Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 2: Childe’s Guidance

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Source: https://twitter.com/ardenlolo/status/1338816489571291136

A/N: Hello~ Chapter 2! From this point on, every chapters will be filled with smut and NSFW unless stated otherwise.

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 2: Childe’s Guidance


His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. Despite being an innocent maiden, she knew very well where this might be going.
After all, this was what she signed up for.

“Your smell is intoxicating… And here I thought the nicest smelling girl would be Ganyu-sensei.” Childe buried his head on her nape, breathing in her scent as his fingers stroke against her waist.

The room was silent, his breathing and the sound of the air conditioner filled the air. Childe hugged her from behind as they stood in the middle of the meeting room.

However, rather than that a meeting room, it looks more like an office. An office desk adorned with golden embellishment was placed across the room with an office chair.

Meanwhile, a velvet brown sofa was placed to the right of the room, together with a small tempered glass coffee table.

“Childe… I’m supposed to meet the school president here. He might be coming anytime…”

As much as she understands that she will need to have sex with this man sooner or later, she has no intention of getting caught in the middle of the act.

Childe turned her body around to face him.

Lumine placed her hand against his chest with a futile attempt to draw some distance between them.

Childe kissed her hand, let out a muffled laugh, and asked with his sexy voice, “Fufu, so you know what it means to meet with the school president?”

“Eh?” Lumine looked up with a startled expression. There was a hidden meaning in his words.

“Lumine gulped before continuing, “You mean, the meeting was to…”

Have sex.

Her innocent expression says it all. He nodded with a grin, “So, what are you gonna do?”

“I thought… It was just some administrative work. I wasn’t expecting this but…”


Lumine lowered her face to hide her blush, “But if it is necessary, then I will follow the instructions given.”

If this is the only way to gain back her power, then she will do it. She is sure her brother Aether is also facing the same situation right now.

Childe never knew such an expression exist, a girl being determined to have sex, and is ready to do her best at it.

That was the expression Lumine had on her face, and it turned him on so much.

He pushed his lips against her soft lips, his tongue licked against the slit on her mouth, asking for permission to enter.

“Chi- Childe! We can’t do it here! And I have to wait for Tartaglia!” She does not want her first time to be in an office room!

For some reason, her words encourage him further. His hot and wet muscle slipped into her mouth as she spoke, devouring her saliva and sucking on her tongue.

“So, if it is Tartaglia, then you would be ok to have sex with him here and now?” He drawled his voice, his eyes narrowed as if looking at a prey.

“Yes! If it’s the school president, then I would have to follow his instruction. So- Ah! Childe! Let me down!” Lumine cried as she felt herself being carried up by a pair of strong arms. She kicked her legs in a futile attempt to protest.

He placed her on top of the office table. Childe grabbed her knees, spreading them open to allow himself to come close to her.

He smacked his lips against her, swallowing the protest that she had, his hands gently stroke against her bare thigh as his fingers slowly inch closer towards her butt.

His tongue was wet and hot, the sound of their sloppy kisses filled the room. It was only until he felt the girl was getting out of breath that he decided to let her off.

“Ah!” Lumine let out a shriek as she felt the shiver-inducing trail of kisses left by Childe on her neck.

“Childe… We…”

“Call me Tartaglia,” He smirked against her soft and white skin, occasionally licking her neck gently. “You can call me Tartaglia.”

“You? Wait… But!” Confused. Her mind was not able to keep up, not when Childe was doing all sorts of things to hinder her thoughts.

His warm kisses from her neck to her collar bones, his playful fingers playing with the hem of her panty, and something hard rubbing against her sex.

Wait, what?

“Childe!” She looked down at the bulge on his pants.

“Mm… Don’t worry, I’m here to help you get ready. To think that they arranged Zhong Li sensei as your personal teacher, it’s cruel.”

“Zhong Li sensei?”

“Ne, it is rude to say another man’s name during sex. This is your first time so I’ll forgive you.” Childe said while lifting her slightly, dragging her white lacey panties down. The panties hung around her ankle, swaying ever slightly from their motion.

Lumine opened her mouth to ask more questions but was stopped as Childe placed two fingers into her dainty mouth.

“Sucked it well and get it wet before I put it into your hole.” He moved his fingers in and out of her mouth, twirling his fingers and playing with her tongue to get it wet, mimicking the action of sex.

“Don’t worry, I’ll prepare you enough,” He coaxed, removing his fingers and placing them near her entrance.

His wet fingers dragged along the slit of her sex, drawing circles around her labia and pinching her clitoris. He pressed it down slightly as he felt the girl in his arms shiver upon the contact.

“You like it here?” He teased, pressing on her clit again and rubbing with accelerating speed.

“Uh…” She bit her lips, hiding the small moans that escaped unknowingly.

Lumine has never explored her own body before, she was overcome with the waves of pleasure every time he pressed on her clitoris. Before she knew it, she was panting and lying against his chest, allowing him to do all he wants.

Childe continued his assault on her sex with his fingers, his other hand moved to unbutton her school uniform quickly, revealing her soft and white skin to him.

Eagerly, without even undressing her bra, he grabbed her bosom out and sucked on the protruding nipples, earning moans from the young maiden.

“Childe…” Her hands clenched into a fist, grasping on his shirt tightly.

“Ahh…” A wave of pleasure hit her, sending shivers down her spine as she straightened her body, her toes curling from the pleasure.

“You came…” Childe kissed her cheek as if praising her for her actions.

“Came? So, we are done, right?” She knew what he meant, even though she has an innocent body, she was educated by her Guardian on what would happen when in this school.

Came, as in, orgasm, she knew that well.

She blushed as Childe held out his fingers drenched in her fluid.

“Fufufu… Girl, this is just the start,” He answered softly, licking his fingers and tasting her fluid.

He came closer with a kiss, his tongue slipped into her mouth as he danced with her tongue.

“Do you like how you taste?” He chuckled, his finger now circling her labia again, but this time, ever slowly teasing her wanting hole as he felt her endless fluid flowing out.


His slide one of his digit into her smooth but tight hole, slowly pushing it in and out as he prepares to put in a second digit.


He slowly inched his fingers into her and was met with a wall, while he knew that she must be virgin judging from her reaction, it was still exciting for him.

To think that he could find a virgin in this school.

He felt his pants tightened at the thought of it, he slowly unbuttons his pants while scissoring his digits in her.

“Childe…! Ugh… Too much…” Lumine cried. She felt her insides being spread wide, it was not a pleasant feeling for her.

Childe’s dick sprang out as he pushed his pants and boxer down, his hardened member twitching from the excitement.

She gasped at the size of his member.

If having two of his fingers is too much, she does not want to know how it will feel for this to fit into her.

Her reaction amuses him as he chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll prepare you well…”

He hasted the speed of his fingers, plunging them in and out of her wet hole quickly, his other hand teasing and rubbing on her clit. Lumine felt an urge near her lower abdomen area, a wave of relief soon swept over her.

She knew she came again, her tired body laid against his palm as he supported her petite body.

Her dainty tongue licked her dry lips. She was exhausted.
However, before she could recover herself, she felt his palm moving towards her butt and pressing her closer to him.

“Ugh!” She let out a muffled scream, she lost her voice as she felt his member entering into her without any warning.

Childe pushed himself into her, his hand grabbing onto her butt as he slammed into her wet hole, leaving no space between them as their body connects.

“You’re so tight…Ugh…” He moaned, his face showing no signs of pleasure as he felt her walls clamping on him tightly. “Lumine… You need to relax your body, you are too tight…”

He had difficulty pulling his member out, Lumine’s nervous tension make her walls clamped on him even more. As though afraid that any movement might bring pain to her, her hole sucked on him, reluctant to let him move.

Childe placed a hand on her bosom and played with her breast, slowly coaxing her to relax her body. After the both of them get used to each other, Childe slowly slides his member out.

His manhood was now covered with both of their fluid, the red bloodstains excite the man further as he felt his dick getting sore.

“Lumine…” He pressed her down against the table, her bra now being pushed up, exposing both of the bosoms as he pressed and knead one of them roughly.

“Ah…” It was still painful for Lumine, but other than the initial pain, there was something else that she felt now.

As Childe slides his member out, she felt a wave of emptiness instead, her walls now sucking on to him even more, afraid of him leaving her.

He felt the changes in Lumine and chuckled.

“Yes, I’m giving you now, good girl,” His other hand grabbed her thigh, bring them up to his waist as he plunged into her again, his full length entering her, he rubbed himself against her, wanting to reach places that were never explored before.

His hand still massaging her breast roughly, occasionally pinching on her nipples, earning shrieks and moans from her.

His ego swelled at the thought of being her first man, despite being inside of her now, he is already looking forward to the upcoming lessons he will be having with her.

He pulled himself out slightly before pushing back in, again and again, his balls smacked against her butt and the sloppy sound of their sex filled the room.

“Ughnn… Childe…” Lumine cried, she felt her eyes watered slightly from the excitement, her mouth opened as she gasped for air.

Her beautiful breast swayed vigorously, her panting mouth showed a glimpse of the tip of her cute tiny tongue. The erotic sight of her under him pushed him further as he fucked her over and over again.

“Lumine… Lumine…” He moaned her name over and over again, he knew he was about to cum soon. He felt her hole squeezed him tightly, a gushed of warm fluid embraced his member as he reaches his orgasm as well.

He pumped a few more times, making sure all cum is in before pulling his dick out.

Lumine was panting and writhing from the ecstasy of orgasm, her body twitching as he pulled himself out.

Together with his dick, their thick white fluid dripped onto the floor as well, but Childe could not care less. He carried her up princess-liked and moved her to the velvet sofa.

He went back to grab the panty that was dropped on the floor and dress her up again.

In the midst of all that, he felt his member hardened again, but he does not want to take up too much of her time.

It was her first day, so there are still a lot more activities waiting for her.

“The floor…” Lumine blushed, she was feeling bad for dirtying the office.

“Leave it. Someone will clean it, and you might want to get some rest before Zhong Li sensei comes.”

“Zhong Li sensei?” She has heard this name a couple of times, is he the owner of this office?

Before Childe could explain further, the office door was pushed open.

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