Changing Room – Uraraka X Bakugou

Bakugou buried his head against her nape, his lips swept across her soft skin as he caressed her soft skin with his lips. His fiery gaze follows the water droplets that slipped into her chest as he takes in the view of her in her swimsuit. 

He had the honor of catching a little mouse in the boy’s changing room, his hands placed against the locker door to prevent his prey from escaping while he takes in the view of the timid little girl in front of him. The corner of his eyes caught the pink colored letter clenched in her hands as she tried to keep a distance from him by lowering her head.  

“Uraraka… Is this letter for…” his voice trailed off as he closes up the gap between them. He could feel her trembling in fear, but so is he. He could feel himself trembling in anger when he caught her trying to sneak a letter for the other idiot boy.  

He told himself he need to calm down, but his actions were faster than his thoughts. Before he come back to his senses, he had already pulled her away towards him and pushed her against the locker’s door.  

“It’s for…” The innocent girl answered his question, but was met with a bite on her nape. He looked up and stared into her eyes, as if warning her to think carefully what she is going to say next.  

Her face furrowed in pain, but her lips opened again, as if determined to tell him the answer. Before her voice could come out of her mouth, she was met with an impatient kiss this time round.  

Bakugou pushed himself against her, his hand went behind her and held her head to push her to himself, preventing her to escape from his kiss. He bit her lips eagerly, asking for entrance as his other hand cupped her small face, his thumb caressing her smooth skin. He pushed his tongue in, kissing her hungrily and swallowing her saliva. He has been anticipating this for too long.  

“Uhmm… Ba…” Her hands were placed against his bare chest as she tried to push him away, but her resistance further ignite the fire within the young teenager. He moved away from her lips and started to nibble on her neck, leaving trails of evidence as his hands pulled down her swimming suit straps on her shoulders.  

She gasped as her cleavage was exposed in front of the hungry man. Bakugou tried to back away and calm himself down, but the pitiful and innocent gaze of Uraraka drove him crazy again. His hands clenched onto her arms; he felt his manhood rising as Uraraka looked at him. Her lips apart, gasping for air as she tries to recover herself from the kiss earlier.  

“Bakugou…” Her voice calling out to his name feels like an invitation to him. He cursed before devouring her again, this time his hands pulled down her swimsuit, leaving them hanging from her waist. Her bosom bounced out as they escaped from the tight swimsuit, his hands grabbed and squeezed her right breast as he continued to kiss her. Her other breast continues to bounced from his actions, as if begging for his attention as well.  

“Uhm!” She shrieked but her voice was swallowed by him, before she could think of her next move, she eyes widened in fear as she heard footsteps inching nearer to the changing room.  

Bakugou swiftly carried her in his arms and moved towards the nearest shower cubicle behind the dry area of the changing room.  

“Damn! I’m so hungry!” The changing room’s door was pushed opened by a bunch of boys, and at the same time the cubicle’s door was closed by Bakugou as well. He turned around and held onto Uraraka’s hands and pinned them towards the wall, her back facing him. He licked his lips as he takes in her vulnerable state.  

“You wouldn’t want to make any noise now, will you?” He whispered in her ears, his lift her hands above her head so he could grab hold of them with one of his hand, freeing his other hand to unzip his pant.  

“Bakugou! Stop!” Uraraka whispered anxiously, her voice filled with fear as she saw Bakugou’s manhood slipping against her covered private area. His caress against the swimsuit material sends tingles to her body as she felt herself getting wet.  

“Close your thigh, then I might consider not fucking you,” Bakugou moaned, the tip of his man hood tingles from her swimsuit material, his other free hand now playing with her breast, pulling and pinching her nipples. Her body trembling in excitement, further luring him in to fuck her.  

She slowly close up her thigh, leaving a small gap for his manhood. Bakugou slide himself in and out of her small gap, but it was not enough to satisfy him. His hands moved down to pull away the cloth at her pussy, his fingers sneaked in, opening up her vulva. His fingers were met with her juices, allowing him to slide in freely without friction.  

“Fuck, you wanted this as well, don’t you?” He cursed; it was as if her juices were a green light for him to go all out. His guide his manhood to her private parts, smearing her juices with his pre-cum as he prepares his member for penetration.  

“No! Bakugou, it’s not!” Uraraka tried to explain herself, but immediately closed her mouth tight to prevent voices from escaping her mouth as his hot member touches her clit. She shook her head as she felt Bakugou’s member circling her hole. She tried to wiggle away in a futile attempt to stop him. Bakugou let go of her hands, one his hand holding onto her hip while the other directing his member at her hole.  

“Uhm!” Her breast bounced towards the wall, she shivered as her sensitive nipples touches the cold wall every time Bakugou pound into her. He pound into her hungrily, trying to satisfy the hunger that he has been holding back for so long. She felt herself getting wetter and her vision turned white, her fist clenched and her hole tighten, earning a moan from the man behind her. Soft moans escaping her lips as she rides on her orgasm, her legs trembled from her orgasm as she felt energy slipping out of her 

“Shh… The boys are still outside, they would barge in if they know someone is inside here…” He threatened, the shower cubicle is not fully enclosed, and teenagers will definitely do things like looking into the cubicle from the wall or via the gap on the floor.  

Uraraka quiet down as Bakugou slowly slide himself out of her, his member still hard as steel but he wants to enjoy this for a longer time. He turned her weak and feeble body around, her hands drooped by her side, the exhaustion was getting to her, her legs are feeling weak from the position earlier.  

Bakugou carried her legs up and placed them around his hip, he aimed her hole towards his member as their body connect again. He rests her back against the wall as he pumped into her, his tongue licking and playing with her nipples. He felt himself coming and lift herself further, his back arched as he pumped faster into her. 

“Ba…kugou…” She pants heavily as she looks at his member assaulting her again and again, her bosom danced vigorously from the impact.  

“Bakugou… I’m coming again…” she moaned, her eyes filled with the eagerness to attain satisfaction. 
Bakugou pumped into her a few more times and they cummed together, his mind recalling the words she say before she came.  

“Looks like you really like this.” He smirked, slowly removing his member from her hole as the both of them look at the white liquid that slowly leaked out of her. Her clitoris still trembling in excitement from the orgasm.  
He licked his lips in excitement, “I’ll leave that for the other times.”