Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 6: Kaeya’s Challenge


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Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 6: Kaeya’s Challenge

She knew something like this would happen when she saw that fiery gaze in his eye.
Despite wearing an eye patch, that intense gaze from the lone eye was enough to send shivers down her spine.
He brought her to another secluded corner of the library, the endless tall shelves protect them from the public’s view.
Even so, knowing that her brother is just at the other far end was more than troubling for her.

“Such a nice girl… Just like your brother.”

He whispered, drawling his tone as he placed her on top of a sturdy wooden table. He recalled how Lisa the madwoman seduced the young boy, and he submitted almost instantly with the shy blush on his voice.

He spread Lumine’s leg gently, his hands caressing her thigh as he does so. A blushing pink crept up to her cheek as Lumine placed the back of her hand on her lips.

Embarrassed yet aroused.

He could fully understand why that Librarian looks so stirred up earlier.

Kaeya removed the hand hiding her expression and leaned towards her neck. He took in her fresh scent as he nibbles softly on her neck.

The floral scent of the shampoo tickles his nose as he smirks against her skin.

Freshly bathed, just what he loves.

“Your name must be Lumine?”

The petite girl nodded, she felt his warm body withdrawing away from her.

He kneed down on the floor on one leg, his hands caressing her thigh endlessly as he sends kisses towards her inner thigh.

“Lumine… A befitting name indeed.”

“Sensei…” She still felt embarrassed doing this in the library, this is public sex, isn’t it?

If there is anyone peeping on them, then it would be an exhibition, isn’t it?!

She never knew she would ever have any association with such terms. Yet, she is here.

It might be because of what she saw earlier on. Seeing how Aether is doing it so naturally, she thought there was nothing wrong with this.

“Kaeya, my name is Kaeya.”

The teacher sniffed in her womanly scent, her scent was strong and alluring. He pulled up her mini skirt, revealing her cotton blue panty. The darker tone on her panty exposed her arousal.

He licked against the panty, his tongue felt her protruding and swollen clit against the thin fabric and quickly sucked on it.

The taste of her juice filled his mouth as he continues his assault. Feeling his warm muscle against the fabric was even more arousing to her. The indirect touch makes her tingle as she covers her mouth, hiding her moans.

Kaeya spot her reaction and pulled her hands cupping her mouth down.

“Don’t you want your brother to come and see you too? It’s only nice to return the favor…”

He chuckled, his teeth grazing against her soft skin as he bites lightly on her labia against her panty.

Lumine shook her head, biting down on her lips, her expression as if she was bullied terribly by him.

“Ah… He had a similar expression like yours as well.” A glint of strong desire flashed in his eye.

His hands still locking her hands down on the table, restricting her actions. He used his teeth to pull her cotton panty to the side before swallowing her up completely.

He inched closer, closing up any gap between them while his broad shoulders pushed her legs to open wider for him.

Her legs were forced wide open for the man as he sucked eagerly on her insides. Her hands restrained by his against her side as her spine straightened from the constant wave of pleasure she felt.

However, it was all the above that made her more aroused by this situation. As she was seated on top of the table, her vision was wide and clear, constantly reminding her that this was an act of exhibitionism.

His tongue played with her clit, licking up her juices hungrily. He could feel her legs opening wider for him unknowingly as she felt excited.

“Ha…Ah…” She let out a soft moan, her eyes moistened from the intense pleasure.

Kaeya removed his hands and stood up, he guided her to lie down on the table before grabbing a chair and sat facing her warm dripping hole.

He grabbed both of her small hands with his left hand, refraining them from covering her mouth.

He chuckled, before spreading her legs wide open for him again. He lifted one of her legs and ankled it in a way to allow him to have more access to her hole.

Her warm hole was glistering with his saliva and her wet juice. He placed two fingers near the entrance of her hole. The dry fingers quickly moistened with her overflowing juice, he pushed in slowly, feeling her tightness around him.


She mewed softly, his pride swell at the thought of her unable to restrain her moans, but it was not enough.

He penetrated her with an agonizingly slow pace, he could feel her muscles clamping down on him as he withdrew his fingers slowly.

The sense of loss was overwhelming as she pleads with her watery eyes.

However, the teacher pays no heed to her request. He continues to enter her slowly while lowering his head and suck on her clit.

He licked her clit gently, his tongue twirling around it as it sways with his muscle.

He looked at her pleading eyes, “Do you remember how your brother did it?”

He was referring to how he was moaning in the library and almost begging Lisa to make him cum.

“Kaeya sensei… You’re so… bad.”

Lumine meant to protest, but her position and tone were coquettish.

Kaeya laughed, plunging his fingers into her deeper, his fingers explored areas, finding her G-spot.

“Uhn!” A certain sensitive spot earned a moan from the petite girl.

He withdrew his fingers and penetrated her again, hitting the same spot constantly as he felt her body squirm and spasm.

“Am I now?” He asked in a flirtatious tone, slowing down his speed as he kept his long fingers inside of her. His fingers scissoring her slowly, occasionally tapping on her insides, but not granting her the pleasure of penetrating her.

“Kaeya sensei!” She was on the verge of tears.

“Moan for me, then I’ll give it to you.”

She pouts angrily, that was the last thing she wanted to do. She looked away, not wanting to submit to him.

Yet, her body was honest, her insides still clamping onto him tightly, making him difficult to withdraw from her.

Kaeya admired her cute expression.

“Fine, but you owe me one.”

Kaeya removed his fingers and hand that was restraining her earlier. He propped both her legs up into an ‘M’ shape.

Opening her legs wide, he sucked and penetrating her with his tongue.

He darts his tongue into her vagina, licking the entire inner vulva and up to her clitoris. He felt her spams uncontrollably, his tongue focuses on her clitoris again, flicking them with his tongue and sucking on the tip of the clit.


He felt a gush of warm liquid spewed out from her insides as he drinks her up greedily.

He stood up looking at the girl, her body still squirming under the waves of pleasure from the orgasm.

He leaned towards her, his hand tugging away her collar and giving him access to her white skin.

He grazed his teeth against her collar bone before whispering to her.

“I’ll make you moan so much that you’ll regret your decision today.”

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