Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 5: Lisa the Librarian


Chapter 5

*No Yuri – but it’s still NSFW. Surprise Surprise~ 

After their rendezvous, Razor, being a very responsible Class President, showed Lumine her way to the school’s bathroom. 

‘It’s so convenient that it’s scary…’ 

Lumine thought inwardly while being glad to be able to clean herself up from all the sticky mess. 

There are still half an hour before the lunch break ends. 

Razor led her to the eateries, showing her some of her schoolmates seated in groups.

“This is Xiangling and Xingqiu. They are from class 1D.” Razor introduced while taking a seat beside Xingqiu. 

Lumine placed her tray of food on the table, sitting beside Xiangling. 

“While they might not be from our class, we might still meet each other if we take up the same curriculum.” 

Lumine nodded her head, introducing herself to the two students. 

“Speaking of which, have you seen my brother, Aether?” Lumine asked.

“Ah, the new student? I’ve heard of him, but I haven’t got to see him yet.” Xiangling exclaimed. 

“I see,” Lumine murmured with a hint of disappointment. 

After the lunch break, the class splits up again to their respective curriculum, namely History and Finance. 

Lumine has not decided on her choice yet, which means she does not need to attend the lessons today.

“Would you want to join me in the History class?” Razor suggested. It would be nice getting to know the teachers.

Lumine smiled awkwardly, rejecting the offer. She understands that this is a legit lesson, she feels like any human interaction might go wrong, and she wishes to avoid that.

“It’s ok. I’ll walk around and explore the campus.” 

Razor scratched his head meekly: “Alright. Oh, you can take a look in our school library, it’s usually empty at this timing. I believe the only teacher there is Lisa, but don’t worry about her, I bet she is sleeping in her back office again.”  

The rest of the gang bid their farewell to each other and went off to their respective classes. 

On the other hand, Lumine decided to make her way to the school Library.

Lisa. Sounds safe. She heaved a sigh of relief. She shall hide in the corners of the library and reject all human interaction till the end of the day. 

Lumine arrived at the north of the school campus. The tall antiquated library sat in the vast field. 

She was not expecting such a magnificent structure. 

This library looks like a miniature replica of a castle, yet branded with centuries-old evidence.

Lumine entered the library. As expected, the structures in the buildings were of a certain age as well. 

The library was about three floors high, accompanied by a high vaulted ceiling. 

Lumine strolled by the sturdy shelves. Her fingers tapped across the books as she looked for something that interests her. 

She explored the library further and finally decided on her perfect spot for sleeping. She made her way to the rightmost corner of the third floor.


Approaching her targeted location, she heard a familiar voice. 


Her eyes lit up brightly, looking forward to seeing her brother after a long tiring day. 

“Ughn… Wait…” The familiar voice let out an unfamiliar moan. 

Lumine stopped herself instantly. Her eyes were wide open from the shock.

‘Wait… what?’ 

She took a step back to the shadows, hiding her petite frame behind the bookshelves. 

Her ears perked up, taking in a muffled voice of another. 

It was not just Aether alone. Someone else was there together with him, doing explicit stuff that she would never want to see.

Despite that, her curiosity got the better of her as she slowly inched closer, peeking a glance. 

Seeing someone having sex in front of her own eyes was something she never thought would happen. While she tried to convince herself that it will happen in this school someday, she never knew it would come that fast.

On the first day of school, and on top of that, the person being her brother. 

Aether was sitting on the armchair comfortably, his leg wide open to accommodate the brown-haired lady. 

She was wearing a purple long sleeve dress. Her flowy dress hides her legs as she kneed down in front of Aether.

Her head bobbing up and down continuously, it does not take long for Lumine to realize what they are doing.

‘Oral? This is one hell of progress for a virgin!’ 

Lumine thought to herself. Her eyes continue to linger on them. 

It was not as uncomfortable as she deemed as the lady hid most of the obscene area.

“Mmm…” The lady moaned, occasionally lifting her head, probably to look at Aether.

She saw the blushing Aether gazing at her intently. Despite being embarrassed, he looked like he wanted to imprint the image of her into his mind.

The woman continued her advances as she straightened herself up, taking his length in full as she bobbed her head faster. 

Her hands are placed on top of Aether’s knee as she supports herself. 

“Ngah… Lisa Sensei… I’m cumming…” Aether moaned. 

“Mm…” She let out a moan, and withdrew her mouth, replacing them with her hands as she gave him a hand job. 

She lowered her head, licking the tip of his manhood while rubbing him. 

“Aether… You like this?” She licked the tip again, smiling seductively at him.  

Her exposed cleavage was bouncing furiously, it was a feast to his eyes. 

Lumine looked down on the floor.

As she thought, Lisa was a safe bet for her. It seems like her brother came to the library thinking about the same thing, but it did not seem to end well for him. 

“Yet you look like you’re enjoying it…” She mumbled softly to herself while pouting.

While they both know they are in this school for sex, she wants to avoid this topic with her brother at all costs. 

Lumine decided to escape from the library. Yet before she could turn around, she felt a pair of hands pressing on her shoulder gently. 

“Oh ya~ Are you waiting for the new boy as well?” A hint of jealousy was found in his deep voice.

Lumine slowly turned her body around, the hand on her shoulder sliding off as she did so. 

Her eyes met with his blue-lilac eyes.

The gaze in his eyes went from confused to realization. He looked at Aether again before reverting his eyes to Lumine.

“You… I recalled the two new students are twins.” He spoke in a tone that only the both of them could hear.

Lumine nodded. 

Judging from his demeanor, he seems to be a teacher as well.

He saw his gaze change again. Filled with smugness, he looked at her intently. 

A red alarm went off in her mind as she caught him smirk. 

“I see.”

A/N: It’s not as NSFW as other chapters as this is supposed to be from the perspective of Lumine, but I did add some details, you know, for the daily dose of smut.

This chapter will be like a form of a teaser for Aether, the full version will be on Aether’s route. Stay tuned! 🙂