Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 3: Xiao’s Test

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Chapter 3 (NSFW 18+ ONLY)

‘Are you sure… this is not another delinquent?’

‘Does all delinquent held high position in this school?’

These are the thoughts that came to her mind the moment she saw him.

The man has medium-length back hair with a teal undertone. His white sleeveless hoodie showed off the light green tattoos on his right arm, paired with dark purple joggers and matching boots.

The smell of sex is still lingering in the room, but it did not falter him at all. His emotionless eye scanned across the room, taking note of the messy office desk and the puddle of fluid on the floor, and finally on the new student seated on the sofa.

“Xiao?” Childe grumbled. Having Zhong Li sensei is already too much for a new student, but now this is just worse.

“The rest of the teachers are having a meeting, so I’m taking over for today.”

“Urgh…” Childe ran his fingers through his hair, “You’re the worst! Now she will be emotionally scarred!”

“Childe, go back to your class.” Xiao stood beside the opened door, waiting for Childe to leave the room.

“…” Childe gave an eye of concern to Lumine before slowly dragging himself up from the sofa. He looked at Xiao with a menacing glare in his eyes before leaving the room.

Lumine was confused with the exchange between the two men. It does not appear friendly to her. She wonders what does Childe means by emotionally scarred.

“Xiao… Sensei.” Lumine stood up and greeted the expressionless man.

Xiao closed the door and made his way to the sofa.

“Xiao. I’m Zhong Li’s assistant. I’ll be going through various tests with you to identify your strength and weakness. Do you have any questions?” Xiao took out a digital watch and passed it to her, signaling her to wear it.

Lumine strapped the digital watch against her small wrist while shaking her head.

Xiao placed a bottle filled with blue pills and a single red pill covered in a plastic film on the glass table.

“Good. Take these two pills. The blue one is harmless contraception that the school provides for students, while the red one is for conducting the test. Keep the bottle for future use. You will need it.”

“Ok.” Lumine grabbed an unopened bottle of water at the table and swallowed the two pills.

Xiao took out his mobile phone, “Yes, the medicine is already working.” He murmured to himself. It seems like there is an application that links with the digital watch that she is wearing.

“Let’s start the test now. For a start, take off all your clothes.”


He said it with an emotionless tone. The tension in the room made Lumine aware that he was seriously here for a mere test.

She slowly undressed in front of him, her face blushed with a thousand shades of red. She continued to stripe down till she is bare and naked.

The cold wind brush against her warm skin, tickling her erected nipples as she felt her senses heightened.

Was it because of the cold air, or was it something else?

She felt something warm near her womb, the warmth radiating, sending a pulse of tingles to the rest of her body.

She suddenly recalled the red pills that she has eaten before, so what is the test?

It’s too late to ask.

Obviously, this will not be any ordinary test.

It was not before long that she realized she might be under the effect of aphrodisiac.

Xiao spotted the worried look on her face and sighed. It will not be long until these shy maiden started riding on men’s dick like a slut, and he was disgusted by it.

“It’s just a small dose, come.” He took out his phone and opened an application, a couple of numbers was jumping on the screen.

Lumine followed his instruction and stood right of him. She was utterly embarrassed, especially when the man in front of her looked so calm as if she was transparent.

Xiao eyed her pussy, the tip of her labia is glistering with her fluid. He placed his middle finger and pushed it into her wet hole.

It slides in without any difficulty and her muscles immediately clamped down onto his finger, sucking him in, demanding for more.

“Uh…” She let out a soft moan, but immediately hide it, she was not sure if she should feel aroused at this point.

Xiao withdrew his finger, sloping out her clear and slimy fluid, and proceed to press on her swollen clitoris.

“Uh…! Xiao… What is this test… about?” She panted while asking, enduring the waves of pleasure as he curled his toe, her hands hugging her arms pressed into her flesh as she held back from moaning.

Xiao took a look at the application on his phone.

“This will show what is the highest pleasure you can attain. The school will then arrange a suitable teacher for you. Now, you are not allowed to cum, it will be difficult to get actual numbers after you cum.”

“You say that but… How can… I control…Uh…!” Hearing his explanation doesn’t make it any better. If anything, it turned her on so much more knowing that this will continue for much longer.

Xiao ignored her question, he placed his finger near her entrance again. After twirling around the entrance, he pushed two digits in. His long and bony fingers enhanced her pleasure as she felt his fingers scissoring inside of her.

“I’m… coming soon. I can’t…” Lumine cried, at that moment, Xiao withdrew himself again. She felt a sense of loss, her body writhing as she wanted more.

Her body trembled as her legs almost gave way, she unfolds her arms and pressed them on Xiao’s shoulder to support herself.

“Ah! Sorry…” She took her hands away trying to stay composed but felt her body being twirled around and pulled against him.

Xiao opened his legs, allowing her to sit between him as he held her from behind. He spread her legs as well, exposing her pussy to the cold air, his fingers slowly tapping on her clitoris.

He felt her lifting her hip slightly as if trying to meet with his finger, asking for his touch.

“Childe was worried that you might be emotionally scarred, but in fact, you are so turned on by this, aren’t you?” Xiao whispered against the skin on her nape.

Many students complained that Xiao was the worst person to conduct sexual activities with. He was always emotionless, fully clothed, and never once show an expression of lust.

For some reason, this made many girls thinking that they were not good enough. Xiao became an impossible hurdle in many girl’s minds, it was a punch to their confidence after studying here for months or years.

“I… Ugh…” Lumine wanted to protest but was quickly drown in the pleasures brought to her by his fingers.

She wanted to blame it on the aphrodisiac, but she knew very well that it was the state of being naked in front of him turning her on.

“Ah…!” Xiao moved his other hand to her breast, twisting and playing with her erect nipples before slowly drawing circles near her nipples.


He used the heel of his boots to spread her leg further, pulling her towards his chest and lying against the sofa, exposing her pussy further.

He plunged two digits in again, this time hitting different spots to explore her insides.

“Here? You like it here?”

“Xiao! Ah… Ah!” The waves of pleasures forced her to raise a rhythmical voice.

She felt something hard rubbing and pressing against the back of her waist, she continued her moans as he continues his attack on her g-spot.

The obscene squishy wet sound filled the room, her hips unconsciously bucked up to allow him to reach her insides deeper.

“You’re cuming?” Xiao whispered, his breath tickled her ears as she nods her head continuously.

Her mouth gasping for air, “Uhnn…!”

She felt herself cuming soon, her pussy clamped harder on his fingers, pulling him in to fuck her harder.

“Ah… Xiao…” Yet, before she was able to achieve orgasm, Xiao pulled his digits out, her body writhed as she met his emotionless eyes with her teary eyes.

She whimpered softly, but she remembered him telling her not to cum.

Xiao took a tissue and wiped off the fluid nonchalantly as if nothing happened between the two of them.

Lumine was still panting as she tries to compose herself, but the itch in her pussy was unbearable.

Not wanting to embarrass herself, she asked: “Are we done? The test.”

This earned interest from the black haired man, it was impressive for her to be able to compose herself in such a short amount of time given the aphrodisiac and the amount of orgasm denial she experienced.

“Yes. It’s done.” He opened his app again, the highest number reached was 346, it was an unusually high score.

A normal human would be able to attain a 200-250 score on withstanding pleasure, this means that this is the highest amount of pleasure they can attain during sex.

“I’ll report this to Zhong Li sensei, someone will inform you on who is your teacher.”

In this school, while students go to classes together, each of them has a special teacher dedicated to them.

“I see. Thanks for your help today.” Lumine mumbled softly, she was already dressed fully when Xiao was checking the App earlier.

He nodded quickly: “You may leave now.”

She nodded and mumbled a thank before walking briskly out of the room, not forgetting to grab the bottle of blue pills on the glass table.

Xiao sees her off with his unwavering gaze, he turned back to look at his finger.

The wet fluid was already wiped off, but it was still sticky. He held them closer to his nose, taking a sniff.

“To think that someone that smells better than Ganyu exists…”