Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 7: Lumine’s Day

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Lumine’s Path Chapter 7: Lumine’s Day

Lumine sunk into the comfortable sofa. 

She pays no heed to her dripping wet hair, her mind wanders to the list of events that happened today. 

She never knew so much could happen in one day, and she knew she will have lots to look forward to in this new school and environment. 

The bathroom door opened slowly as she raised her head. 


After the incident in the library, Lumine met up with Aether near the school gates and made their way home. 

The awkward silence followed suit as they strolled back, and the silence was broke by Lumine when she announced that she will be showering first. 

Aether rubbed his hair with the towel, his eyes averting from her gaze. 

How is he supposed to react knowing that his sister most definitely lost her virginity today?! 

What now? Is he supposed to ask casually about her day at school?

The same thoughts were going through Lumine’s head. 

A simple question asking about someone’s day suddenly became a taboo topic between the awkward twins. 


The vibration from the phone saved both of them from the embarrassing silence. 

Lumine’s hand reaches out toward her cellphone on the table. 

“Ah, it’s a notification from the school’s application.” Finally, a legit topic, Lumine was grateful for once. 

“Oh, let me check my phone.” Aether briskly walked into his room and took his phone out.

He received the same notification as well. 

The school has confirmed the teacher that will be responsible for them. 

“Diluc.” Lumine looked at the unfamiliar name on her screen. 

“Jean.” Aether looked up at Lumine and spot a blush on her cheek and immediately looked away. 

“Hey, we can get to choose our curriculum now as well!” He quickly changes the subject. 

“Oh right. What subject will you be choosing for the main subject?” Lumine asked. 

“I’ll choose Finance.” He knew well that Lumine has zero interest in this. 

“Right, I’ll choose History then.” She quickly tapped on her choice.

“I’m going to choose Music.” Aether continued.

“I’ll choose Art then.” Lumine quickly replied. 

There is a tacit agreement that they never want to end up in the same class together.

“So… for the Martial Arts…” The both of them looked at each other. 

They are both trained in swordsmanship since young, even so, they are both kind enough to let the other party take up the lesson. 

Lumine: “I think it’s about time I learn some Archery…” 

Aether: “Archery sounds nice! I…” 

The both of them opened their mouth at the same time. 

There goes the awkward silence again. 

Lumine: “Ah, I think I might prefer sword fighting….” 

Aether: “I think doing what I’m used to is better…” 

Another awkward silence. 



“I’ll take the PM class for swordsmanship.“ 

“I’ll take the AM class then!” 

The both of them quickly choose the remaining class while making sure that they will never get to meet in school at all. 

Retreating to her room, Lumine heaved a sigh of relief as she rests her back against the door. 

She gulped. 

Facing her brother is harder than what happened in school. 


She felt a vibration and looked down on her phone. 

She received a new notification again, this time from an application named ‘Unknown’. 

She opened the application eagerly. This was an application created by their guardian to monitor their growth in this world. There was not much instruction given but the guardian did mention that they will understand how the app works as soon as they activate it. 

She opened the application and was greeted with a ‘Level Up’ alert. 

She saw an experienced bar quickly filling up a couple of times before return back to 3%. 

‘Level 4!’ 

The app announced. 

That’s quite a lot of progress, she guessed.

Not that she can check with her brother, after all, she does not want to know how many girls he managed to fuck today. 

‘HP Increased.’

‘ATK Increased.’

‘Stamina Increased.’ 

‘Speed Increased.’

She looked at the familiar stats. 

Sigh. At least she is on the right path. She turned to the skill page and realized that the first skill will only be activated at level 5. 

She sighed again.

It will be a tiring day again tomorrow. 

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