Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 9: Albedo’s Paintbrush


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The erotic sound of the maiden’s breath could be heard clearly in the empty classroom.

Despite her attempts to keep her voice down, the unusual sensation brought by the paintbrush proved to be too overwhelming for her.

She bit her lips and gazed down at her teacher, their gaze lock and she could almost see her embarrassed self in the iris of his clear eyes.

His eyes were cleared of any hint of arousal, it was as what he said. He was just doing this so he could continue his artwork.

He continued his advances, the damp paintbrush gently moving up and down against her clitoris. The motion reminded her of Kaeya’s tongue, but the brushes were cold to the touch and slightly pricky.

The ticklish sensation was what makes the difference, the fact that she was unable to see what he was doing and her motions being restricted by holding the palette was the icing on the cake.

She could sort of understand why blindfold and handcuff are now a thing.

Albedo was unconsciously attracted to her shy reactions, using his other hand, he pulled her labia gently, using his brush, he stroke the surrounding of her clit.

She heaved a sigh of relief inwardly as the pressing pleasure was now finally gone, but was immediately replaced with another new wave of sensation.

The fine and intricate paintbrush tickled her clit occasionally as he played with the surrounding of her clit.

After the prolonged teasing earlier, this new sensation turned out to be torture for her, teasing her sides and not granting her the pleasure. Her swollen clit was dripping wet, almost begging for him to touch it.

“Albedo… sensei…” Lumine gasped, she never knew she will be experiencing orgasm denial so soon.

Memories of her test with Xiao yesterday flashed through her mind quickly, reminding her how torturing orgasm denial could get.

Yet, she was never the one to asked for something, it was still too embarrassing for her to do so.

“Mm? If you are done resting, I’m going to continue my drawing.” Albedo said calmly as if the act of relaxing is as pure as taking a short nap.

“No!” Lumine cried with an eager voice.

“Mm? You still need some rest?” Albedo’s word of choice was so innocent that Lumine thought he was purposely trying to tease her.

She looked back at her clear eyes, once again, it was pure and innocent, cleared of any dirty thoughts and arousal.

Flustered, she nodded her head shyly.


“Albedo… Sensei?” Lumine thought she heard a chuckle, but it seems unlikely that it came from Albedo.

She shifts the palette to the side, allowing her to take in the sight happening in front of her.

Albedo has already tilt his head down, his eyes continue to stare at her clitoris, he moved his paintbrush away.

This time, instead of stroking her clit, he used his hand and pulled her lips wider, inserting the paintbrush into her dripping hole.

“Ngah! Albedo Sensei!” The maiden let out a surprised shriek.

The flat paintbrush explored her insides, stroking against her walls, earning music of moans from the petite maiden.

Albedo felt pressure obstructing him dragging his paintbrush out and chuckled again.

A trace of desire flashed in his eyes as he pulled his paintbrush out.

It was quick but Lumine spotted it, it was then she realized, the man in front of him might not be as pure as he portrayed.

Following the paintbrush, a trace of glistering and transparent liquid flowed out. A string of the proof of her arousal connected with the thicker substance on the paintbrush.

As he dragged the distance further away from her womanhood, the string became thinner and broke, dripping on his pants, and slowly sunk into the fabric.

The white and spotless fabric now tainted with a shade of gray.

Following the tainted fabric, Lumine spotted the bulge on his pants, her face flushed pink, but was immediately replaced with anger.

He was playing with her earlier!

Albedo chuckled again, he stood up and removed the palette that she was holding on to all this time. He placed his hand on the desk, caging her between his arms.

His bright teal eyes glint with arousal as if Lumine was the prey he was catching.

Placing the paintbrush on the desk, he leaned closer towards her naked body, whispering to her ears.

“I have another idea, for another artwork.”

“Huh?” Lumine looked at him with a confused look on her face, unsure of why is he bringing up the topic of artwork at this time.

He placed his palm against her bare thigh, asserting force and dragging against her bare skin. The wet paint was quickly smudged by his act, a new form of art was manifested on her body.

Contrary to the line art that he was working on earlier, the smudged paint created beautiful shades of blue as they danced beautifully on her skin.

With his wet palm, he moved his hand up to her bosom and played with them. Light blue streaks of paint were printed on her fair white skin, his fingerprints were quickly blurred by the squeezing of her breast.

With his clean right hand, he spread her legs out and pushed two digits into her insides. His fingers were quickly welcomed by the warm and moist hole, her flesh felt soft and wet.

He quickly pulled out his fingers and plunged into them again, Lumine was quickly brought into satisfaction as the teasing earlier have already prepared her enough.

She was already on the brink of orgasm and the waves of pleasure from his fingers quickly bring her to the peak.

“Uh… Ah…” Her moans were music to his ears as he continues his advances, quickly bringing her more pleasure to her sensitive womanhood as she spasms in his arms.

“It seems like the paintbrush did you well…” He chuckled again, with his other hand, he picked up the clean paintbrush again, tapping on her clitoris as he entered her with his digits.

Lumine felt herself coming again as she moaned, hiding her face on his chest.

“Albedo… Sen… Stop!” She screamed as she felt him rubbing her clit with the paintbrush again, the paintbrush was damp and cold to touch with her liquid earlier. The hot and cold sensation made her clamp down on his digits again.

“Albedo Sensei!”

“One last time, ok?” He coaxed, his eyes taking in the piece of artwork in front of him.

The paint that he painted on earlier is now smudged. Yet, it was captivating to the eyes.

She nodded meekly in his chest, her body tired out from the numerous orgasm.

Her tired eyes took in the sight of his bulge, she was confused as to why he did not want to take this step further, but her mind was quickly brought back to reality.

“We’ll do that next time.” Albedo said softly to her. He could feel her insides relaxing, indicating that she is probably distracted by something else. Following her gaze, he quickly understood what she was thinking.

“Eh?” Lumine tilted her head up to meet his eyes.

He let out a smirk.

“We’ll leave that for the next lesson.”

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