Sensei’s Love – Zoro x OC

The petite girl trudged down the stairs unwillingly as her ears perked up at the ringing doorbell that always rang at this time of the day, this day of the week. 
She grumbled a few nonsensical stuff to herself before opening the door, her face not expressing any form of happiness at welcoming the guest. She mumbled a “hi” languidly before walking back to her room, leaving the guest to himself. 
“You should at least greet me as your Sensei,” He sighed for a moment and followed her up.  
A problem kid, and they think he could deal with her? Well, but since he accepted the money, why not? 
“You’re not a sensei, you’re just some random green hair dude who excels in studies and think so highly of yourself that you could tame me. Fuck off, you’re just wasting your time,” She scoffed, especially at the notion of how she was considered a problem kid just because she gets into fights and flunks her tests, and now her Mom thinks she could use tuition as a reason, to get this dude to counsel her.  
She sat down on the swivel chair in front of her study desk, an empty chair already beside her for her ‘Sensei’. She continued to monitor him at the corner of her eyes; he was taking out his jacket, showing off his perfect body with a black wife beater as usual. 
Her gaze fixed on him as he moved towards his seat just beside her, slightly moving forward, giving her a sniff of his cologne before sitting down. She turned away quickly and pulled out a random textbook and flipping it open before her. 
The girl was so small, even when sitting down, her head was at his chest level, he looked down and looked at her glossy brown hair that was still slightly damp with water, he can’t help but moved forward slightly, taking in her scent. He saw her tensed slightly as she felt their sudden close proximity, unfortunately for her, he had zero intention in moving away as his eyes scanned her body. Her sleeveless dress showed her the smooth skin of her slender shoulders that were still slightly red from the presumably hot shower she took earlier. 
A mental image entered his mind with fog surrounding her naked body, her hands sensually massaged around her shoulders as… He snapped out of his trance as a bruise on her shoulder caught his eyes.  
His hand unconsciously moved towards it, examining it as his fingers move lightly across it. She jerked up at his touch, her face turned towards him with an annoyed look, but was replaced with panic almost immediately. 
“What happened?” He demanded to know, his voice low and still. 
“It’s none of your business,” She replaced her panic look with her usual indifference façade. 
“I’m your sensei, I demand to know what happens to my student, who did this to you?”  
His hands palmed her shoulders and turning her towards him as he scrutinized her face. His eyes unknowingly land on her slender neck, he saw red as he realized there were bite marks over her neck. “Who, fucking, did, this?” He asked again, controlling his growing temper and trying not to grip her too hard. 
“Heh, I don’t see how a guy who dyed his hair green will find this a big deal,” She scoffed, her face turning away. He felt his eyes strained on her, his hands not leaving her. She sighed defeatedly, “I rejected a guy, and he turned violent. He tried to force a kiss on me, but…” 
Before she could even complete the sentence, Zoro pushed himself forward, capturing her lips into a kiss, his mind was going crazy when he realized a random fucking guy gone violent on his fucking girl. He felt her flinched in his arms and pulled back immediately, mentally scolding himself for his actions. 
He saw her go blank as her lips still apart from shock, he was about to apologize but felt her eyes recovering slowly, her mouth started to move again. “But… I refused… to kiss someone I don’t like. So, I moved away…” 
Zoro looked at her, repeating her sentence again and again in his mind. He smiled, pulling her towards him this time, his hand helping her to sit comfortably on his thighs, his tongue exploring her wet cavern and felt a relief washing through him when he felt her respond with her tongue. 
He felt his pants tightened as he breathed in her intoxicating scent, the make out continued as he helped to position her in a comfortable position, her legs straddling him as her hands lifting his wife beater up. She had been waiting for so long to do this, to finally see what’s underneath those fabrics.  
Her fingers ran across his abs, her hands creating wonderful feelings to him. His heart thumped quicker at the notion of what they are going to do, his eyes opened slightly to meet her gaze that was fixed on him. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” 
“I said I refused to kiss someone I don’t like.” 
He eagerly ripped her dress and panties away, he pushed her bra up as one of his hands rub her breasts while the other teased her clit, she was already wet, probably even before the foreplay begun, he smirks, his cock twitched at the thought of it. 
She eagerly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, she pulled his boxer down as he sat up slightly to aid in her actions, his hardened member brushed against her inner thigh. His green hair curled out as she chuckled inwardly, so he didn’t dye his hair. 
She sat up and adjusted herself before impaling herself on his cock, her wet pussy taking him in completely as she started to roll her hips against him sensually. Her hands placed on his shoulders to aid her movements as she moaned, her back arched, giving him more assess to her chest area. 
“Ugh…” Zoro spread her legs further to accommodate him better, his mouths moved down towards her breast as he sucked on her nipples. His hands grabbed her bosom lifting her up before thrusting down again, she bucked her hips together with his motion as she rode him harder. “This time, you have my permission to call me by my name…” 
“You don’t want me to call you sensei?” She moaned into his ears as she licked them, her tongue moving down towards his apple and she sucked at it softly, before sending open mouth kisses over his neck.  
Zoro felt his balls tightened at how she called him ‘sensei’, he mentally cursed as he bucked his hips harder, meeting with her thrust and impaling her deeper. 
“Fuck Zoro, I’m coming…” She screamed as he hit deeply, her fingers grabbed his strong muscles as she moved faster against him. Zoro took his hands away as he saw her twin globe bounced as she rode him. She let out a scream of pleasure as she cums, her body falls on his broad chest as she rode out her orgasm, she felt him thrust into her a few times before he shot his load into her, filling her up, their cum slowly leaking out and down her thighs. His cock was still inside of her as they remained in that position, their hands trailing on each other’s back and landing soft kisses against each other. All until she finally found herself falling asleep in his warm hands as they cuddled together. 
“You’re mine from now on, you’re mine to mark,” Zoro whispered softly into the sleeping beauty, his eyes with a tint of happiness.