Dragonspine (Childe x Lumine)

Amidst the cold and dreary Dragonspine stood two young adventures. Or rather, just one of them as the other one was a Harbinger being pulled to accompany her.  

The two of them stood motionlessly in front of a couple of dried branches on the ground, apparently used previously by other adventures as a campfire.  

One might wonder, why would they stand there doing nothing instead of just lighting up the branches?  

Well, they would if they could.  

“Here, Lumine. Light it up.” The orange hair boy breaks the silence.  

“I can’t use Pyro…” She mumbled, slowly raising her head up. It would be useless to ask the man in front of her as she knew too well that he is a Hydro and Electro user.  

“From that look of yours… You didn’t prepare any warming bottle, do you?”  

“I see that you came unprepared too…”  

It was supposed to be just a short trip to drop by Dragonspine to challenge the Great Snowboar King. Childe was intrigued by how it was rumored to be the true ruler of Dragonspine, while Lumine just wanted some chilled meat.  

In fact, it was almost her daily routine to drop by and slaughter that so-called “true ruler”, which is why she did not prepare any warming bottles since she was pretty much confident in this area.  

On top of that, she is bringing the powerful eleven Harbinger along, which is why she got Bennett to rest in Mondstadt for the time being as she feels that there is no need for so many people to tag along just for a couple of chilled meat. 

It was supposed to be a short trip.  

Then Childe started blabbering about challenging the Ruin Grader and Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl. Before they knew it, they ended up drifting further and further away from the explored area.  

Lumine was happy that she finally attained the last 1% of exploration progress thanks to Childe, but now, her heart is filled with regrets.  

She should have dragged him back and came back again with Bennett or even Xiangling.  

She never missed Guoba so much before.  

“It’s getting late. Let’s find somewhere to stay for the night first before venturing out again.” Childe suggested, his arm stretched out to pull Lumine closer, attempting to warm her up with a little bit of his body warmth. 

Luckily enough for them, they managed to find a cave not far away. Unfortunately, the fire in the cave was already put out as well.  

“Well, at least this could block those harsh winds.”  

Lumine nodded as she sat down slowly. The cold had numbed her body and it was difficult to move.  

The situation in Dragonspine was bad enough, and them not properly geared just made it worse for them. Lumine and Childe were still wearing their usual clothes, it was definitely not made to withstand such harsh weather. 

Lumine hugged herself tightly, hiding her cold face in between her knees.  

“I thought you will be much more prepared than this, adventure.” Childe chuckled, attempting to lighten up the mood.  

Lumine turned her head towards Childe, her cheek resting on her knee.  

“I usually did make sure that I always bring at least a Pyro comrade along when I explore Dragonspine…” She muttered, feeling bad that he had to go through all this because of her overlook.  

“Well, why didn’t you bring anyone this time? I remembered seeing you bringing Bennett everywhere you go lately.”  

“Bennett… You know, his skill could increase your damage, which will interrupt your fight with the snowboar. You wouldn’t like that, right? It is not nice to just ask him to stand aside when you fight as well. He would want to participate.” Lumine murmured. Her mind recalling Bennett being a little bit too chatty for her liking as well.  

“What about Xiangling?”  

“Xiangling… Is busy cooking… I mean, she is busy collecting ingredients for some cooking challenge.” Lumine said so, though she knew Xiangling would definitely want to tag along to new regions to look for new ingredients. 

“What about… Xinyan? Or that red burny or bunny girl?” Childe continued, for some reason, Lumine has been a little chattier when she finds reasons for not asking a Pyro comrade to tag along. 

“They are busy, with concert, with work, and Klee is too young. Jean wouldn’t allow her to come to such a dangerous place.” Lumine answered accordingly. She wonders why is Childe asking about all the girls suddenly. 

“By any chance… Do you prefer Xiangling, Xinyan, or Amber to tag along?” She asked gingerly, her eyes gaze up, wanting to understand him better through his facial expressions.  

Does he take a liking to any of the girls? Those three don’t seem like the kind that he would like… But that’s what love is, isn’t it?   

She clenched her fist tightly while waiting for his answer.  

“Haha!” Childe chuckled, raising his finger to tap gently on her head. “What were you thinking in your little brain?”  

Flustered, Lumine straightened up her spine, “Well, that’s because you started asking about all the girls!”  

“I asked because I wanted to know if they are all genuinely unable to tag along or… ” Childe drawled his words, inching closer to Lumine till their face almost touching.  

“Or you just wanted to spend some alone time with me.” He whispered, it seems like a normal question, but Lumine felt like he was trying to seduce her. 


The thought of Childe trying to seduce her makes her cheek flushed with redness.  

“What are you thinking again?” He raised his fingers, slowly caressing her cheek.  

“Ne, Lumine. It’s getting dangerously cold, but I have a way to warm us up.” Childe leaned in for a kiss, their cold lips touch but quickly warm up.  

Lumine was in a state of blank mind. She never expected things to happen this way and in this situation.  

She was still pondering about how to answer his question. As Clever as Childe is, he probably already found out that she has been secretly liking him for a while now. Is she going to confess right now?  

Yet, before she could even answer, he had already given her his answer.  

Or did he? He did mention that this was just a way to warm up.  

“Childe!” She placed her palm against his chest as she gently pushed him away.  

Taking the hint, Childe retreated but was still confused at her reaction. He saw her embarrassed and shy face, even now, he thought this was all mutual.  

“A kiss should only be shared between lovers, you shouldn’t suggest that to someone so easily. Even if it is in this situation, I’m sure the people at the adventures guild will…”  


Confused, Lumine looked at him.  

“Hahaha! You thought I suggested the kiss just because it was cold?”  

“Was it not?”  

The Harbinger pulled her body forward, her body resting on his chest. He tilted his chin up before kissing her again.  

“I would never suggest this to anyone else even if I am to die in the cold.”  

With these words, he cleared up the confusion in Lumine’s mind and leaned in for a passionate kiss. His tongue entering her mouth as they felt themselves warming him.  


Lumine felt his hand unzipping the back of her sleeveless white dress, her tail cape was already removed. Her eyes shot open only to realize that Childe has already undress his grey jacket.  


“Sharing our body heat will make you feel warmer. I promise I won’t look without your permission.” Childe explained, Lumine with only her bra, now resting on his chest.  

She could hear his heartbeat thumping loudly. Even if he was the one who initiated it, he must be feeling embarrassed now as well.  

She tilts her head up, Childe has been forcefully shutting his eyes tightly, as if afraid that his eyes will open unknowingly.  

“Hehe!” She slowly moved her body, her hands now on his shoulder. Hugging him tightly, she whispers into his ears. 

“You have my permission.”  

Childe quickly opened his eyes, his face flushed red in embarrassment as well. He was acting like a young horny boy now.  

His body stiffened as he took in the erotic scene in front of him. Lumine was sitting between his legs, her smooth and white pair of hands now attempting to hide her bosom.  

Childe carefully pulled her fragile-looking body closer, his fingers touching the bra strap while looking at her as if asking for her permission.  

She nodded.  

As if a young boy finally got his hand on his favorite toy, he quickly carried her up, placing her on his lap.  

“Can I have even more permission?”  

Embarrassed, she leaned closer, hiding her face in his chest, “Stop asking…” 

Within seconds, she felt her bra strap tugged down roughly, a flash of orange hair appeared in front of her as she felt a sensation she never felt before.  

The man in front of her hungrily sucked on her nipples. His hand, now rid of the glove, playing with her bosom.  

She moaned softly, afraid of attracting unwanted attention.  

“Lumine… It’s okay. I love to hear your voice.” He whispered while placing her body on his jacket that was laid out on the ground.  


“It’s okay. I will warm you up soon.” He coaxed, realizing that she might be feeling a little uneasy.  

He undresses her completely, including her white panties that he so slowly slides down. His finger slowly rubbing her clitoris while he plants wet kisses on her body.  

She was already wet when he touches her, this made the young boy glad, knowing that he is not the only one looking forward to this.  

He unzipped his pants, pulling his member out and wetting it completely with his precum.  


His left hand carrying her right leg up as he slides himself slowly into her wet cavern.  

“Ughn! Childe…”  

He felt something blocking his way and understood immediately that this was the proof of her virginity. He lowered his body down, kissing her before plunging into her. His manhood now taken fully by her pussy.  

“Ughn… Ah… Uhn… ”  

He paused for a moment, allowing the girl to calm down and getting used to him inside of her. He continues to play with her bosom, his hand softly grabbing them and squeezing them.  

It was amazing how soft breasts are.  

“Childe… ” 


Lumine nodded, understand that Childe will be bringing this to the next step.  

He raised his body, straightening his spine and lifting her lower body up.  

He slowly withdrew his manhood before pumping in again. Lumine’s body was flushed red, her hands blocking her face, wanting to hide her expression from him.  

Childe free up one of his hands as he grabbed both of her wrists and placed them above her head.  

“Lumine, ugh… you are so cute.” He moaned as he pumped faster, enjoying the young lady’s cute and embarrassed face under him.  

She wanted to get angry at him, but every time he pumped into her, she felt a wave of ecstasy that she could not control.  

Her eyes rolled back, moans coming out of her mouth. She could not resist this new and overpower feeling she is experiencing now.  

As much as she wants to stop showing him such a lewd face, she could not stop herself.  

“Lumine… Lumine…” He puffed, his hand released her as he grabbed her legs and forcing them down in an M-shaped position, allowing him to pump faster into her.  

“Lumine, I’m cumming…” He moaned while trying to hold back as much as he could, he wanted to make sure his girl cum first.  

“Ughn… Uh!” Lumine felt a flash of white in her mind, her legs trembling as her body squirm uncontrollably.  

Childe pumped harder, their private parts making lewd and wet noises that echo in the cave.  

“Urgh… Lumine… ” He came, he withdrew his manhood slowly, dragging their thick white cum out.  

The cum leaked out of her trembling hole, the erotic scene making Childe hard again. After all, he is still a young man. 

“Lumine… I love you.” He kisses her softly on her lips.  

“I love you too…” She replied weakly, her eyes caught a glance of his hardened manhood.  

She looked away immediately.  

Childe chuckled, his blue eyes glinting with desire.  

“Ne, Lumine. Don’t you think it’s still a little bit too cold?”  

Written by: LemonKynn

Fanart Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/85057822