Stimulation – Uraraka X Deku


Knock- Knock-

The door was pushed open gently by a certain brown hair girl, the exact girl said Deku have been thinking about throughout his stay in the hospital.

“Uraraka! What brings you here?” The youngster pushed himself up from the bed to greet the beautiful girl. The class came earlier a few hours ago to visit him after the terrible fight he has with the villain, so he sees no reason for the presence of the girl now.

“You’re here… alone?” His face flushed immediately at the thought of it when he saw her closing the door and locking it behind her.

“Is anything troubling you?” The uneasiness of the girl was blatant as she discreetly rubbed her palms together, her eyes looking down on her feet as she dragged herself towards him.

“Deku… Don’t…” She stalled, knowing that he will never take in her advice, “How are you feeling? There are so many people earlier so I felt like I didn’t have the chance to take care of you at all.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be good in a few day’s time, and you don’t have to take care of me.” He laughed gleefully, his hand raising to scratch his head to hide his awkwardness but withdrew immediately from the pain that sends trembles through his arm.


“Haha… I have forgotten that the damage this time was a little bit more serious than usual.”

There he goes again, always that cheerful smile like nothing can hurt him like this was nothing to him. Uraraka’s head sunk, her fist tightened for a second before she throws herself onto his chest, her hands holding her shoulder but not hurting him.

“Don’t act like everything it’s fine anymore. I’m here for you, depend on me a little bit more! I can help you as well!” She cried while she felt his body stiffened, she knows it’s not the right time and Deku might not have any romantic feelings for her, but she wants to help him so much more, she wants to be by his side when things happen. As much as possible, she wants to be special.

“Uraraka…” His eyes glistened from her touching words, he knew he needs to push her away, but he wanted to comfort her as well. His arm injuries only allowed him to reach out to her lower back, slowly and gently stroking her to comfort her.

“Uraraka… You really don’t have to…”

“Deku-kun! Is there really, really nothing that I can help you with?!” She stretched her neck and raised her head up to look into him, closing up the distance between them, their nose almost touching each other.

The young boy immediately turn his head away, his senses heightened as he felt her pushing herself towards his body, he could feel the squishy bouncy thing on his chest and he seriously does not want to know what is that.

But it’s too late. He already knew what that was. He felt his boner stiffened from the realization.

“Uraraka… I think it’s better that you…”

“Deku!” She turns his head to face her and smashed her lips into him. “Deku… I can help you. I really, really like you, which is why I want to help you.”

“Ura… Umm!” Her lips smashed onto his again, not giving him a chance to speak. She awkwardly tried to pry open his lips with hers, squeezing her warm tongue into his mouth, and slowly inviting him to dance with her. Her face was flushed red, her eyes squeezed shut, all this evidence was telling him that she was inexperienced at this, and this turns him on further. He returned her kisses, slowly sucking on her tongue and slurping up her saliva.

She slowly lifts up her body away from him while kissing him, she unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her bosom to him but still keeping them on. She pulled herself away from him, her hands guiding the boy whose eyes are fixated on her breast, and mind is blank; to sit at the edge of the bed, legs on her floor.

Her hands crept up to his pants, pulling the elastic band of the pants and boxer away and grabbing his hot member out. The tip now full of pre-cum, slowly sliding down his shaft. She looked at him again, the young man gulped, as if preparing himself for what comes after.

She placed her hands on his inner thigh, pushing them to make space for her body as her mouth take him whole. She felt his leg muscles tightened under her touch, his soft gasp when his member was swallowed by her warm mouth.

She licked it slowly, and then greedily, changing the pace and listening to his soft moans. She switched to using her hand when she felt his body tensed up again, her hands just holding on to his shaft, not doing anything while she looked up into him.

“Do you need me?”

“Uraraka?” His mind was still in the trance, he was so close to coming. His member now twitching, asking for more, but he was tightly squeezed by her hand. He looked at Uraraka, unsure of what she is thinking.

“You don’t?” She let go of her hands. Now pushing her bra up to release her bosom, she grabbed her breast and inched closer to his member. She guides her bosom to envelope his member, the soft and bouncy feel send another tremble to his spine.
She moved her breast up and down, slowly caressing his shaft, enough to trigger his sensual needs, but slow enough to not let him get off.

“Uraraka…” His hand now clenching on the bedsheets. His mind was begging him to do something. To push her down on the bed and impale her, to put himself into the deepest part of her, but he could not bring himself to do it.

“Deku, you don’t need me?” She innocently looked up her him, her naughty tongue licked the tip of his dick, sending some of the pre-cum into her mouth. She knew she was winning this game, she let go of him, a smirk crept up her innocent face as she catches a glimpse of panic on his face.

She took off her panties underneath her mini skirt and positioned herself on top of him. She opened her legs and rest her thigh on his, her legs straddling him as she sat in front of him, her breast right in front of him.

“But Deku, I need you…” She positioned herself onto his member, and slowly push herself down his hard dick. She felt the piercing pain and she hides her face in his collar. Her body trembling as the pain brings some senses back to her.

What has she done?!
She has been behaving like a slut in front of Deku. It was her first time, to give it away so easily, what would Deku think about her?
While thoughts were racing through her mind. The main protagonist was on the other end of guilt.

“Ura… Uraraka… Please, don’t stop anymore!” He has been denied from orgasm too many times that it was hurting. Her cavern felt so good, he could almost feel their juices flowing out uncontrollably. “Please…” The position left him helpless, and his arms were injured to the point that they could not move anymore.

“Deku…” His pleas bought a smile to her face. It was as if she was fueled with energy again. She adjusted her position again as she ignores the pain inside her. She placed her hand on his shoulder for support while slowly moving up and down.
The slow movement was painful for both of them, she slowly increased her speed as pain changed into pleasure. Uraraka moaned loudly but was immediately muffled with a kiss.

“Umm… Uhmm…” The both of them moaned into each other as they kiss each other senseless, Uraraka started to rock her hips while his member is inside him, but this is only enough to bring pleasure to him.

“Please… I need you Uraraka…” He pleads. Uraraka tears herself away from the kiss and began to bounce on him, his shaft impaling her again and again, producing slurping sound every time his member enter her.

“Ugh… Uraraka, faster, please…” He moaned, his smalls clutching her thigh while his mouth hungrily licking her neck as she bounced on him. She back arched from the pleasure as moan uncontrollably.


“Deku!” She purred as both of them came. She felt his cum shot inside her, leaving traces of warmth inside her. She slowly pulled herself up as they both admired their cum mixing together with traces of blood, she collapsed onto his body, her body still trembling from the orgasm.

“I love you Uraraka,” His lips found hers as he lowered his head. “I will repay you back when my arms are in good shape.”
This time, a smirk found on his innocent face.