Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 1: Introduction

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Hi all, I’m beginning a 15 days series. (Might continue but I only have stories planned out for 15 chapters for now)

Summary: Lumine and Aether arrived at a new world that restricts their power, and now, in order to gain back their power, they will need to study at the Teyvat E High.

So what does E stands for truly? How will they gain back their power? All your questions will be answered here in this Alternate Universe Fanfic!

  1. This is a smut story, NSFW, N18.
  2. You are currently reading Lumine’s route which will take about 15 chapters. (Aether’s route will be posted once Lumine one is finished.)

***This chapter, is the introduction, which means, unfortunately, SFW. ***

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 1: Introduction

“My meeting room is at Block B, level 3.”
Lumine scrolled through the email on her phone which details the location of her meeting room.

The twins were standing right in front of Building B.

She looked towards her twin brother, Aether.

“Mine is at Block D. I’ll see you after school then.” Aether gave her a warm smile while waving the phone in his hand slightly, showing that he will be contacting her if there are any changes.

Lumine nodded her head gently, waving her hand while holding on to the phone as well.
She took her gaze away from her brother and looked at the school building.

She has never been away from her brother, but now, she has to attend this peculiar school alone.
Lumine sighed, lamenting about the upcoming months and even years without her brother.

“Yo! New kid?”
The pleasant voice startled Lumine as she was in her deep thoughts.
Her golden round eyes were wide opened, the young teenager chuckled at her startled expression.

“It’s not good. If you have such a weak heart.” He folds his arms while observing the petite girl.

He licked his lips while murmuring to himself.
“Finally something of my taste…”

“Huh?” Lumine did not quite catch what he just said, but realizing her rudeness, she quickly composed herself.
“Yes, I’m Lumine, and you are?”

It was almost 10 am now, lessons have already started, which explains why the school ground was almost empty now.
The twins were given the privilege to came later as today was the first day of school and some administrative stuff is required to be done.
So, who is this orange hair boy?
He was wearing the school uniform as well, so maybe… a delinquent?
That was the thought that she had at that moment.

“I’m Childe, you are heading to level 3 right? I’ll guide you up.” The orange hair boy winked at her, taking the lead up to the staircase.

“More like a playboy… Maybe a delinquent playboy?” Lumine murmured to herself softly, this was the conclusion she had.

“So… Are you aware of how this school works?” Childe slowed down his pace, breaking the silence as he asked the most important question of the century.

Lumine lowered her head to hide the blush on her cheek while nodding her head.

As mentioned earlier, this is a peculiar school, a school where no normal kids would join, and no normal parents will allow their kids to join.

Teyvat E School, where E can represent many words. People say it stands for Elite, but rumors say it stands for Ero or Ecchi.
It was said that this Elite school was so stressful, that many students ended up having sex to relieve stress, hence the title of Ero and Ecchi.

Then, years happen, and today, sex became a form of capability. Just like how leadership skills are important to future leaders, the same goes for sexual capability.

Teyvat E School now trains Elite students, through sex.

All students are veterans of sex in this school, the same goes for Childe, but her innocent reaction still brings a blush to his face. It was as if he was reluctant to taint this pure white lily.

“So, why did you join this school?” Childe asked again, this is like the most common question that everyone will ask every new kid in this school, as common as asking for their names.

“Things happened, I was forced to join by my guardian,” Lumine answered briefly. The twins have transported to this world a couple of weeks ago, while this was not something out of the norm for them since they are regular travelers, there was something strange about this world.

Their power was being a constraint, and according to their so-called guardian that appeared out of nowhere, they need to attend this school to earn back enough power.

“Forced?” Childe chuckled, he was not expecting this. The most common answer for this was to be an Elite in the future, be it for fame or wealth.

“So, why did you join this school then?” Lumine asked, even though she is pretty sure this school will be something most boys enjoy.

“Well, you could say I was forced too, by my company,” Childe answered, they were finally approaching level 3.

“Company?” Lumine opened her phone again, looking for the email to look at the name of the room to enter.

“Snezhnaya, I am one of the Eleven Harbingers. So, you could say this is like a scholarship?” Childe continued to walk along the pathway as if knowing her destination.

Lumine nods her head, during these few weeks before school, the twins have already learned a lot about this world.

“Wow. You must be an impressive person then. I remember the school president Tartaglia was also one of the Eleven Harbingers,” Lumine looked up, realizing that he was already a couple of meters away from her, standing in front of the room that she was looking for.

“I am.” He smiled confidently. “You’re cute so I’m going to give you a word of caution.”

“Mm?” The both of them stood in front of the meeting room named ‘Rex Lapis’.

“Today is your first day of school so it will be quite tiring.”

Childe slide opens the door and stepped back, making way for her to go in.

“Why?” Lumine thanked him with a nod and asked. She thought it will be easy since today is just the first day of school.

Her round golden eyes scanned across the empty room, but there was no one around.

She was supposed to meet the class president Tartaglia here.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands pressing on her shoulder gently, the corner of her eyes caught Childe’s orange hair. She tried to turn around but the grasp on her shoulder stopped her.

Lumine’s body stiffened as she felt Childe’s presence right behind her back, his body emitting a sense of warmth surrounding her. His breath tickling her nape as she heard him whispering into her ears.

“Because everyone will be curious about you.”