Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 2: Keqing’s Guidance



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Chapter 2: Keqing’s Guidance




The phone vibrates against the cushion on the royal oak sofa, breaking the awkward silence between the two youngsters.

Keqing picked up her phone, her tongue clicked as she read the message. 



“Ningguang is not coming.” 




“Yeah, there’s a last-minute meeting among the teachers, so Noelle will be coming.” 


“Noelle?” Aether echoed. 


“Uh… That’s a problem…” Noelle, a very positive and energetic young girl, always eager to perform and help.

As much as she hates guiding newbies, she also hates tainting young innocent girls. Moreover, Noelle wasn’t even part of this school in the first place. 


Aether fidgets uncomfortably as Keqing folds her arms, her eyes scanning him thoroughly. 


“Yes?” He asked. 


Keqing stood up from the chair, circling him. With a sigh, she spoke again, “Change of plan, I’ll be the one helping you with the test.” 


Keqing made her way to the oakwood executive desk on the room. An envelope labeled as ‘Entrance Test’ was placed neatly on the table. This must be prepared by one of Ningguang’s secretaries. 

She made sure of the content by pressing her palms on the envelope, feeling the shape of a digital watch and a bottle, she emptied the content. 


“Virgin?” She asked, handing him the digital watch and signaling him to put it on.


“Eh?” His mind turned blank for a second but was quickly replaced by an image of a thousand horses galloping past a wild field. 


How is he supposed to react when an extremely cute school girl asks him this question?  

Is he supposed to take it as a hint? Or…a hint? It has to be a hint. Right? 


Flustered, he stuttered, “I…” 


“A virgin.” The question turned into a statement, Keqing confirmed, “Then I guess we don’t need the pills.” 




Keqing placed the bottle of red pills on the table. 


“I doubt you need it now, but you can keep them for future use.” 






The purple hair woman cleared her throat, with pen and paper in hand, she made her way to the sofa. She tapped the space beside her, signaling him to come over.


“Unzip your pants.” Her attempt to keep a straight face was ruined by her flushed cheek.


“I’m… sorry?”


“You heard me.” Refused to repeat, she flipped the papers on her hand, pretending to be occupied.


Aether did as she said, the sound of his zipper sliding down filled the quiet room. 


“You won’t be allowed to cum during the test, this will hinder the actual results. Alright?” The purple hair girl asked, placing the paper on a small coffee table in front of them. 


Confused, he nodded. 


“I know it’s hard for a virgin but… I’m just using my hands so it shouldn’t be any different from when…” Her words trailed off, expecting him to understand what she meant. 


Keqing turned her body to angle towards him, her right hand pulling the pants away, revealing his gray boxer underneath. 

A darker shade of gray was tainted by an unknown liquid, spreading across the bulge. 

Her fingers swiftly pulled his boxer down, releasing his manhood that was restricted in the confined space. 


A pungent smell hit her, unfazed, she held his hard rod. Sliding up and down as she mentally gasped at the length. 

It was hot and hard, her fingers traced the veins that intertwined his manhood. 


Unknowingly, she gulped. She felt a concentrated puddle at the entrance of the sex, ready to dampen her panty anytime. 


She adjusted her body for her hands to comfortably give him a handjob. Looking at him intently, she played his manhood, squeezing them and releasing while reading his expressions.


“Uh…It’s… different,” He moaned, yet his mind almost screaming.


“What is different?” Probably because of the close distance between them, her words felt more like a whisper. 


Aether’s face flushed embarrassingly, trying to contain his orgasm. 

He heard a millionth time about how virgin tends to shoot faster the first time, but he wasn’t expecting this. 


“My hand?” Keqing asked, it might be his imagination but her voice sounded almost like she is purring. 


“Y..es…” The words squeezed through his teeth as he kept his mind blank, trying not to let it wander too far. 


She decreased the speed, cupping just the upper part of his manhood, her thumb started playing with his tip. Hot liquid oozes out of it, it felt exceptionally soft and slippery as she coats the rest of his manhood with his precum. 


“Does it… really feels better than when you do it yourself?” Shyly, she asked, her pride swell slightly when he shows signs of lust. 


He felt a squeeze on his manhood again, his spine straightened as closed his eyes. He felt himself at the peak but the warmth of her hands left him unsatisfied. 




She felt the puddle of wetness concentrated in her core released, soaking her panty as he softly moaned her name. His neck stretched up as he gasped for air, his apple moving as he gulped hard. 


The purple hair girl resisted the urge to suck on his apple, she was, after all, the school president. 


His body relaxed, slowly calming down as the intense peak of pleasure disperse. Taking in deep breaths, he suppressed the budding desire. 


The air surrounding the couple was sultry and suffocating, her previously demure eyes were tainted with a hint of lust. 


Licking her lips, she continued the test. 


Skillfully, her fingers danced around his manhood, sliding along his shaft as wet noises filled the air. 


She squeezed her hand a little every time her hand is near the tip, her thumb swiping over the tip now and then, earning gasps and moans from the young boy. 


“Ke… Keqing, when is…” is this going to end?


“Soon… Very soon.” 


“But I… I… ” 


His face scrunched up, fists clenched, pressing deep into the cushion of the sofa. The pleasure build-up inside of him is eager to burst out, an image of tainting the school president’s pretty little face with his cum flashes across his mind. 


 He – 


-Knock Knock-


“It’s me! Noelle!” 



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