Handful Partner

“I know you’re there, stop playing and come out, woman,” Zoro groaned as he closed his eyes, his senses heightened as he tried to figure out where that woman is hiding. He could almost hear her chuckling somewhere in the dark. 

“Oi… If you don’t want me to hurt you, better get… OI!” A hand that sprouts near his waist moved closer to the middle, slowly moving down and rubbed on his clothed member as he opened his eyes wide. 

Shit, this woman is seriously playing. 

He tried to wriggle his arms and legs slightly but they were restraint by Robin’s hands. She had sprouted a few hands around him when he was casually walking towards the kitchen for lunch. A few hands grabbed his shoulder and pushed him towards the wall, and a few held on to his legs to prevent them from moving. 

He could easily shrug her off of course, but he would probably hurt her in the process. Not that he was picking up habits from that love cook, but he does not want to hurt the one he loves. 

“Oi! Robin!” He blushed as he felt her hand rubbing his crotch, her other hands roamed around his naked chest as he just finished training, not bothering to wear a top. “The guys might come out anytime to call me for lunch!” And he was just a few meters away from the kitchen for God’s sake. 

“Then we should make it quick, don’t we? Swordsman-san,” She whispered softly into his ears, her tongue licking his ears and slowly trailing down to his neck. “I’ll make sure they don’t come out, so relaxed.” 

“Heh, if you want a quickie you could just tell me,” He smirked, slowly starting to relax a bit as he enjoyed her hands exploring his chest. Her hand pulled his black pants and boxer down slightly, making its way inside. 

Her fingers traced his member from the tip, and slowly to his balls. He forced back a moan as he felt her skillful finger playing with his balls, squeezing them slightly as they moved towards his member again. They wrapped his member and pump him slowly, her fingers spreading his pre-cum over his member. 

He closed his eyes as he imagined it was her mouth instead of her hand, they moved up and down his member, sucking it softly and blowing the tip, it felt so real, just like how they do it almost every night, sometimes in the library, at his gym, or even in the bathroom. 
That was when he realized, it was her mouth. 

“Fuck, Robin! When did you… Ah! Shit!” He groaned softly as Robin appeared in front of him, she squatted down and replaced the hand with her mouth as he felt his member inside her hot carven. 

He felt himself reaching his climax as he pants harder, he wanted to thrust himself into her so badly but his motion was restricted by her hands. He cursed mentally as Robin decided to evilly go slow on him. 

“That shitty swordsman is not here yet?! I’ll go and kick his butt down now! Give me a second~ Nami-swan, Robin-chwan~” Sanji shouted from the Kitchen as his voice reached the two lovers and they immediately shared a glance. 

What scared him most was not his voice, and how he might burst out any moment. What scared him most was the evil grin plastered over Robin’s face. 

Within a second, Robin disappeared, her hands quickly pulled his pants and boxer up before disappearing as Sanji came out of the kitchen. 

“Oi shitty swordsman, hurry up and come in, everyone is waiting for you!” Sanji cursed before walking in again, assuming his sweaty and flustered appearance was because of his training. 
He walked into the kitchen and met the glance of everybody, he took his seat quietly beside Robin and his eye shot wide open. 

“Shit, that fucking woman…” He groaned inwardly as he felt a hand rubbing his clothed member and slowly finding their way inside his pants.  

“You’ll fucking get it tonight…” 

This is going to be a long lunch.