Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 10: Kaeya’s Advances


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Chapter 10 – NSFW~ 

Under the scorching sun, a multipanel glass building stood proudly at a corner of the school. The sunlight refracted against the glass, blinding the students that are approaching the sophisticated building that houses the school’s indoor archery range.

Lumine followed the crowd quietly, she was only informed a couple of minutes earlier that all students have to take up a second equipment lesson. 

Hence, she was auto-enrolled into the afternoon archery class when she picked the morning sword lessons yesterday. 

As the archery range is situated at a corner of the school, the path that leads to the building was surrounded by an olive grove. It was such moments that made Lumine understand that she was not in any ordinary school. 

Lumine checked the ‘Unknown’ application on her phone, her experience bar did not increase and it was still at Level 4. 

It seems like the event that happened with Albedo earlier was not valid for her to earn experience points from. While she knew the reason, it is not like she could force him to do anything with her. 

She looked at the locked skill at Level 5. 

Lumine closed the app, her thoughts traveled back to when she first started training in another universe. 

She could vaguely remember that the first skill back in her universe was attack-based. Yet now that she is in this world, common sense tells her that it wouldn’t be that simple. 

On top of that, it seems like this application is being controlled by the Unknown Guardian as well, so she might be the one planning out all the skills available for her to learn. 

She wonders if it will be any different than her brother’s skill. 

In a trance, she felt a rough tug at her elbow, pulling her towards the grove. 

Giant overarching trees reached toward the sky, their dense foliage casting a mosaic of shadows on the ground. Lumine was pulled behind a tree, a hand quickly cupped over her mouth, preventing her from making any loud noise.

Dark turquoise hair flashed before her eyes, their eyes locked and the man removed his hand slowly. 

“Kaeya sensei?!” She gasped. 

“What are you doing here?” Lumine asked again, he is supposed to be at the afternoon class for the sword lesson today. 

“Mm? There’s no lesson today, so I decided to come and find you, remember our promise?” Kaeya reminded. He was referring to how he pledged that he would make her moan so much that she would regret her decision in the library yesterday. 

“I don’t remember any promise! Speaking of which, don’t you have an afternoon class for sword training?!” Lumine replied sharply. 

Kaeya chortled at her reaction, his eyes turned to the path. Seeing that all the students have entered the archery range, he relaxed his stance and placed his on the tree, caging her in between his arms.

“The afternoon class is taught by Jean. I’m only responsible for the morning classes,” He answered gleefully. 

“Ne… Do you like my answer?” He hinted suggestively as he inched closer, his words implying something deeper. 

“I did not choose the morning class because of you!” Lumine jumped and explained, but instantly regretting her actions as it seems like she has a guilty conscience. 

“Pff- I wasn’t thinking about that. I was just thinking… Could it be fate?” Kaeya whispered into her ears, sniffing in her fresh scent again, it seems like she took a shower before the lesson again. 

“Fate! That’s…” Lumine placed her hand against his chest. 

“You see, for the two times that we met, you cleaned yourself so well preparing for me. If this is not fate, then it must be intentional?”

Her futile attempt to push him away was refuted by his words. He unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt, pulling them away as he licked on her collarbone. 

“No! I was in an art lesson earlier and…” She opened her mouth to explain but the whole painting scene appeared before her eyes. 

“And?” Leaving trails of kisses, he whispered against her skin, his lips moving towards her chest as he sucked on her fair bosom. 

“And things happened, like paint and… and… stuff like that.” She mumbled. Her hand that was supposed to push him away now unconsciously playing with the shirt’s fabric.  

“Stuff?” He raised an eyebrow, if he remembered correctly, her art teacher would be Albedo. 

That guy?

Kaeya decided not to delve any deeper into this matter. He has got something better to do right now. 

“Kaeya, can we not do this?” Lumine asked. 

She recalled the flash of desire in his eyes in the library yesterday. It was something more than simple arousal. 

She felt something amiss but she felt uncomfortable having a sexual relationship with him. 

“Nope.” He grinned, his hand tugging her panties down, and placed his digits near her dripping hole.

She rolled her eyes inwardly. The back of her mind reminding of the experience points required for the Level 5 skill. 

“Well, at least not now and not here?” She coaxed, she does not want to be late for her first archery lesson. 

“Nope.” He drawled languidly with his deep voice.

She can almost confirm that this guy must have some kind of fetish for exhibitionism. 

He leaned in and sucked on her soft lips, exchanging saliva, her soft mews were swallowed by him. 

She laid against the thick tree trunk, one of her legs being carried up by his arm, granting him access to her womanhood. 

He pushed his digit in slowly, earning soft moans as her body writhe uncontrollably. 


“Ha… That’s your classmate. Isn’t it?” He licked her ears and pulling his body away from her, allowing her to turn her head to look in the direction he was referring to. 

“Childe…” She whispered. 

“Ugh!” She let out a sharp moan as Kaeya pushed his digits in deeply. 

Burying her face in his chest, she bites his neck, as if protesting about his roughness.

“That’s for you saying his name… Ah, he’s looking this way now…” He felt her insides tightened as he fucked her deeper, his fingers inserting in and out of her roughly. 

“Do you remember our promises?” Kaeya asked again as he slowed down his advances, his hand pulling out of her hole as he dragged against her walls. 

“Pro..mises?” She asked, her head in a daze, her mind not working properly as she forces herself to stay focus and keeping her moans in. 

“That you owe me one, remember?” 


“If you moan harder now, then I’ll promise not to do it in the public anymore.” He could tell that her unwillingness was due to embarrassment to do in the public. 

“Quick, while he is still here…” He chuckled, his speed accelerating as he pushes three digits into her instead, the sound of their flesh slapping filled the air. 

“Uh! Kaeya!” She whispered angrily but quickly arched her back as her body takes in his roughness. 

“Ngah…” She attempted to tilt her head, wanting to make sure that Childe is not suspicious of their tryst. 

Her wish was quickly granted by Kaeya as he removed his fingers. He pulled his fingers out, the thick transparent liquid spilled out, and splattered on the grass. The smell of sex lingers and replaced the smell of the forest. 

He roughly turned her around, forcing her chest to bump painfully against the tree as he entered her again from behind with his fingers.

“Ek!” She bit the flesh on her wrist, swallowing down the moans. 

Childe stood on the pathway, his eyes scanning his surrounding as if looking for something. 

Lumine recoiled back in fear of being spotted, yet her body was held down roughly by Kaeya.

His fingers now entering her hole from the front, he was not able to move as fast due to the direction of his arm, but his fingers would rub against her clit every time he enters her. 

Her bottom was propped by forcefully by her position, their lower body clung tightly as she felt his bulge rubbing impatiently against her butt. 

She felt him thrusting against her, his fingers placed near her clit. Every thrust, her clit was pressed onto his fingers as he playfully pinched her. 

“Childe is the school president for a reason… Pretty sure he already spotted you. Heh.” Kaeya chuckled as he bit on her exposed neck from behind. 

The person in question stood outside the door of the building as if hesitating if he should be heading in. His eyes no longer scanning around the environment. 

“Ne… You didn’t moan like how I wanted you to do again today…” He leaned in and whispered, his movement stopped as he twirls his fingers around her clit agonizingly. 

“Mm… I’ll give you one last chance? Before he goes into the building…” He suggested. He flicked her clit and rubbed the tip of her clit. 

“Kaeya!” If she could, she would have turned around and kick him in his leg for teasing her all the time. Yet, their exchanges have already drawn out the strength of her body. 

Kaeya snickered, removing his finger from her completely and carried her up. 

He dressed her up properly and placed her trembling body on the grass.

His gaze met her fuming eyes and pouting lips. 

“This is a punishment, alright?” He smiled innocently, yet a hint of mischief flashed in his eyes. 


She has already endured so much orgasm denial from Albedo’s teasing, and now she just so happen to have to meet this person! 

“Mm… You’re late for your lesson though… Alright. I’ll see you again tomorrow alright? I hope I’ll get a better answer from you next time.” 

Kaeya straightened his clothes and sauntered into the distance, leaving behind the unsatisfied maiden hidden under the dense foliage. 

Her fist clenched with sexual frustration as cursed words escaped her dainty mouth. 

“Fucking… guy…” 

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