OC Mew – Classroom

“Stop… Please!”  

Mew plead as she felt him carrying her up by her leg in a humiliating position.  

The position left her in a vulnerable position as her cream white panty was shown to the public, all while giving him access to her butthole. 

She felt his harden member probing against her butthole as she whimpered in fear.  

She had accidentally fall asleep in the classroom, and before she knew it, he appeared and started assaulting her.  

The black hair boy carried her up and brought her to the window, lifting her legs up and showing off her panty to the boys on the field.  

“Look, they’re all watching you……” The boy whispered into her ears, biting her earlobe and kissing her, “Open your eyes, Mew.”  

He moved his arm lower until his fingers reach her panty, he pulled them aside and started assaulting her clitoris.  

“Ugh!” The cold air hit her exposed womanhood as she moaned, “Please, senpai.”  

She opened her eyes slightly, and to her relief, the boys on the field was occupied with their activities and no one was looking at them.  

Nevertheless, the struggled to get down, wanting to end this humiliation as soon as possible.  

“I’ll tell the teachers if you continue any further!”  

“Heh.” The young boy chuckled, plunging his fingers into her wanting hole. “Let’s show them how wet you are…”  

She rests her body weight on his chest while he carries her legs up using one arm, his other hand entering her hole, drawing out strings of ecstasy.  

“Ughh! Stop… stop!” She continued to begged softly, her eyes fixated on the boys on the field, afraid of attracting their attention.  

The black hair boy placed her down, his hand roughly tears away her uniform shirt, leaving her only in her cream-colored bra.  

He pushed her body out, leaving her bosom exposed out of the window as he pulled his pants down to release his harden member.  

“Senpai!” Mew shouted in disbelief, her heart thumped quickly in the face of the fear of height and him entering her from behind.  

He aimed his member towards her wet hole and plunged in, lowering his body as he whispered in her ears, “You wouldn’t want people to look in this direction, do you?”  

Mew kept her head down, using her hair to hide her face as body moved vigorously in and out of the window. Her chest moved in the same direction as he pumped her hard.  

“Say something nice for me…” He moaned, controlling his orgasm as stopped his momentum and began sliding slowing in and out of her.  

She shook her head, not wanting to continue being humiliated any further. 

He slapped her butt cheek as a form of punishment, ignoring her mews and unclip her bra hook, allowing her bra to loosen and releasing her bosom from the constraints.  

“No… No!”  

“Say something nice, eh?”  

He started pumping into her again, this time round harder, every motion causes the bra strap on her shoulder to fall.  

She looked at her loosen bra hopelessly, clenched her eyes as she moaned softly, “Please, senpai…”  

He ignored her plead, his hand roughly pulled her bra down and throw it out of the window.  


“What should I throw next? Perhaps your wet panty? How long do you think will it take for them to realize the bra and look up?”  

Her cream-colored bra was particularly eye catching on the green field.  

“Please… please senpai, fuck me…” She clenched her eyes as she moaned out against her will. 

“Mew… I am already fucking you, tell me something I don’t know.”  

“Senpai, I… I love it, I love your dick fucking me…” She mewed softly, her shy and soft voice is like an aphrodisiac, arousing him as he pulled her back into the classroom.  

Her arms were stretched back and he pushed her body against the table and he continued to pumped her from behind. 

His fingers clasped and locked around her neck, his other hand fingering her clit while he entered her.  


She reaches her orgasm as he felt her warm thick liquid gushed against the tip of his member, he pumped harder and came.  

He withdrew his member from her hole, the mixture of their cum dripped out onto the floor.  

He took down his blazer and covered her upper body, carrying her up and allowing her to rest on his chest.  

“You don’t know how sexy you look when you’re asleep, I’ll punish you again if I ever caught you falling asleep in public.”