Freedom (Lisa x Kaeya)

“Yo! Charles!”  

The Angel’s Share bartender raised his head up as he greets his regular.  

“Oh, Captain Kaeya, rare to see you at such a late timing. Almost thought that you wouldn’t be coming tonight at all.”  

“Urgh… Yeah, I was caught up with something…” The dark turquoise hair captain scratched his head, his eyes shot a glance at the curvy woman beside him.  

“Haha, bet you forgot to return your books again!” Charles laughed it off. He overheard some commotion in town earlier that Lisa was doing her rounds today again, reminding the folks to return the library’s book. 

“Here, what about our dear Lisa-san? Same old?” Charles placed a jug in front of Kaeya. It was his favorite drink – Death after Noon. 

“Yes, please. It was such a tiring job chasing people around. On top of that, a captain? Do you not have a better sense of responsibility?”  

“Well, Lisa. Let’s put all that unhappiness behind us and enjoy the night, shall we?” He drawled his voice while grabbing the two jugs of liquor and head to the second floor.  

It was almost 2am at night, as it is still a working day tomorrow, there weren’t many people drinking at this timing.  

As Kaeya was the last person Lisa approached today, she requested him to return all the books back to their respective places with her.  

“Since you used me for free labor, don’t you think you should be the one treating me for drinks?” Kaeya smiled, his blue-lilac eyes glinting with mischief. 

“Free labor? That’s a punishment for not returning those books on time!” The witch snapped back.  

“Eh~ But I served my punishment by returning the books for you. What about you overworking me, asking me to rearrange all those books in that gigantic library?” That was the reason why they were working till 2am at night. 

“So, you mean to say you wouldn’t help me to rearrange the library if not for the punishment?”  

“Of course not. I’d do anything if you asked me to, Lisa.” He smirked with a hint of playfulness in his tone.  

“Ara… Really?” Her voice oozed with sexiness as she lay her chin gently on her palm. Her head slightly tilted as she gazes at the Cavalry Captain.  

As a flirtatious womanizer, Captain Kaeya definitely know where this conversation is heading. He started the topic, and Lisa continued it.  

They are two sensible adults. 

However, as much as Lisa is the representative of a sex goddess, she is seen teasing people more often than is actually passionate. This is the reason why nothing has advance between them despite knowing each other for so long.  

He gazed back at her alluring green eyes.  

Does he want it?  


But, it’s Lisa. It’s definitely bound to be some kind of tease. She is just going to tease him and left him at it again.  

He needs to think this through, how is he going to reply to this question.  

Kaeya smiled, opening his mouth. Taking this tease any further will just put him on the losing end. 

It was at this moment, he felt something stroking against his leg.  

“Of… course.” Words came out of his mouth uncontrollably. 

It was the first-time seeing Lisa being so aggressive.  


The brown hair lady raised her slender white hand and lay them on his hand.  

Her fingers slowly caressing the back of his hand, her eyes sparkled with a flash of mischief.  


Kaeya was still bewitched by her beauty when suddenly a slam on the table woke him up. 

“Yosh! Here’s your fourth-order!” Charles left the two big jugs of wine on the table before leaving the two alone again. 

“Thanks, Captain! Looks like the tab is on you tonight.” Lisa winked before chugging down the wine.  

Their face now flushed red with the alcohol consumed. The tavern was getting quieter as they chat through the night, reminiscing the past. 

Lisa stood up, holding her jug of wine as she sauntered across the room towards the door on the second floor.  

The door leads to the balcony of the tavern.  

Kaeya followed closely behind her, their footsteps still firm as ground despite downing jugs after jugs of alcohol. 

The cold night breeze felt cooling against her warm red cheek. “It’s been long since we drank together, just the two of us.” Lisa looked up at the night sky as she mumbled softly to the man beside him.  

“Uhn…” Kaeya mumbled.  

Indeed, they are always drinking with the other knights of Favonius, it was seldom that they get their time alone. 

Kaeya stood behind the lady. She was beautiful in the moonlight, like an otherworldly creature with her full lips and brown curls that appeared silver under the gentle light. 

Desire stirred in his blood.  

If he misses this chance, when would be the next? 

With a flash of determination, Kaeya stepped forward, closing the distance between them as he placed both of his hands on the wooden handrail, enveloping the goddess between him. 

She felt his presence and his warm breath just at the skin of her nape.  



She knew where this is going. There was always this weird chemistry going on between them all this while. The occasional smirk that he threw at her across the tavern when they were chilling with the rest of the knights.  

She knew very well where this is going. 


“Kaeya, listen to me first.” She took a deep breath before turning to look at him. Their face now only inches away, she looked away, avoiding his eye contact as she felt his breath now on her face.  

“Kaeya, I know what you are going to say. But this is not the right time.”  

Kaeya listened carefully. 

“This is not the right time.” She repeated. They both knew what she meant so there was no need to explain herself further.  

While they have resolved the Dvalin crisis, but this world was far from peaceful.  

With the additional information provided by Mona and the adventures, she could foresee a big war raging shortly.  

They all knew about this, and this is never the time for such distractions.  

“This is not a good reason, Lisa,” Kaeya whispered as he leaned in for a soft peck on her lips. 

Her full lips were so soft, how could just a peck satisfy him? 

“Lisa…” Kaeya straightened himself, his hand pulling her towards him as he tilts her chin towards his lips.  

His thumb caressed her soft lips, her mouth dainty mouth slightly opened. He leaned in slowly for a full-on French kiss.  

Under the moonlight, the two young adults shared their passion for each other for the first time.  

The smell of her womanly scent felt like drugs to him, teasing the beast in his body, eager to devour the woman in front of him.  

With a passionate kiss, she could feel him getting more aggressive than before. Dizziness spun in her as she grasped him tightly for support.  

“Kaeya…” She pulled herself back but felt her head being pulled closer to him as he smacks his lips on her again.  

The erotic sound of their lips filled the night as Kaeya felt himself getting hard from the close body contact.  

“Kaeya!” She felt it as well, his manhood twitching against her thigh.  

“If you call me like that… I’m not sure if I can control myself…”  

He lowered his head; his gaze falls upon the pair of bosoms in front of him. Her bosom flushed red against her fair white skin; he lowered his head slowly as he licked against her soft skin.  

The soft kisses send a tingle down her spine as she let out a soft moan.  

Taking it as a form of acceptance, Kaeya continued his advances, from the initial soft kisses and warm licks to sucking her voluptuous breast. 

His fingers slowly pulled the piece of white cloth covering her breast down, revealing an erotic purple lacy bra.  

He continued to undress her bra, revealing her soft pink nipples. He sucked on it hungrily while his right hand squeezed and massaged her breast.  

“Ughn… Kaeya… We are outside now…” She tapped against his shoulder softly. It was not like she hated it, but this is definitely not the right place to do this.  

Kaeya does not have any intention of stopping. Lisa decided to push him away slightly, keeping a small distance between them. 

Yet, to her shock, Kaeya was already stroking his manhood with his other free hand.  

“Kaeya!” She flushed in embarrassment. His manhood twitching with excitement against her erotic sight. 

“Don’t worry, no one will see us. I’ve been keeping a lookout.” He calmed her down before leaning in for a kiss again, his hand now starting to pull her panty down.  

His fingers caress her clit, sending tingles to her body. She was already thoroughly wet, but he still enters her wanting hole with his fingers, scissoring inside of her as he prepares her for his manhood. 

“Ughn… But Charles…” 

After all, they are still in Charles’ Tavern.  

“Charles knows well enough to not interrupt us,” He whispered into her eyes before chuckling.  

“Lisa… You definitely don’t seem like the type to worry about such a thing… We are in the city of Freedom after all…”  

“I’m just not into exhibitionism! And this is not what Barbatos-sama meant by the city of Freedom!” 

Kaeya’s manhood swelled at the thought of the sex goddess currently succumbing to him. To think that he is finally the one teasing her, it was a sight to see her being embarrassed like that. 

“Kaeya… Quick…” Kaeya’s promise comforted her. Trusting him, she decided to put down her concern and fully enjoy this experience that they are having together.  

Kaeya placed his hand on his manhood, spreading his precum all over his manhood before guiding them towards her entrance.  

His manhood entered her wanting warm hole inches by inches, the both of them held back their moans as he slides in slowly.  

“Ughnn… It’s so full…” Lisa moaned as her hole engulfed him completely.  

“Lisa… Ugh… You are so tight.” He used his right hand to lift up Lisa’s left leg, allowing her to open his hole even wider for him.  

He lifted her leg high up until her thigh was pressing against her breast. His inner beast growled at the lewd and erotic sight in front of him.  

“Lisa… I’m going to take you now; you will be mine. Completely.” He moaned, sliding his manhood out slightly before plunging into her again repeatedly.  

“Uh… Uh… Kaeya… Kaeya…”  

“Shhh… At this rate, people will be peeking out of their windows.”  

Lisa bit her lips, her face flushed red from controlling her moans, which turned on Kaeya even more.  

She felt his manhood getting bigger inside of her.  

“Kaeya… Kaeya… Please… Let’s do it elsewhere.” Lisa moaned; it was torturing to keep her voice down at this rate.  

Despite her pleading, Kaeya continued his advances, the wet noises were even louder than before as his manhood slapped against her hole.  

He felt Lisa cumming and smacked his lips forcefully against her, swallowing her moans.  

Her body trembled uncontrollably from the orgasm, before she was able to recover, she felt him slamming into her again, sending shocks to her body as she sees a flash of white. 


“Lisa… Just awhile more… I’m cumming…” Kaeya plead, he knew this is not the most comfortable position for her, but he could not control himself.  

“Uh… Lisa…”  

He came, he pumped a few more times to finish off before he slides his manhood out.  

“Ahh… Ahh…” Lisa moaned, she was still feeling tight from his big manhood. A sense of emptiness engulfed her as he withdrew himself. Her clit twitching as their cum slowly leaked out of her vagina.  

Kaeya helped her to wear her panty and clothes before carrying her up.  

“Sleep, my goddess. I’ll clean you up when we get home.” He whispered softly, his voices filled with love and satisfaction.  

The feeling of happiness swelled in his heart like never before.  

“We should have done this sooner…”  

“I will… get my revenge the next time…” She mumbled as she falls into a deep sleep.  

He chuckled deeply.  

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”  

Written by: LemonKynn

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