Mia’s Strap (Mia Karnstein x Louis Amamiya SFW)

mia karnstein (code vein) drawn by swd3e2

Image Source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3644731

A/N: Code Vein, an amazing RPG full of potentials.

For those that did not play Code Vein, just a short background that you need to know…

Her straps are always off, sliding down her shoulder when we are in the base.

So… Yes, that’s right. That’s all you need to know for this Fanfic.

A/N (After writing): Ah, a rare SFW. Yes, this is SFW because they are both just too fucking innocent.

Mia’s Strap

A repetitive life. 

Fight. Die. Fight again. Die again. 

There is no day and night here, and they have all lost the sense of time. 

This repetitive cycle was finally halted momentarily by the defeat of the ‘Successor of the Claw’. As a form of celebration, the team decided to take a break before exploring the next area. 

The revenants indulge in their hobbies with the little time that they have. Davis retreated to his room, listening to the Antique LP Record found by the team during exploration. 

Murasame is busy clearing levels in the Retro Game while Io’s curiosity has been sparked and captured by this new object.

Louis and Mia have decided to indulge in some alcohol for the night. While such occasions are rare, it is often accompanied by the rest of the crew, especially Yakumo and Coco.

Yet, with the defeat of the ‘Successor of the Claw’ and Emily Su being restored to life, Yakumo has been spending time with her in Area D-18. 

On the other hand, Coco went back to sleep after experiencing a food coma from stuffing Chocolate Garlic Flakes and Sushi Tacos. 

“Are you sure… Yakumo will be fine with us drinking the Aged Brandy without him?” Mia asked gingerly, her elbow supporting her body on the bar table as she leans forward, scrutinizing the variety of bottles on the alcohol shelf.

Her exposed skin on her chest and face flushed beautifully on her fair skin. Empty bottles of wine were placed into the ice bucket as the duo decided on their next drink.

“It’s fine, a little wouldn’t hurt.” 

Louis poured the Brandy into two fresh cocktail glasses and placed the glass in front of her. 

Placing the glass near her nose, she sniffed the Brandy, imitating the way Louis appreciates the alcohol. 

She took a small sip, the strong alcohol that hits her dissolves quickly into a bitter fruitiness as it warms in her mouth. The alcohol burns in her throat as she swallows the drink, leaving a sweet aftertaste in her mouth. 

Savoring the sweetness lingering in her mouth, she swallowed again. Her tiny face broke into a warm and lovely smile. Albeit rare, Louis always felt that her smile was one of her best qualities.

She licked her lips, not wanting to waste a single drop of this precious alcohol. 

“I kind of understand why Yakumo drinks so slowly now…” Her palms cupping the cocktail glass, keeping the Brandy warm. 

“Mm…?” Captivated by her smile, his mind turned off as he mumbles, not fully understanding what she was saying. 

“Because it would be a waste to swallow them down!” She chuckled softly, taking another sip of the alcohol. 

Caused by the moving arms, her black spaghetti strap falls off, revealing a sight that Louis didn’t know he was waiting for. 

He gulped, his eyes averting away quickly. 


With a small gasp, Mia quickly readjusts the strap on her right. 

Louis coughed a little, a feeble attempt to wake himself up from the trance. 

“Some more?” He asked. 

“No, it’s fine. Let’s leave the rest for Yakumo… I’m already feeling bad for drinking a glass of it…” She kindly rejects the offer. 

Her sixth sense rang an alarm in her, the air felt different from when they first started drinking. 

“So… I’m genuinely curious…” Louis broke the awkward silence. 


“Why did you adjust your right strap but not the other one on the left?” He asked, trying to sound as earnest as possible, eliminating all chance of him being labeled as a pervert.

“Ah… That. You see, wear and tear, it’s kind of loose and spoilt, so it doesn’t stay on my shoulder.” 

As if to prove herself, she turned her body towards Louis.

Her rosy fair skin glow with a warm hue of red, illuminated by the candles on the table. Her slender arms raised to slide the thin black strap up to her perfectly round shoulder. 

Seemingly to have its consciousness, the strap slipped back down, hanging off her shoulder seductively. Her hands still placed near her shoulder, if the scene before him was captured into a photo, it would scream seduction. 

Mia looks like she is undressing willingly, except, that this is all in the head of his. 

He shook his head, eager to get rid of the dirty thoughts in him. 

“Mm?” She titled her head, her large green eyes filled with questions, puzzled by his actions.

“I was just thinking…” He quickly threw out any words he could think of. 

“Thinking of?” 

“Of… ways to fix that.” 

Breaking into a smile, she nodded her head in agreement. 

Silence resumed, she was waiting for his solution, while he was fighting inwardly with his desire. 

He forced his brain back to the main topic. At this rate, there are a hundred reasons for the strap to be fixed. 

“Right, we can tie it up, I remember having some elastic band somewhere…” He suggested. 

“Tying it? With elastic band?” She frowned, apparently not pleased by the suggestion. 

He mistook her frown for not understanding what he meant. He stood up from his chair, closing the gaps between them as he took the strap in his hand. 

“Like this.” He pinched the extra fabric and tightened her strap. 

“Mm… But that’s… kind of ugly…” Elastic bands are essentials tools for girls. It’s not that she had never thought of this before, but the extra fabric that flaps around in the air is a no for her. 

“Ah… That’s true.” 

Unable to comprehend, he agreed nevertheless. 

His hand remained rested on her shoulder, his fingers still pinching onto the extra fabric. 

She felt his body radiating off a manly warmth, was it the alcohol? Or was it normal for a man to be this warm? 

She was only slightly shorter than him while being seated on the high chair. Her senses heightened as she felt his breath blowing lightly against her bangs. 

“Or… We could cut the strap, adjust the length and sew it back?” He proposed again, his voice deep and hoarse from the alcohol intake. 

She raised her face to meet with his gaze, “I’ve never tried sewing… It might not be secure enough.” 

“Right, you wouldn’t want it to snap in the middle of a battle.” 

An imagination of Mia hastily securing her clothes flashes through his mind. 

His face flushed with embarrassment at his thoughts as he turned away and avoid eye contact with the girl.

Judging from his reaction, Mia quickly understood that he had imagined something embarrassing about her.

“This is a corset! It doesn’t drop that easily!” She snapped at him, her fist clenched on her waist.

His eyes followed her hands and rest on her slim waist, the corset shaping her gentle hourglass figure. Her bust and hips are proportionate and well-balanced, albeit small, they are firm and of a perfectly round shape. 

“Louis?” She waved a hand in front of him. 

His body jumped a little as he breaks himself out of the trance. His innocence and earnest personality couldn’t hide his discomfiture as he looked away guiltily, his mind bewildered by the thoughts he had about Mia.

“Louis? You’re acting strange… Are you hurt from before? I’ll go get someone!” Concerned, she jumped down the high chair. 

A warm and callous hand held her wrist. 

“Don’t force it… Even though we are revenants but there are just so little we know about our kind and this world… Let me…” She felt her eyes turned moist, the death of his brother reminds her of the fragility of the immortal revenants. 

Louis gulped, swallowing the burning desire in him. 

“I’m fine…” He pulled her closer towards his body.

“Really?” Her petite frame looked even smaller with their 25cm height difference. Her big round eyes blinked innocently on her demure face. 

Was it the alcohol? Or was it normal for a woman to be this cute? 

“Yes… It’s the alcohol.” 

A/N: I wrote with the intention for them to have a drunk sex or something. But… Kind of OOC. Wait, what’s OOC after I’ve written a fucking Tevyat School about sex?

Ah, damn. Oh well, they are just too innocent ok? The both of them. Unlike in Genshin, where… at least one party is a wolf.

*cough* Childe *cough* Lisa

Yes, that’s my reasoning.

Will there be a part 2? Maybe. I don’t know.