Stimulation – Uraraka x Deku

The air was still, the sound of the air con blasting through the air was the only sound that was heard.  
A lady in latex bodysuit was sitting nonchalantly on the top of the shelves at the back of the classroom. Below her, was two youngsters seen in their battle stance, preparing themselves against any advances from the villain.  
Midoriya positioned himself in front of Uraraka protectively as he scanned the lady in black. They are the only two students that stayed back to study for their upcoming written exam. Little did he know; he would chance upon a villain infiltrating the school.  
“How did she…,” He clenched his fist as numerous questions ran through his mind. His priority is to keep Uraraka safe, but he has no idea who is this villain, and much less the power of her quirk. He can’t act recklessly.  
For someone who is able to infiltrate into UA, and even the intention itself is threatening. He can’t just act recklessly, he reminded himself again. He took a swift look at Uraraka who was just behind him and at the nearest exit to him.  
His innate protective gesture made the women laughed inwardly. “This is fun. I actually have no business with your students but I’ve decided to grant you the chance you feel my quirk. Haha!” Her laughter echoed in the air as she swiftly charged towards Midoriya. Her hand lightly tapped his hair as she ran towards her next target. 
She was too fast for Midoriya to react when she charged towards him, but he immediately charged towards Uraraka when he noticed her intention. He pulled Uraraka towards himself before rolling to the side of the classroom. He has not felt any damage or effect from her quirk when she tapped him earlier, but he cannot risk Uraraka taking any damage.  
“Oh well… This can be fun too,” She shrugged as she stopped right in front of the both of them, stopping her offense towards the girl. “I shall make a move first, I have much more important things to do.” 
Within a flash, she was gone from the classroom. The two youngster hearts are still beating madly from their encounter. Judging from her reflexes, they know they won’t stand a chance against her.  
“Deku! Are you ok?” Uraraka pulled herself out from his protective arms and turned around to check on him.  
“I’m fine. Most importantly, we need to let the teachers know that someone has infiltrated the school,” he pushed himself up, but immediately bend down again. His eyes widened in shock as he pulls his hands away from Uraraka. 
“Deku! What happened?” She can feel his body weakened as he bends down and retreated to a corner.  
“I’m… Ok… Just move on. Trust me,” he gazed back into her eyes, nobody knows how much he wants Uraraka to leave right now, at this very instance.  
“No. I can’t leave you here. I’ll bring you to the recovery office! “She struggled to pull him up but the young boy was trying his best to keep his body low. After a moment of struggling, she started to realize that his body is heating up, hot to the touch even. His breath sounds heavy and uneven.  
“Uraraka… I’m not joking with you. Get out now,” he warned while keeping his face away from her.  
“Deku… Tell me what is wrong…” She sobbed, unsure if it was due to being worried, or because of the harsh tone by him. She started to put her soft arms around him, putting her face against his chest, encouraging him and letting him know that she will be here for him.  
“Ura..raka… I’m a guy too, you know?” 
Her body froze upon his words as she looked up into his eyes. Their body was so close, only a few inches difference. Her senses heightened when her mind digest what he said, she could feel his warm body on her fingertips, and his breath on her forehead.  
“I will let you go… If you push me away now.” He gazed back at her, with his ever so serious eyes. He knew what the villain’s quirk was now, and he totally welcomes that. That is… If it is her, and if she is ok with that.  
He felt his manhood hardened from the urge when he tried to stand up earlier. He needed to retreat back and bend down to hide the tent on his pants.  
Every second was torturous, every voice he heard from Uraraka, every expression she made, and every time she touches him was torturing. He felt his manhood twitching madly and begging to be touch. He is not sure how long he can keep himself sane anymore.  

“Why would I ever… Try to push back Deku?” She looked down, trying to dodge his gaze, but was shock at his bulge. She instantly froze and tried to stand up but was pulled back by the young boy.  
Within that short instance, he has already sat down comfortably on the floor, making space in between his legs to accommodate the fallen maiden. His arms hugged her small frame from behind as he digs his head in between her hair, inhaling her sweet scent. It granted him a moment of satisfaction but he can feel his manhood tightening. He let out a groan inwardly, still trying to keep himself sane, afraid to scare the little girl. 
“It’s too late, you said that you will never push me back…” He moved his head towards her collar bones, leaving a trail of saliva as he licks her, his arms hugging her tightly, pushing her towards himself, leaving no gaps between them.  
“Deku!” She could feel something poking her from behind. She squeezed her eyes shut; her senses heightened as she felt the boy slowly releasing his arms. One of his hand lifted up her shirt and made way to her chest while the other hand crept to her underwear, slowly caressing her sex through the thin cloth. His fingers moving up and down the slit, and soon enough, the cloth was drenched with her juices.  
“Deku… Are you acting this way… Because you love me… Or because of the quirk?” She knew something was not right, she knew it was because of the villain, she knew it was embarrassing for her to ask, but she needed to know the answer. 
“Baka… It was because of you. I did lose my senses for a moment, but it was you, which makes me want to continue…” He stops his advances on her, it was indeed a wrong time for this. He was getting ahead of himself.  
He clenched his fist as he pushed himself up, his member twitched as he saw the sexy girl sitting on the floor, her clothes messy and face flushed from what he did to her. He needs to leave the classroom immediately before he does something wrong again.  
He tried to quicken his steps but felt Uraraka running to him. She hugged him from behind, not saying a word.  
He tried to push her away but felt her small hand moving towards his member. Her hand timidly and slowly caressing his member through his pants. Her innocent and inexperienced advances turned him on further.  
He turned around, wanting to take a good look at her, but was met with her smashing her lips against him. Her lips awkwardly kissed him repeatedly as her eyes squeezed shut from embarrassment.  
A smile crept up to his face as he moves his hand up to hold her small face, crashing his lips against her. His fingers holding to her chin, guiding her to open up her mouth as he slips his tongue in her dainty mouth. The kiss quickly turned from an innocent pure peck to a full-on French kiss with his guidance. He hungrily sucked on her tongue, earning moans from her as they exchanged saliva. He moved his mouth down and started to suck on her neck and collar bone.  
His other hand moved to her waist as he pulled down her underwear eagerly. He has been holding back for too long.  
His fingers were met with a puddle of water at the entrance. He pulled himself away to unzip his pants, his eyes set on her partially opened lips and dived back for a kiss again.  
He quickly pulled out his member while she was being kissed senselessly and coat his member with her juices coming out from her wet hole.  
Their mouth pulled away from each other, their forehead touches as he looked into her eyes.  
No words are needed as she smiled at him, after a few pumps with his hand that is wet with her juices, he aimed his member at her wet entrance and used both hands to carry her up.  
‘Ah! Deku!’ she shrieked at the alien object in her body. Tears were forced out of her eyes as she tried to slowly get used to him, however, the young boy whose sexual needs have been heightened was too aroused to wait. He pumped her hard and lifted her up and down her shaft while walking towards the nearest wall. A mix of moan and scream was heard from her from every step he took as her legs hugged his waist tightly.  
Young raging hormones took over Midoriya as he pushed her against the wall as he continued to drive her hard.  
“Ah.. ah.. Uh… Ah…” Her quick and unstoppable moans are like music to his ears. A form of encouragement to keep him going as he continuously pumps in and out of her. She was so tight, as expected of a virgin.  


 He froze and quickly pull his member out. His hard member still twitching from the need for sex, standing hard and hoping to impale the girl again. But he saw the blood dripping off his member as well.  

 He quickly carried the petite girl to one of the table and placed her on it. However, she screamed in pain again when her fragile and vulnerable sex touches the rough platform. 

 He hugged her tightly while patting her back, begging for forgiveness, he could not believe he was so carried away that he hurt the love of his life.  

 “I’m ok… I love it too…” She smiled weakly, her hand playing with the tip of his member. She knew he was in pain; he was not satisfied yet and it must be killing him. Her fingers softly ran through the shaft and she continued as her actions earned moans from the boy in front of her.  
“Do you really think a hero like me is that weak?” She chuckled as she playfully teased him again, slowly and definitely pushing him again and again over his limit.  
He groaned painfully as he forcefully pulls her legs towards him, he placed his rock-hard member into her warm and wanting hole again, impaling her again and again as she gives off moans of satisfaction.  
“Ah… Deku! Deku!” He knew she was enjoying it and started to carry her legs and placed them above his shoulder, slightly lifting her body up so that he can impale her in different spots.  
“I love it when you call me this. Uraraka… I love you so much…”  
“Deku! Please… Harder… Deku!” He can feel her whole body trembling when he changed the position slightly. He pumped harder, impaling her deeper as he saw her eyes rolling back in pleasure.  
He smirked as he continued his advances, this time round he took her legs off his shoulder, and instead pressed down towards herself.  
She was forced to be in this embarrassing position while he leaned forward, his strength and stamina were endless as he continued to pump her hard.  
“Deku… Oh my god… Please… I… Ah… ”  
He hastened his move and cummed into her, letting out a groan before lying on her chest, he was far from done as he still wants to have so much more fun with his newly found love.  
However, he must not scare his little girl away, it was her first, and he wants it to be precious.  
He helped her up and hugged her tightly. 
“Thank you Uraraka… It was amazing…” 
“Deku… You’re amazing too. And… I love you too.”