Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 12: Lumine’s Guess

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Chapter 12 – Lumine’s Guess

“Uh… Eh?” 

Moans of discomfort that escaped from her dainty little mouth quickly escalated to gasps of confusion. 

The young maiden felt an unfamiliar object on her wrist and started squirming around.

Her lashes rubbed against the silky-soft fabric as she opened her eyes to complete darkness. 

It doesn’t take long for her to realize that she was being blindfolded and the main culprit being that idiot that gave her the drugged drink this morning. 

Yesterday was an uneventful day. After the short time spend with Childe, Lumine returned home without waiting for Aether. 

Not having real sex means she did not get to level up so there isn’t much she could do. The day quickly ended as she mentally prepared herself for school the next day morning as it was Kaeya’s sword lesson. 

She was prepared that he was going to tease her again, yet to her surprise, he was a very serious person when it comes to teaching. 

He did not give Lumine any further attention than she required in class and his previous joking demeanor was replaced with a serious one instead.

While she thought today is going to end up being another uneventful day, Kaeya appeared outside of the shower room and handed her a bottle of drink. 

Who would have thought the drink was drugged? 

The handcuff that restrained her wrist was hook over a short bar while her body was placed kneeing from the ground. 

“Kaeya!” She grunted, anger seething through her teeth. 

“Ah, Lumine is so smart, you got it correct on the first try!” He joked with his deep and husky voice, ruffling his hands through her hair as he gives her a head pat.

“What is the meaning of this?!” 

“Mm? You’re asking me this again? What a bad memory you have, Lumine…” His voice inched closer to the petite girl, yet there was no sign of fear in her. 

Despite being blindfolded and restrained, her face still looked up proudly towards his direction. 

Rape is strictly forbidden in school, and as a teacher, Kaeya knew very well what are the consequences.

On top of that, she could not deny that this is making her excited. 


Lumine was shocked by her thoughts for a second, she could not believe what just went through her mind. It must be due to her desire to level up quickly. 

She reasoned, not willing to think too much into this. 

However, she was almost certain that this is just any tease by Kaeya and he will never give her what she wants. 

She needs to level up and would rather do with someone else that will treat this more seriously. 

Kaeya’s warm and callous finger traced along the exposed skin of her thigh, sliding her skirt up as he goes.

“I said I’ll make you moan, remember?” Her baby blue cotton panty was quickly revealed to him. 


Lumine was speechless. She did not realize that he was so serious about that until now. 


The short period of silence was replaced by a buzzing sound, her legs being pried open by the man’s warm big hands as he placed an alien object against her panty. 

“Kaeya?!” The unfamiliar sensation earned a shriek from the girl. The vibration was small enough to send a tingling sensation up her spine, disrupting her breath as she part her lips.

“You see, the toy seller recommended this for a beginner. It’s my first time using it, and it must be the same for you as well, right?” Kaeya teased, rubbing the egg vibrator against her panty and tracing the swollen clit that protrudes slightly.

“Toy…?” Realization quickly hit her that getting blindfolded and restraint is just a small part of bondage play.

“This bar is provided by the toy seller too. The height is adjustable to hang you off your feet but I guess being able to rest on the floor will make you feel more comfortable. After all, it’s going to be a long day today.” Kaeya chuckled as he slides open her panty, placing the vibrator in, and snugged it tightly against her clitoris. 

“Kae…Kaeya… You’re not going to do it seriously, so why are you doing this?” Lumine asked. Kaeya had been teasing her since the first day that they met and always ending it half-heartedly. 

Without answering her question, he raised an eyebrow. 

“Ultimately, you are not going to give it to me, isn’t it?” She took in deep breaths before speaking, keeping herself clear-headed.

“Why would you say so?” Kaeya placed his hand against her soft cheek, caressing her moist lips.

“I don’t know what is going through your mind, but you like Lisa sensei, right?” 

It is just a guess, but the desire that flashed in his eyes back in the library was probably not to be taken literally that he desire her. 

Seeing how Lisa satisfied Aether in the library making him moans made him jealous, and he decided to do the same to his sister. 

However, contrary to Aether’s reaction, Lumine was meek and shy. 

Their rendevous in the library started in a fit, yet now, he was eager to prove himself being as good as Lisa.

This is probably the reason why he was obsessed with her moaning.

Lumine had this thought when she realized how he talked about remembering her brother’s reaction. But she only confirmed it when Childe mentioned Kaeya yesterday. 

“You see, Kaeya was never interested in girls. At one point, there’s almost a rumor that he is probably gay.” 

Childe’s words echoed in her mind. The only reason for not being interested in other girls is probably because he has someone in mind. 

Yet, being the only girl that piqued his interest…

Lumine does not believe it was due to her being special or extremely beautiful, after all, there are so many other beauties in the school. 

The man in question did not reply, as if being exposed, he remained silent. 

“Kaeya sensei… By any chance…” Lumine spoke gingerly, this is a sensitive topic but there is no other way to explain his obsession to prove himself.

“Is Lisa sensei… unsatisfied with you?” 



Lumine picked up two reactions, one by Kaeya, and the other one…

“Who is it?!” 

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