Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 1: Introduction

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Summary: Lumine and Aether arrived at a new world that restricts their power, and now, to gain back their power, they will need to study at the Teyvat E High.

So what does E stands for truly? How will they gain back their power? All your questions will be answered here in this Alternate Universe Fanfic!

  1. This is a smut story, NSFW, N18.
  2. You are currently reading Aether’s route which will take about 15 chapters. (Lumine’s route will be continued from chapter 16 – 30 after I finish 15 chapters of Aether’s.) 

Aether’s Path Chapter 1: Introduction

“Block D…” Aether murmured under his breath, recalling the instructions on the email sent to him days ago. 

Accompanying his sister, the twins stepped towards a building, the letter ‘B’ imprinted near a board at the entrance of the building.

The air was quiet, so are they. Both of them having deep thoughts, seemingly afraid of this alien world that they stumbled upon unwillingly. 

“My meeting room is at Block B, level 3.” His sister’s words woke him up from his trance. 

The twins were standing right in front of Building B. 

He felt Lumine’s gaze upon himself and turned to smile at her, putting on a brave front, a futile attempt to reassure her that everything will be alright.

“Mine is at Block D. I’ll see you after school then.” Aether waved his phone in his hand slightly, implying that he will be contacting her if there are any changes.

Looking at the innocent and demure face of his sister, he turned away quickly. 

His fist clenched, remembering the words that his sister spoke to him this morning. 

“Aether, I want to do my best too… To return to our world. So, don’t worry about me.” 

His solid footsteps swelled with determination, he will be there to protect Lumine when she needs his help. 

Aether quickly scanned through the details in the email which indicated the exact location of the meeting room. 

Making his way up to the fourth floor, he found the room named ‘Ningguang’. 

“Ningguang…” He echoed. 

When they first stumbled into this world of Teyat a couple of weeks ago, they had a mini panic attack when they realized that their power is being constrained in this world. Unable to traverse back to their original world, they are forced to live in this unfamiliar place.

This is when a person, who identified herself as Unknown Guardian, appeared and claimed that the only way to retrieve their power is to attend this peculiar school. 

Teyvat E High, a school where no normal kids would join, and no normal parents will allow their kids to join.

The ‘E’ can represent many words. People say it stands for Elite, but rumors say it stands for Ero or Ecchi.

It was said that this Elite school was so stressful, that many students ended up having sex to relieve stress, hence the title of Ero and Ecchi as a way to make fun of the students here.

Then, years happen, and today, sex became a form of capability. Just like how leadership skills are important to future leaders, the same goes for sexual capability.

Teyvat E School now trains Elite students, through sex.

In preparations for their stay in Teyvat, the Unknown Guardian prepares many materials from them, this includes the Teyvat Times. 

He remembered reading about this Ningguang from the articles. If his memory doesn’t fail him, she should be some extremely rich and professional businesswoman. 

Her words are as precious as gold, a single comment from her could easily maneuver the entire stock market. 

Yet, what is she doing here in this school?

Politely, he knocked on the door. 

“Come in!” A young and bright voice passed through the door into his ears. 

It was not the kind of voice he would expect from a mature lady, he was expecting a little bit of… Mummy’s voice? MILF voice? Or… Femdom voice. 

Flushed with the crazy thoughts, he shook his head, getting rid of the porn imagery that appeared in his head.

He pushed the door open and was immediately greeted with a sight of a purple hair lady sitting on an armchair at the corner of the room.

“This isn’t Ningguang,” He thought to himself, recalling the professional photo of her in a business suit. He clearly remembers her long white luscious hair that illuminates her pearly white skin.

Unknowingly, disappointment crept into him as he realized that it might just be identical names. 

“I’ve been waiting for you…” The purple hair lady stood up, her waist-length twin-tails swaying behind her as she sauntered towards him.

She wasn’t tall, but her slender legs hidden behind the leggings accentuates her figure. 

“I’m Keqing, the school president,” She raised her hand for a handshake. 

It was that moment when a wave of relief swept through his heart that he knew how much he wanted to meet Ningguang. 

“I’m Aether, nice to meet you.” 

He raised his hand to return the handshake, all while containing the smile that crept on his face. 

“Someone will be doing a test with you later, I’m just here to… Introduce myself.” 

“Someone? Test? I thought we are just here for some administrative stuff today?” 

“Yes, the test is part of this ‘administrative stuff’ that you are talking about.” 

“What is the test about? And… who is this someone you are referring to?” Aether asked eagerly, he wasn’t prepared for any test, and he does not want to flunk them on the first day of school.

“…” Keqing remained silent as she retreated to the comfort of the armchair. 

She pondered about how to answer this eternally awkward question. 

Honestly, she has no fucking idea why she is here today. 

She could be doing so much more to contribute to the school, but yet, she is here, to explain that the test is about his sex capability to this greenhorn.

“Well… You’ll know soon enough.” 

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