Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 15: Lumine’s Skill


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Lumine’s Path Chapter 15: Lumine’s Skill

With a tired body and hazy mind, Lumine adjusts her attire. Childe continued to embrace her in his arms, taking in her womanly scent and the smell of sex that lingers on her body. 

His eyes followed her fingers as she found her way to her panty that hung around her ankles. It was almost impressive that her panty did not lose its way during the wild battle earlier. 

Hooking it up to her inner thigh, a white pool of liquid was spotted staining her skirt. Following the trails of the white liquid, it leads to her swollen and red pussy. 

She felt the man behind her gulp hard and immediately closes her leg to hide the sight from his view. 

A force at her inner thigh stops her intention, prying them open and exposing her vagina to the air. 

“Childe… It’s embarassing!” She turned, attempting to hide her face. 

“Push it out, I want to see them, your juices…” He coaxed, licking and sucking on her ears. 

Lumine closed her eyes, squeezed her sex in an attempt to push their liquid out. 

“Childe!” The petite body spasmed as a familiar sensation starts caressing her pussy. His warm fingers twirling around the entrance of her vagina, teasing and pushing her to the peak. 

 “Childe… Childe…” She chanted his names, moaning softly as his fingers bring pleasure to her still sensitive body. 

He held and pulled her left thigh up against her chest, her other right leg resting on the floor. 

Her position opening up her entrance further, allowing him to take in the view of her pulsing hole. 

“You’re such a treasure, you can take much more than this…” 

Three digits plunged into her hole, curling and hitting her g-spot as they ravaged her. He felt her insides squeezing, her body arched and he quickened his assault. 

He pulled his fingers out, catching the juices that spilled out eagerly as he chuckled. 

“A squirter? You’re bringing me surprises everyday.” 

He placed his wet fingers on her mouth, pushing her lips as he made his way into her mouth. Sneaking past her teeth, he played with her small and warm tongue. 

Lumine was new to this, her tongue unconsciously moved away from his fingers as she turned to look at Childe uncertainly.

She saw the warm and cheeky smile on his face and calmed down, allowing him to do as he pleases to her tongue. 

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” 

She did as he ordered, opening her dainty little mouth and sticking her tongue out gingerly.

His fingers moved in and out of her mouth, sliding against her tongue as he cleans his fingers with her tongue. 

When he is done with the cleaning, he held her chin up to face him. 

Before she could close her mouth, Childe leaned swiftly and sucked on her tongue, lapping up the lingering taste of her cum in her mouth. 

The erotic act of finger fucking translates smoothly into a deep and sensual french kiss. He withdrew and took in the sight of her flushed skin and swollen lips. 

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Childe stood up and adjust his uniform. 

“I’ll go grab some wet towel for you. Just… Stay here and wait for me.” 

Trying to escape from the self-imagined vixen, he dashed straight for the door and left the room. 

Lumine was left dumbfounded by the unexpected developments but quickly recovered as she dons her clothes properly despite the stickiness. 

She rummaged through her schoolbag that was placed nearly at the corner of the room. 

Grabbing out her cellphone, she checked the time and noticed that it was already late afternoon. 

Tapping on notifications by the Unknown App, she entered the application and was immediately greeted with a ‘Level Up’ alert. 

The experienced bar filled up quickly, hitting level 5, before stopping at 89%. 

‘Level 5!’ 

The app announced. 

She wondered if the experience is solely due to Childe cumming inside of her, or it includes the cum on her body. 

She tapped the ‘More Details’ button that she neglected previously. 

‘Childe’s cum – 250 XP’ 

‘Kaeya’s cum – 100 XP’

‘Threesome unlocked – Bonus XP 50’ 

‘Doggy Sex unlocked – Bonus XP 50’ 

‘Oral Sex unlocked – Bonus XP 50’

“…” Speechless. She felt an imaginary bird flying past above her head. 

‘HP Increased.’

‘ATK Increased.’

‘Stamina Increased.’

‘Speed Increased.’

‘New Skill Unlocked, would you like to learn the new skill now?’ 

She tapped on the option ‘Yes’, leading her to the skill page.

In contrast to the rest of the skill icons that are still locked, the first skill icon reflects a magnifying glass shape outline by a beautiful neon red glow. 

‘Passive Skill – Weakness.’ 

“Yes, right.” She murmured to herself, recalling this epic useful skill. 

The skill that gives her a passive 20% Critical Rate, a must-have skill no matter what weapon a person chooses in the future. 

She tapped on the learn button without a second thought, after all, what other choices does she have? 

A ‘Skill Learnt’ alert popped up, indicating that she has successfully learned the skill. 

“So… Now what?” She asked herself. The Application remained silence, there was no ‘More Details’ button to show the description of the skill. 

How is she supposed to know how the skill works? 


The door opened with Childe holding on to two warm towels. 

His figure cast a long shadow on the ground as he stood against the sunlight. 

Closing the door, he paced towards the girl standing in the corner, hands still holding on to the phone. 

“Lumine?” She was acting a little weird. 

She shook her head, her eyes squinting as she spots a couple of red neon circles hovering on his body. 

“That’s…the weaknesses?” 

She stepped forward, her fingers traced along his face to his ears. 


She tiptoed, her hands pressed on his shoulders as she brought herself up towards his ears. 

“Here?” She whispered, her hot breath tickling against his ears.

She decided to attack his ears, biting softly as she does not want to hurt him at the same time. 

“Ngnn… Lumine!” 

She gazed up at Childe, asking with the most annoyingly innocent face he ever seen in his life. 

“Do you feel anything?” 

“…” Taking in a deep breath, he felt the arousal building up again. All that cooling down done in the washroom gone to waste. 

“You fucking… little…” Words escaped through his gritted teeth. He threw the wet towels away on the floor and pushed Lumine against the wall. His figure closed in, closing up the gaps between them. His fist clenched tight as the angels and devils debate heatedly in his mind. 

“Why did you throw the tower away?” Lumine frowned, she was desperately looking forward to cleaning the stickiness off her body.


He bit her lips fiercely like giving out punishments. 

“It will be cold by the time we are done.” 

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