Solo – Albedo

The bed is in a mess, no, or rather, the room is in a mess.

Clothes were thrown around on the floor, shoes, and undergarments as well. The sound of her moans echoed throughout the room, reaching even to the high ceiling of her room.

“Ahh… Ainz-sama!” She cried while hugging the skeleton-printed body pillow tightly with one hand.

Her legs intertwine while pushing the pillow closer to her as she rubs herself naked against the pillow. Her other hand was cuffed to the pillar of her bed.

Yes. She is fantasizing.

Fantasizing of how Ainz brutally punished her on her bed, chaining her and inflicting pain on her body.

“Ahhh! Ainz-sama! Don’t tease me any further!”

She struggled softly with her hand against the chain, not wanting to break them with her actual physical strength. Her other hand squeezing her breast tightly, inflicting red marks on her pale skin.

She played with her breast and nipple, imagining the pain was due to the bony fingers of Ainz-sama. She moved her pale and dainty hand down.

Her legs continued to squeeze the pillow tight, pushing them against her clit while she rocks faster to generate more friction.

“Kiss me, please!” She pleads, but there was no answer.

No, this is the punishment she is fantasizing about. Ainz-sama wanted to humiliate her by having sex with her and not kissing her.

Yes… Yes… This is it, this is the story she is going for.

“Ahh… Please! Ughh!” Her hand moved up to the body pillow as she caresses the skull, as though begging him for the kiss.

Ah… Yes, yes! Deny me more!

She felt a puddle of water flowing out of her, she quickly releases her legs and uses her hand to pull away from the body pillow.

Ahh~ I stained it.

Her eyes twinkled with excitement as she moved her hands towards her bedsheet, rummaging for a certain item.

She pulled out a small little egg vibrator. She wanted to get the dildo instead, but she has to keep her virginity intact for Ainz-sama.

So this will suffice for now.

She pushed the egg vibrator on her clit and turned it on to the highest setting.

She spasms at the sudden sensation. She slowly pulls the body pillow back, her legs hugging it tightly again as she rocks her hip against the body pillow, the egg vibrator still on her clit.

“Ah! Forgive me! I’m sorry to have stained your body. Ainz-sama!”

Yes… Yes! Punish me more!

She rocked harder against the pillow, the egg vibrator smashed against her clit again and again while vibrating.

She needs more… More…

She moaned into the pillow, beads of sweat forming on her forehead, she wants to come so badly, so badly. She is a succubus after all.

She flipped herself over suddenly, riding the pillow instead. The simple action allowed her to break free from the chain that was restricting one of her hands.

She tuts in disapproval at the broken chain, she needs to think of a reason to cover up this ‘plothole’.

She mind working, but her hip is still rocking against the pillow and the vibrator egg.

“I command you to ride me, put on a good show for me.”

She imagined him saying this as if to come up with a reason for her sudden freedom.

She was someone that follows the plot after all.

“Ah… Ainz-sama. I will serve you well, as my punishment, and for you to be happy.”

She continued to rock her hip forward, her hands placing on the body pillow where Ainz rib cage is located at.

She used her thigh to push herself up, and bring herself down and repeatedly, aiming her clit at the vibrator egg when she comes down.

She imagines herself pummeling against his manhood, his manhood that is made of bone instead of meat and muscles.

“Ahhh! Ainz-sama! Ainz-sama!”

The pain of a hard bone will be so satisfying. She licked her lips at the thought of it, her other hand reaches out behind to slap on her ass.

“You’re such a slut.”

She continuously slapped on her ass cheek every time it was in the air while pummeling the imaginary dick. The pain at the sensitive spot sends a shock to her body.

The thought of Ainz-sama humiliating her and calling her a slut…

Such a fitting name for herself.

Her mind in a daze as saliva was seen at the corner of her gaping mouth, she smiled erotically as she changes into humping against the pillow again.

She could feel herself cumming, her clit was burning, itching and filled with needs. It was like all her senses were concentrated at just her clit, every contact she makes with the vibrator egg sends shrills to her spine, again and again.

A little bit more… Just a little…

“Ahhh!” she squirts as she saw white liquids gushed out from her vagina.

Her body collapses on her pillow, the vibrator egg still vibrating on her clit as she continued to shake uncontrollably from the aftermath of orgasm.

She switched it off and removed it, throwing it on the floor among the other mess. She used her other hand to grip her hair, pulling them up forcefully to look at the skull on the body pillow.

“Ahh… Ainz-sama… I loved it with you grab me by my hair…”

Her off days are now officially her masturbation day, she needs to think of new stories and scenarios for her next masturbation day, perhaps she should borrow a maid uniform from the Pleiades.

She smiled, slowly letting go of the grip and dozing off to sleep.