Hot Spring – Sesshomaru X Rin

It’s been half a year since Sesshomaru came by. 

Rin rest her naked body in the hot spring as she looks up the starry sky.  

Nights like these made her feel lonely the most. She has made a lot of friends living with humans all these years, Kagome and Inuyasha have been treating her well as well. But she really misses all the time where she counts the stars with Sesshomaru, the time when they fell asleep together with the starry night as their blankets.  


She moaned his name, her palms slowly touching her breast. She has grown to be quite a well-endowed lady, there are numerous men chasing after her, but that is not what her heart longs for.  

She knows Sesshomaru hated human, but if she could be his only exception, she must be special, right? At least, that was what Kagome told her; to chase after what she loves.  

Her other finger slowly moved to her clit, slowly caressing herself in the water. The heat of the hot spring made her hotter as she pants harder. Her wanting hole long for something as she fantasized about Sesshomaru again.  

How many nights have passed?  

How is he doing?  

Has he… ever have such needs?  

Who will he look for?  

She would rather not know.  

“Sesshomaru-sama…” She moaned again, calling to his name made her cummed even faster than usual. She moved her finger into her hole, plunging in and out while her other hand cup her breast. Despite being in water, she could still feel the slimy liquid coming out of her.   

She squeezed her breast, her legs stretched out in the water as she prepared herself to cum the second time. It was so hot, her vision was getting dizzy and before she realized, she had lost conscious in the hot spring.  


He could smell a bitch in heat.  

He wouldn’t give much thought about it usually, but this time, he heard a familiar voice murmuring his name.  

He followed the scent and found his human girl.  

He has not forgotten about her, in fact, he was trying to forget her.  

A human girl.  

He stepped out of his hiding place when he saw the girl losing conscious.  

Still as clumsy as ever, he carried her naked body out of the hot spring. His eyes caught a glimpse of her swollen clit and the red marks on her breast.  

His fingers hover over her nipples and slowly down to her secret garden. She was shaved clean, just like her. His finger slowly caresses her clit, gently moving up and down on the tip of her clit.  

“Uhnn… Sesshomaru-sama…” She mumbled; her eyes still closed.  

The demon stopped for a moment, before continuing his advances.  

He has no idea what he is doing. Fuck self-control. He wants to be selfish and forget about his despise for human even for a while. She is different.  

“Rin…” His little girl has grown so much over the years.  

He inserts one of his fingers into her, the young maiden was so tight, and he need to be careful with his long nails. He slowly withdrew, afraid of hurting the human girl, but his action was stop with a small hand.  

“Sesshomaru-sama. Do you hate me? Or do you love me?” Her innocent eyes looked at him, his other hand remove her grip while he took out his finger.  

“If you hate me, why did you touch me, if you love me, why don’t you continue? Because I’m a human?” She sobbed; this was the only thing she couldn’t change. She could do anything for him, but she can’t change the fact that she is a human.  

“Rin, go back to the village.” He grabbed the clothes on the floor and threw it back at her while turning away.  

“Sesshomaru-sama! Please, let me leave with you. I’m a grown adult, I know what I want!” she plead, throwing her naked body at him and hugging him from his back. His fluffy fur brings so much warmth to her, a few years ago and now. She has always yearned for his warmth.  

“Rin!” He turned around, he hated to see her cry. Rin was a strong girl, and he hated to see his human girl cry. “Rin…” If a weak little human is not afraid of being with him, then why should a powerful demon like him be afraid?   

He grabbed her by her shoulder and pushed her against the nearest tree. His mouth smashed against hers. He has long for her lips for so long. He will claim her to be his today.  

His mouth lowered to bite her neck while he removed his pants. He moved his mouth down to her bosom, licking the whole of them and sucking on her nipples, earning moans from his human. He left trails of love bites from her neck to her breast, marking her to be his. He moved away and admired his work, her breast now glistering with his saliva under the moon light. He licked his lips and used his strong arms to carry her up, allowed her legs to dangle on his arms.  

He spread her legs opened by opening his arms, her hole already glistering with her precum from earlier. 

“I found you through this scent. The scent of a bitch in heat.”  

He breathed in her womanly scent as he swallows her moans with his kisses as he grinds on her.  

His warm shaft slides against her clit, his tip occasionally poking her entrance. Her wet hole now dripping with her precum as he slides his shaft against them, wetting his long thick shaft.  

“I’ll make you my woman now.” He whispered into her ears; he spread her legs even further as he positioned his member at the entrance of her hole. With a thrust, he entered her and earned a shriek from her. His member was being clenched tightly by her small and tight hole. She was still too small for him. His senses heightened as he felt her walls massaging him.  

“Sesshomaru-sama!” She screamed as she felt him moving inside her. “Slowly! Stop!” She plead, she needed to get accustomed to his size first.  

He slowly withdrew his shaft that is now filled with her virgin blood.  

“Rin… I can’t wait.” 

He growled as he entered her again, this time faster and quicker. He plunges into her a few times, her bosom bounced from the impact beautifully as her legs dangle freely from his arms.  

“Ahh! Sessh… Sesshomaru-sama!” She screamed, his dick hit on her g-spot again and again, driving her crazy as she felt a flash of light when she came. She felt him withdrawing out of her, his shaft sliding against her clit, bringing another wave of tingles to her as he rests her on the ground.  

He flipped her over for her to hold on to the tree before entering her again from behind.  

He pumped into her hole as he spread his butt cheek.  

“Rin… Rin!” Their moans filled the air as he took in the scene of his member impaling her again and again, finally marking her as his.  

“Sesshomaru-sama! Rin… Rin can’t take it anymore!” She begged. “Please… Let me rest for a while!”  

His eyes turned red as he growled again, he was not done at all, he has not entered her completely and the arousal was getting too much for him to handle. He flipped her over again, looking at her wanton face full of lust. 

“Rin, this is what it means, to be the demon’s woman.”  

He spread open her again and pulled her towards him. He held her legs up and placed them on his shoulder and entered her again. 

“Rin… Look at how I fuck you,” he ordered as he held her hands up against the tree, forcing her to arch forward to look at his dick impaling her.  

“Sesshomaru-sama! Ahh! Ughnn! Ugh!” She moaned as he hit a new spot in her due to her position.  

The white hair demon slowed down before he slowly pushed his full length into her tiny hole, he could feel her insides tearing up, making space to envelope him.  

It was only until he was completely inside of her that he was satisfied, giving the poor girl some time to get used to his full length. It was so tight that it was difficult to move, but the satisfaction was real.  

“My Rin is such a treasure. A human girl that can have the strength to take all of me.” 

He plunged into her again, this time pulling out his full length completely before impaling her again and again,  

“Ughnnnn!” She poor girl moaned in pain; her body was a like a broken doll being handled violently by the demon. 

Sesshomaru used one of his hands to play with her nipples while massaging her breast. He felt himself cumming and pulled the girl closer towards him, he pumped a few more time and released his shot in her body. 

He withdrew his member and used her soft hand to stroke his member a few more time, releasing the last drop of his cum on her body. His tired human has already lost conscious from the sex, after all it was her first time and she was dealing with a demon. 

His member hardens again at the sight of her covered in his cum. 

Sesshomaru carried her up, allowing her small body to rest in his arms, he will let her off just tonight, but soon, she will realize it is not easy being a demon’s woman.