Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 14: Continuation

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In the messy and dim secluded room, an odd-looking bar was pushed to the corner of the room, away from the animals in heat.

Evidence of bondages scattered and surround the source of warmth, droplets of sweat mixed and glide against their skin. 

“Ngah… Childe…” 

Her petite body was pulled up and hugged tightly from behind by his toned arms, his hands playfully teased her bosom and the neglected egg vibrator was picked up and put into use against her clitoris. 

She felt her manhood hitting the deepest part of her as he pumped in without sliding out. His meaty dagger hit against her hottest spot, slowly but forcefully. 

Her legs were spread out wider to better accommodate him in this new position, spine stretched and forced to take in the sight of yet another manhood in front of her.

Kaeya stroked his manhood gently, the thoughts of her saliva covering his member excite him as he took in the sight of her flushed face.

Her cute little tongue was spotted as moans escaped her dainty mouth. Directing the tip of his manhood near her mouth, he relished the sight of his precum moistening her dehydrated lips, giving it a glistening gloss. 

The salty warmth taste in her mouth broke her trance enough that she looked up at Kaeya’s face. 


Their eyes locked.

The young girl gulped, opening her mouth wider to take in the whole of him.

“Uh… Lumine…” Kaeya licked his lips, his eyes staring intently at her bobbing head as she worked hard pleasuring him. 

As if a form of reward, Childe pulled his penis out of her tight hole before pumping in hard again, this time with greater force as her body is being forced to move forward along with his motion. 

She placed her hands on Kaeya’s thigh to stabilize her fragile body, her body relaxed as she let Childe’s force move her body, taking in Kaeya’s manhood deeper in her mouth. 

Like a frail leaf in the wind, she was at the mercy of the men. 

As if practicing a millionth time, the tacit understanding between the men was exceptional. They moved in rhythm as ravaging both of her entrances roughly like there was no tomorrow.

Muffled moans mixed with manly groans and heavy breathing, accompanied by wet slapping noise of their body contact. Her quivering body from orgasm went unnoticed by the men as they continued their assault, bringing her to her peak again and again with her overly sensitive body. 

Words became moans as Kaeya placed his hand on her head, the vibration created by her moans pleasuring him even better. 

Her hips trying to escape from the egg vibrator became a tease to Childe as he pressed it harder against her clit, sliding and poking at the tip of her clit. 

She felt the men grew impatient, their speed accelerating, she knew this was the hint to them reaching their orgasm. 

Determined to end the pleasure-turned torture experience, she tightened her vagina and mouth, sucking and squeezing them harder. 

The sudden squeeze was unexpected, or rather, the thought of the innocent girl doing this was the final straw. 

Kaeya pulled his manhood out of her mouth, pulling her hair down, he shot his cum on her neck and breast with a few pumps.

On the other hand, Childe shot his seeds inside of her body, resting his head on her nape as he breathed heavily. 

Both men pumped a few more times, making sure they empty their seeds in and onto Lumine’s body. 

“Fucking… Kaeya! You spilled it on me!” Childe spoke first, a few drops of Kaeya’s cum was spotted on his arms as he has been hugging Lumine the entire time. 

Ignoring him, Kaeya rested on the chair, his eyes gazing at the woman covered in his cum. 

Drained completely from the intense sex, Lumine’s eyes were struggling to open, her body was still in the same position as she leaned against Childe’s chest.

There are thousands of things she wants to shout at them, but she does not even have the energy to raise even a finger. 

Listening to his steady breathing and heartbeat, she dozed off quicker than she could stop herself. 

Childe repositioned himself to allow her to rest comfortably on him, his eyes glanced back to Kaeya.

“So, did you get the experience you are desperately looking for?” 


“There’s some truth to her words, isn’t it?” 

He was referring to how Lumine questioned his inability to satisfy Lisa. 

Remaining silent, he squints his eyes. 

“I don’t mean that you can’t satisfy her, after all, you haven’t even confessed. I’m referring to… the lack of confidence. After all, it’s Lisa.” Childe explained. 

Lisa, the Sex Goddess in the school, men would die just to have sex with her. If succubus ever exists, she would be one of them.

To fall in love with such a woman, it takes more than just courage to confess.

Kaeya’s flirtatious act might fool others, but his sex experience is the polar opposite of Lisa’s.

“It’s not so simple. Lisa… has no lack of suitors. Some might evolve into a one-night stand, but that’s usually the end of the short relationship.” 

 Both men fell into silence, there isn’t much Childe can advise as he is just a bystander. Both the teachers knew each other for years, yet he is just a student. 

“Well, why am I even talking to a student like you about this…” 

Kaeya stood up, patting away the invisible dust on his pants, and straightened his shirt.

His attire is still proper as when he first came in as if the sex was just an imagination. 

Not wanting to wake her up, he points towards Lumine, giving Childe a signal to take care of her before walking towards the room. 


The door unlocked and opened with a click, Kaeya took out a key, preparing to lock the room to avoid potential disturbance. 

Before the door was closed, a weak and feminine voice reached him. 

“Kaeya-sensei…” The voice paused.

“A relationship is not just about sex, Lisa-sensei… She might be waiting for a man to treasure her.”


The room fell back into silence, footsteps could be heard stepping away from them. 

She could be reading too much into it, but the footsteps felt firm and resolute. 

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