fingers to rub at her clit. Sanji urged her to say it out, his eyes locked into hers.  
“Yes… It feels good…” 
“That’s my good girl,” He smiled, slowly removing his fingers to see Nami pouting, he chuckled before pushing his two fingers into her dainty mouth. She hesitated a bit before opening her mouth and sucked on his fingers.  
“Do you like how you taste?” 
Nami blushed, her eyes furrowing to show her unhappiness at how he teased him, her hands daringly made their way to his shirt, unbuttoning them slowly one by one and sending him flirtatious glances before stopping her hands on his belt. 
She slid her hands down to caress his clothed member, earning a few manly moans from him before she relieved him of the tension by unbuckling his belt, at the same time pulling him closer until their body pressed together. 
“Nami, touch me…” He requested, his hand pushing his pants and boxer down, his other hand grabbing her hands and moving them towards his member. He saw curiosity gleaming in her eyes, her hands slowly moved towards his throbbing member. A shock wave was sent through his entire body as her fingers touched the tip softly. She glanced at him warily to make sure she is not hurting him before using her entire hand to wrap around it. 
“Shit… Nami… You’re good,” He groaned, his hands on the wall with Nami between them. He clenched them tightly, trying not to cum, he wanted to enjoy their first time together, even if it is not the best location. 
Nami chuckled slightly as she got the hang of it, her hand that was wrapped around his member moved up and down, her thumb occasionally brush against his tip. Her other hand caressed his balls slightly, his moans allowing her to know that she is, indeed very good at it. 
“Shit, stop!” Sanji pulled her skillful hands away eagerly before pressing on to her against the wall, he murmured a ‘Sorry’ in her ears in case he hurt her as he pressed his lips against hers. Their tongue fought for dominance while Sanji slowly carried her up, her thigh on his hands while she placed her hands on his shoulders, her hands running through his soft hair until she felt something poking at her entrance. 
“Sanji…” She moaned softly as she felt Sanji’s member at her entrance, he pushed towards her slightly as he slid his member into her, she almost screams at the sudden intrusion if not for their kiss.  
“Sanji… Sanji…” She moaned his names faster and faster as he pulled out and thrust into her again. She squeezed her eyes shut at the overflowing pleasure with each increasing thrust, each thrust driving him deeper into her. 
“God, you’re so tight… Nami…” Her muscles clenched around his member tightly, preventing him to pull away after each thrust, making him using more force as he entered her again and again. Their kiss ended abruptly as they both gasped for air, Sanji’s gaze fixed on her twin globes as they bounced beautifully with each thrust, her skin glistering with sweat as her pants and moans filled his ears. Their contact produced a wet slushing sound that was loud in the quiet kitchen. 
It felt so good, in fact too good to be true for him, he had fallen for this goddess the second he saw her, and now she is finally his. 
“Sanji…! Ah… I’m coming… Sanji!” Nami almost screamed as an orgasm hit her, Sanji also hit his climax as he buried his head on her chest. His member still inside of her as she felt so full and complete, their juice mixed as they slid down her thigh. Her eyelids felt heavy as she calmed her breath down, trying to recover from the orgasm. 
“Nami…” Sanji slowly let her down, but his arms still supporting her. His arms pressed her to his chest, fingers stroking her orange hair softly as the room is filled with the sound of their breathing. 
“YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MEAT!!!” A loud stomping that could be heard even from miles away reached the two lovebirds as they quickly separate from each other, their hands adjusting their attire so fast that they don’t even have time to think about the disappointment of the loss of contact. 
Nami was quicker as she only has to pull down her top and skirt, she quickly helps to button up Sanji’s shirt while he tightens his belt. 
The door slammed open, revealing their childish Captain and his signature straw hat. 
His head tilted to the side, “Is there food on Sanji’s shirt?” 
Without him noticing, both the couple shared a glance that spell, “Thank god it’s just Luffy.”