Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 11: Childe’s Surprise


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Chapter 11 – SFW

Ganyu was rumored to be the nicest teacher on the campus. 

With a pleasant personality and soothing voice, she has always been patient with her students. This was proved to be accurate when Lumine was greeted by her warm and understanding smile as she stepped into the archery range.

Bowing her head, she apologized for her lateness and quickly grabbed the archery equipment.

“Lumine!” Childe waved at her enthusiastically from a distance. He was located at the far end of the archery range, away from the rest of the students. 

Spotting an empty spot near the shooting range, Lumine made her way there with the bow. 

“Childe!” Lumine greeted. 

“Yo! Nice seeing you! Are you taking this as a main or secondary class?” Childe asked, pulling the bowstring towards his body as he aimed against the mini target about 25 meters away. 

“I’m taking this as a secondary class, what about you?” Her gaze followed his arrow as he releases the bowstring. 

The arrow hit the inner blue ring. 

“Ah, that’s an improvement. I’m taking this as the main class.” Childe placed his bow down and rumpled his orange hair playfully. 

Lumine turned to look at the rest of the students that are being guided carefully by Ganyu. 

The students are split into two distinct groups. The students enrolling for the main class tend to practice near the teacher to receive better guidance. 

On the other hand, students like herself who are only taking archery as a subclass will loiter around and do practicing alone. While they could ask for guidance as well, many do not bother to as the scores of the subclass has negligible weightage on their final grade.

“Why don’t you join them? I think it’s better if you take up the teacher’s attention since this is your main class.” 

“Well, I prefer practicing alone.” 

Lumine nodded her head and took an arrow from the cylinder container placed beside Childe.

Raising her bow, she placed her finger on the finger tab and pulled the arrow. 

The arrow managed to hit the outer white ring. 

“Well, this is better than expected.” She murmured, she was expecting herself to miss the target. 

With a second arrow, she aimed at the target again. The bowstring became heavier and tighter as her arms quivered. 

Releasing the arrow, she missed the target completely this time. 

She turned her head and found that Childe was running back towards her from the distance.

“Here, use this. That bow is too heavy for you.” He placed the lighter bow in her hand and took the other bow away, placing it against the chairs behind them. 

“Ah, thank you.”

Raising the lighter bow, she pulled the drawstring and aimed at the distant target. 

“You’re welcome. So, how was your morning lesson?” 

“Eh?” Lumine missed the target again. “Ah, the morning art lesson? It was fine.” 

A blush crept up as she walked towards the seats behind them.

Making herself comfortable on the chair and resting her sore muscles, she rubbed on her fingers that were used to pull the bowstring earlier.

“Let’s go get some cold drinks, it’ll make your hand feel more comfortable,” Childe suggested, tapping on her shoulder and pulling her up by her elbow. 

The vending machines were stationed near the entrance of the archery range. Childe tapped his phone on the reader of the machine and punched a couple of buttons. 

Retrieving the canned bottles from the take-out port, he passed one of them to Lumine and made their way out of the building.

The wintry wind blew Lumine’s hair into artistic swirls, basking under the soft filtered light, the two students sat on the bench just a distance away from the olive grove.

“Earlier… You saw me, right?” Eager to break the awkward silence, Lumine started the conversation. Just as Kaeya mentioned, Childe is the school president for a reason. 

“With Kaeya?” Childe teased, he was surprised at how she started the topic. 

“You did saw us then! Why did you loiter around for so long?” She pouts slightly with a puffy cheek. 

He chuckled with a slight hint of satisfaction at her reaction. He poked her cheek and explained, “Well, I was contemplating if I should join.” 

“Childe!” She facetiously hit on his shoulder. 

“Well, well. I guess I’m just really curious about you and Kaeya.” 

The petite maiden tilts her head in confusion. 

 The young man explains quickly. 

“You see, Kaeya was never interested in girls. At one point, there’s almost a rumor that he is probably gay.” 

“Kaeya sensei?! Are we talking about the same person?” Lumine recalled the two encounters with the man in question, he certainly does not look like he is not interested in females.

Tilting his body towards her, he carried her small frame and placed her body between his lap. 

“Childe! We’re in public now…” 

The orange hair boy hugged her tightly from behind and breathed in her musky scent. 

Snuggling his face against her soft nape, he whispered, “I guess you’re too intoxicating to miss.”