Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 4.1: Razor the Class President

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Chapter 4 Part 1 (NSFW)

Following the instructions on the PDF student manual, Lumine walked her towards her classroom. 

The vibrant warm sunlight shines through the French window on her, but she has no desire to enjoy it.

She was sweating slightly from what transpired earlier, but the usually welcome morning sunlight made it worse. 

She walked briskly, clenching her sex as she tried to get rid of the uncomfortable moist feeling inside of her. Her thigh felt slimy and sticky as she quickened her steps. Despite being aware of the embarrassing situation happening beneath her skirt, she kept a straight face as she paced through the hallway.

In front of her classroom 1-B, she knocked on the door, waiting for the instruction to enter. 

The chatter that she would expect from the usual classroom was not present. It does not seem like a teacher is speaking as well. 

‘Are they in a middle of a test?’ She thought to herself. 

The silence was quite surprising. Lumine was honestly expecting to hear moans and screams at this point. 

“Excuse me!” She greeted softly before gently opening the door, afraid of interrupting anyone in the class. 

Unexpectedly, there was no one except for a young boy with silver-grey hair. He was seated in one of the chairs as he read a book intently.

“Uh… ” Lumine inched closer. 

Lumine looked around the classroom. 

There are bags and stationary left on the tables and chairs. The student must have left for some other curriculum or other classes. 

Slowly, she noticed that the chair that the boy was sitting on was the only empty table with no stationaries or bags.

He must be waiting for her. 

“Ah… Sorry, I was trying to understand this question here. You must be the new student, Lumine, right?” 

“Yes! I’m Lumine,” She smiled.

“I’m the Class President of Class 1-B, Razor.” 

He put his textbook aside and got up from the seat, his hand gesturing to Lumine that this will be her seat from now on.

“The rest of the class went for their special classes. As the Class President, I’ll be accompanying you for this period since you have not chosen your special subjects yet.” Razor explained, grabbing a chair and sitting beside her. 

“Special… subjects?” 

“Ah, yes. Like Economics, History, Alchemy, you name it.” 

“Oh… I see.” Lumine felt a sense of assurance and inwardly breath a sigh of relief. She was almost expecting… 

“You are thinking about something related to sex, didn’t you?” Razor chuckled. It was common, for new students to have such thoughts. 

“Don’t worry! We are a normal elite school after all. Well yes, sex is a major aspect of it, but the school does cultivate elites.” He continued, explaining to Lumine. 

Lumine was flustered and kept quiet, despite having sex almost twice earlier, she still can not act normal when it comes to a conversation about it. Especially the person is her classmate that she will be studying with for at least the past 3 years. 

“Well, speaking of which, who was the one who took your test earlier?” Razor broke the silence, he was aware that Childe was the one who guided her. It was planned that way as they needed to prepare her for Zhong Li Sensei, but there was a meeting among the teachers all of a sudden so the plan was changed. 

“Uh, it was Xiao.” She was grateful for his question, at least it broke the awkward silence.

“Xiao?!” He exclaimed before inching closer to her face till their fringe almost touch. 

“You didn’t seem like you just cried though…” He murmured.

Lumine jumped up slightly from his sudden movement and leaned back slightly, putting a distance between them. 

“Why would I cry?” 

“Ah… Most girls couldn’t take how he was so expressionless throughout. It’s not just the test, even in any special class, he was always cold and emotionless. It’s almost like a humiliation, so all the girls tend to cry after they attempt to have sex with him.” He explained, his bright red eyes scrutinized her face closely, looking for any trace of tears. 

“Ah… I didn’t know.” 

“Did he not gave you the red pills?”

“He did. It was necessary for the test.” 

“Did he finger you deny you with orgasm?” 

“Yes. It was for the test as well.” 

“He did it fully clothed and without expression, right?” 

“Yes… It was a serious test after all…” 

“Eh?! Then why didn’t you cry?!” 

“Eh… Why should I cry?” Lumine was confused, she could understand the logic, but surely it is not that serious that everyone should cry, no?

“Well, it’s normal, to at least cry and begs him to satisfy you. At the very least, that is. Did you?” Razor asked eagerly, it was as if his first time looking at a different species. 

Lumine recalled slightly, “No, I didn’t…” 

“You didn’t? What was your score?” He felt curious, was it because all the girls he met so far are considered a slut? Is this how an actual pure maiden looks like? 

“I believe it was around 340 plus?” Lumine replied meekly, she knew this was a high score, but she does not want to sound like she was boasting as there was nothing to be happy about. 

“3…4…0?” He was shocked, his mouth slightly agape, and suddenly he clapped his hand. 

“Right! You guys are twins right?” 

“Twins… You mean my brother, Aether?” 

“Yes. Ah, right, the both of you are one of a kind. He scored around the same score as you too! Mona was texting me earlier about this!” 

“I… see.” It was a weird feeling knowing that your brother just had sex as well, at the same timing she was moaning and all. 

Her face flushed red again at the thought of it. 

“Ne, can I try?” Razor placed his palm on the desk as he inched forward, staring into her eyes with a serious glint.

“Huh?!” That was too sudden, she was at a loss for words.

“I’m interested. You see, you must still be wet from the red pills and all that fingering. I’ll satisfy you.” He grinned innocently, yet the words coming out from his mouth are far from being innocent.

Lumine was not sure if she should reject, after all, he was right about it, she does feel uncomfortable around her sex. 

Especially after all these talks, her memory was being refreshed and she could feel the puddle of water forming inside her again. 

“Come on, there was nothing to lose. On top of that, we are going to do it together sooner or later.” 

‘The school is built to raise elites, but it is especially useful for the both of you to earn back your power. Their means of improving their students, are the only way for you to earn back your power.’ 

The words said by her Guardian resound in her mind. 

Even though the Guardian did not explain explicitly, she knew that she was referring to sex. 

She meekly nods her head, agreeing to allow him to make an advance on her. 

Before she knew it, he pulled her up by her hands while standing up. 

The sound of the chairs and desk moving against the floor reverberate in the empty classroom. 

“Wait… Here?!” Lumine exclaimed. Anyone might enter the classroom anytime, not to mention those windows.

Razor positioned himself behind her, pushing her down to lie on the desk. Her butt stuck out, perfectly aligned with his bulge. 

“No one will be coming, they will be heading for lunch break right after their special lessons, so we will have an hour or so for ourselves.” Razor leaned down on her, whispering into her eyes. 

Without taking off her clothes, he slipped his finger to her panty. 

“You are already soaked. Is this from the test earlier?” He asked, his finger pulled the fabric to the side, exploring her exposed warm clitoris. 

“No… You are still wet. You were wet all this time, did our conversation excites you so much?” He continued his whispering while planting kisses on her exposed nape. 

Occasionally biting down softly on her flesh and licking them. His finger moved along the slit, playing with the tip of her clitoris as he felt her body wriggled. 

Lumine knew she was wet, but it was only when the sloppy wet sound filled the room, then did she realized that she was so wet. 

Even without the conversation earlier, her body still did not recover from the pleasure she experienced during the test earlier.

Just a few touches from him allows her body to remember the pleasure, she writhed under him eagerly, bucking her hips slightly for more.

She knew she could finally cum now, so she was feeling eager. 

“I thought you were innocent, but you are quite a slut too, aren’t you?” He chuckled as he felt her hip moving uncontrollably against his finger. 

He unzipped his pants quickly, flipping her skirt up, he rubbed his member against her slit, allowing her fluid to wet him. 

His warm hard rod roughly pulse against her clit, a few moans slipped from her mouth as she clenched her fist. 

She felt his hand roughly using her fluid to wet himself, it was agonizing, her muscles clenching, ask if asking to be fed at this instance. 

“Since you’re already so prepared, then I’ll cut the foreplay, what do you say?” 

Lumine nodded without saying a word. 

He let out a chuckled, there was so much more things he wants to do to her, but he was being considerate for her. 

Just today. 

He thought.

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