Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 8: Albedo’s Art


A/N: I have no words for this chapter. Like, speechless. Do you get me? 

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 8: Albedo’s Art

Following the instruction on the School’s Application, Lumine found herself in front of the Art room. 

Taking a deep breath, she slides the door open and was greeted by numerous stranger’s faces. 

Despite so, she manages to spot two familiar faces. 

“Lumine!” Xiangling called out to her first. 

The indigo hair lady leaped across the classroom, avoiding the neatly spread-out easel stands.

Xingqiu followed closely behind, his attention fully occupied by the book he has been reading.

Lumine greeted both of them as they found an empty seat for her. 

The incessant chatters continued throughout the classroom even as the door slides open. 

A young man with ashy light blond hair stepped into the classroom. Unfazed by the perpetual chatters, he quickly scanned across the classroom and laid his eyes on Lumine. 

Lumine was instantly captivated by his bright teal eyes, she could read what was in his eyes but there was a hint of interest.

His ashy blonde hair reaches below his shoulders and was partially pulled back in a braided ponytail. She never knew a man would look great with medium-length hair but he proved her otherwise. 

While Childe and Kaeya were more towards the flirtatious playboy ikemen, this teacher was more… 

The serious and sexy ikemen! 

“Albedo sensei! What are we going to do today?” A petite studious looking girl asked. A pair of black round spectacles and light green hair donned her little face. 

“Uhmm…” Albedo mused for a moment, ignoring the rest of the chatters. 

The class continued their talking, Lumine was starting to get worried if this teacher will start shouting at them any moment. 

Albedo fixed his gaze on the new student. 

“Uhmm, I have a new project that I would love to start immediately.” He spoke, his hand holding on to a paintbrush as he tapped it lightly on his table.



“Not again! Sensei! Think about us more!” 

The chatters stopped and were quickly replaced with complaints. 

Lumine remained quiet but understood from the commotion that this was something that happens frequently. 

“If that’s the case, I will proceed to complete the artwork of my novels.” Xingqiu was the first to get up, he packs his stuff and walked out of the classroom after greeting Albedo. 

“I’ll head to the astronomy club to continue my artwork there.” A slim young girl with two long black pigtails followed suit. 

One by one, the students reported their ongoing projects to Albedo and left the classroom. 

Only a couple of students remained. 

“Where is Childe? Did he skip the class again?” Albedo asked, but there were no answers. 

Lumine’s ear perked up slightly when she heard the familiar name, it seems like Childe took up this subject as well. 

A part of her was disappointed, especially when the only two students she knew already left the classroom to complete their existing project.

“The rest, go find some inspirations for your project. You only have one month left before the deadline. New student, you’ll stay with me.” Albedo said.

The rest of the students left the class slowly, through their chatter, Lumine came to understand that this class is marked on a project basis. 

Each student has to come up with a project themselves, the lessons are meant for perfecting their skills used for the project, as well as receiving feedback from the teacher. 

After one month, each of them will need to submit their project and Albedo will grade them accordingly. 

“While I understand that you are new, the submission deadline will still be the same for your case. So, what’s your name?” In the empty classroom, Albedo made his way towards the middle of the classroom.

“Lumine.” She answered accordingly. 

Having sex to level up has been in her mind since morning, but she felt like this would be a decent class. 

After all, this teacher does look decently serious. 

“I’ll guide you through the basics of painting, you will be graded based on creativity as well as your skill.” Albedo walked towards the desk in the middle of the classroom, signaling her to come over. 

A desk was situated in the middle of the classroom, with the other easel stand surrounding it. It acts as a platform to place items for students to draw. 

Lumine nodded her head and thank him, she felt a great sense of responsibility oozing out from this teacher. 

He was saying he had a new project he wanted to work on immediately, and judging from the classmates’ reaction, she would have thought that he was an irresponsible teacher.

Yet, he was willing to spend his time to guide her. 

“Well, I should thank you for giving me the inspiration.” He continued. 

Lumine was confused but decided to remain silent, she stood in front of Albedo, waiting for his next instruction. 

“Undress, and sit on the desk.” 

“Huh? I’m… Sorry?” She did not catch that quite right. 

Albedo looked at her, his eyebrow raised, confused about her confusion. 

“Oh right, I did not explain myself. I wanted to paint on you.” 

“Paint… On me?” 

“Yes, this will be a great experience for you as well.” As if impatient about her reaction, he carried her up and placed her on the desk. His hands unbuttoning her shirt without expression, as if he was just opening up the wrapping paper of a canvas. 

“Wait… Wait! I can do it myself.” Words came out of her mouth unexpectedly. Something must be wrong with her head to be able to accept this so quickly.

Her mind was still racing with questions, but the serious look on Albedo’s face made her doubt herself. 

Painting nude bodies are just a form of art. She should not take it the wrong way. 

She calmly took off her clothes while Albedo moved towards the end of the room, preparing the necessary art tools. 

“Do I need to take off everything?” She asked meekly. 

Without turning his head, he answered: “Of course, unless you want the paint to stain on your underwear?” 

Lumine quickly took off her clothes, and when Albedo was back, she was already bare naked and seated on the desk. 

“I knew it. Your skin and your figure, they will make amazing work.” He smiled, proud of his insights about this new student. 

Lumine shuddered as the cold air swept across her bare skins, raising goosebumps as she rubbed her shoulders. 

“I’m sorry but bear with me.” Albedo looked at her apologetically. 

Lumine nodded as she saw Albedo’s using the paintbrush to paint shades of blue over her fair skin. 

The thick heavy paint was cold to touch, and it was ticklish every time he lifts his hand.

He changed to a smaller paintbrush, painting finer details near her collar bones, his face close to her chest as she straightened her back, giving him more access to her neck area. 

“Depending on your work, using this method will reduce the obvious brushstrokes.” His warm breath blew against her skin as she felt her face blushing in embarrassment. 

Her mind constantly reminding herself that what they are doing is just art, but she could not help to feel turned on. 

“Understood?” Albedo raised his head, his gaze lock with hers as their faces only inches apart.

“I… Yes.” She averted her gaze, his serious face was too alluring. 

“Uhmm, it seems like you’ve warmed up.” His fingers touched her flushed cheek lightly, her soft skin was addictive as he caressed her cheek. 

“Albedo… Sensei?” Lumine tilted her head and called out softly. 

“No, I was just wondering if that’s all for the shoulder area.” He took a step back and admired his work.

Dabbing the paintbrush with more paint, he moved to her waist and continued his drawing. 

The paintbrush inching closer towards her womb area as he paid full attention to the details, unaware that his student was extremely embarrassed. 

“Help me take this.” He passed his palette over to Lumine before crouching down slightly so his eye level is near her waist area. 

His hand pulled her thigh open, granting him access to her inner thigh as he connects the drawing from her waist to her thigh. 

Lumine’s gulped, reminding herself in her mind constantly that this is all for the sake of art. She needs to be mature about this. 

However, the arousal from the paintbrush near her inner thigh proves to be too much for the young girl.

Her hands were shaking slightly as she held the palette, tilting it slightly to allow Albedo to dab his paintbrush with ease. 

The palette hides his actions from her view, her senses heightened as she felt his paintbrush moving across her skin. 

Not knowing where the foreign object would go make it more exciting for her. 

Before long, she could feel her womanhood moist and dense. She felt like her liquid is going to drip anytime if she did not clench herself tight enough.

“Albedo sensei… Do you think we can rest for a short while?” Lumine mustered up her courage and asked. She was not sure how can a short break helps ease her arousal, but it will be better than nothing. 

“Mm?” Albedo raised his head, he could feel her body tensed up when he started painting her inner thigh area, but her tensed muscle made it easier for him to paint on, which was the reason why he did not stop. 

He looked down at his uncompleted work, a sense of disappointment filled him. 

He does not want to push his student, especially when she is helping him to finish this project, but at the same time, he wants to continue while his interest is at its peak. 

Suddenly, his eyes locate a glistering spot on her womanhood. An idea quickly flashed across his mind. 

Taking another clean paintbrush from his supply box, he swiftly swiped it against her clit, earning a shriek from the girl. 


“Mm? You wanted to rest, right?” His clear teal eyes stared back at her, his eyes clear from any dirty thoughts. He was serious about using this method to let her relax. 

“Yes but… ” Lumine gasped as he continued stroking her clit with the paintbrush. 

“Well, I needed your body to tense up. This will help your mind to relax, yet your body to tense up. No?” Albedo smiled, nodding his head as he felt proud about this genius idea. 

“I… Ek! I… I don’t think so!”