Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 4.2: Razor the Class President

Art by @Yuuzu__ on Instagram

Chapter 4 Part 2 (NSFW!)

The obscene sound of their sex slamming against each other filled the empty classroom.

The embarrassing sound of the desk scraping against the floor suggests the intensity of their actions. Lumine placed her head sideway, cheeks on the back of her hands as she grabbed hold of the edges of the table.

Her butt lifted, allowing him to gain full access to her lower body. Razor’s hand grabbed on her butt cheek as he plunged into her repeatedly, earning a gasp from her as he enters her.

His fingers played and massaged her firm butt, occasionally spreading it, taking the breathtaking view of his member entering her moist hole.

“Lumine… Ngah…” Razor moaned as he drove himself deeper into her, his face flushing red.

Lumine could feel his thick rod entering her at quickly. Her mind wanders back to when she had her first sex with Childe earlier in the morning. Her muscles clenched at the bewildering thought that she already have sex with two classmates just on the first day of school.

While she thoroughly enjoyed her experience with Childe, she was, after all, a virgin. Everything happened so fast. Her only thought was to break her virginity for whatever to come after, just as Childe said, to prepare herself.

However, after going through the tormenting test with Xiao, she could understand what she wants and expects.

She hopes she could blame the aphrodisiac for what is becoming of her, yet she knew well that it wasn’t.

Xiao had mentioned that it was just a small dose to make the test easier.

She became like this because she enjoys it.

This thought alarmed her as she realized how much she had changed in just a couple of hours. Before this, she has never thought anything could be more fulfilling than traveling through the universe with Aether.

“Ahh!” She let out a shriek as she felt her body pulled up by Razor. His hand grabbed hold of her shoulder, lifting her entire body away from the desk as she arched her back.

His hand slowly travels down to her wrist and pulling her back, her bosom propping out in an uncomfortable position.

Yet, being unable to hide her face makes the entire situation the more thrilling.

Razor slowed his pace, dragging his manhood in and out of her entrance slowly as he positions the both of them well, his left hand grabbing her two wrists together as his right hand moved to her slim belly.

He traced his fingers along her lower abdomen to the lips of her sex. His fingers quickly found her swollen clit as he pinched on it slightly.

“Ah…!” Lumine felt a sudden wave of pleasure hitting her. The jolt of excitement sends shivers to her body as she spasmed slightly.

She might have cum again just from that.

“Lumine… You’re so sensitive…” Razor moaned against her nape as he licked on her earlobe.

“Razor… It’s too, too much…” The words came out of her mouth. She never knew she would say this in her life, ever.

There was too much pleasure that she could not think anymore.

Razor continued toying with her clit. He felt her body spasm unconsciously against him, her sex clenching on him and sucking him in every time he presses on the sensitive clit.


He dragged his manhood out of her at a tormenting pace, plunging deeply into her with his full length. Razor grunt and moaned into her ears, his tongue flicking on her ears as he does so.

She felt herself tearing up from the pleasure, her mouth gasping for air as she let out moans uncontrollably. She has completely forgotten that they were in the middle of the classroom.


Razor could feel her insides sucking on him more. He rests her body gently on the desk again, withdrawing his fingers as he held her butt, pressing her against him.

The both of them bucked their hips to meet each other furiously. Their incessant moans filled the classroom with the smacking sound of their sex.

Lumine felt a flash of white as she released her fluid. She could feel a warm gush of liquid inside of her as well. Razor stopped his momentum, slowly pumping himself into her for a few more times before dragging himself out.

He laid on her body, his arms still supporting most of his weight so as not to press down on her fragile body too much.

He turned his head and kissed Lumine’s cheek.

“Thank you.” He whispered, like how he asked Lumine for her permission earlier. He had a genuine innocent face on him right now as well.

Lumine chuckled, “You’re welcome.”