Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 3: Noelle’s Test

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Aether’s Path Chapter 3: Noelle’s Test


The office door opened with a click, revealing a petite young girl with lavender-colored hair. 

“Noelle! You’re here!” 

The school president tidied up her attire in a flash of an eye, the flush of arousal apparent on her face a couple of seconds ago was no longer visible.

She took a step and block the view of the fumbling teenager from Noelle, sweeping off the imaginary dust on her skirt, she greeted the girl who entered the room. 

Pulling his pants up, Aether quickly tucked his shirt into his pants. Calming himself down, he stood up from the sofa and greet the new girl. 

“You must be the new student, Aether, right?” Noelle smiled sweetly as she entered the room, placing her brown leather briefcase on the office desk. 

“Yes, nice to meet you.” He nodded politely. 

“For the test…” Noelle stuttered, her eyes wandering left and right. “How should we go about doing the test?” 

Noelle laid her eyes on Keqing, blinking innocently. 

“I knew it…” Keqing muttered under her breath. While she could not imagine how would Ningguang’s secretaries explain the process of the test to Noelle, she was also unable to imagine this innocent girl in front of her understanding the world of sex. 

The class president signaled Aether to remove the digital watch on his wrist. 

She took the watch over and hand it over to Noelle, together with the papers in her hands.

“The test is already completed, just hand them over Ningguang sensei will do.” Aether could identify a hint of awkwardness in her serious demeanor. 

Noelle fumbled with the digital watch and flipped the papers curiously. 

“But… It’s all blank?” Noelle asked, turning the papers over and showing them to Keqing.

The purple hair lady took a second look at the papers. There was a glimpse of disbelief before her eyes and she froze for a second. 


Aether caught sight of her fingers fumbling with her skirt nervously. It doesn’t take her too long to release her wrinkled skirt as she clenched her fist.

“Students do not have the phone application to read the numbers instantly. You will need to pull out the data and fill in the blanks on the paper.” Keqing explained to Noelle, her fingers pointing at the various blanks on the paper.

Aether suppressed a chuckle, briefly amused by the ability of the class president. 

“Huh… I see, so that’s all for the test?” Noelle titled her head. 

Keqing nodded, inwardly heaved a sigh of relief as she successfully dodged an invisible bullet.

“I’ll leave this to you and make a move first,” She turned around, preparing to leave the office.

Her eyes wandered towards the lone boy in the room, their gaze met and she caught a glimpse of amusement in his eyes. The corner of his lips twitched slightly as he stifled his laughter. 

Her face flushed with embarrassment as she bit her lips, suppressing the urge to contend. 

The school president threw him a death stare before stomping soundlessly out of the room.

Noelle grabbed the briefcase and sat on the sofa. 

She rummaged through the briefcase and took out a tablet, a couple of weirdly shaped objects tumble out. 

While the young maiden was busy figuring out the application, Aether took a seat beside her and reached out to the alien object on the table.

“This is…?” He asked, playing with the silicon-made, ring-liked object. 

Noelle turned to face him. She shrugged her shoulders, her eyes filled with the same confusion that he had. 

“Um… Aether… Could you share with me the process of the test?” Noelle asked diligently.

“I’m sorry?” The silicon ring dropped onto the glass coffee table, circling on the surface a couple of rounds before dropping.  

“The test! You see, I’m asked by Ningguang to assist you on this test, but Keqing completed most of the work for me…” She placed the tablet on her thigh as she twisted her body to face him. 

“It’s not a big issue but Ningguang will have the expectations that I have experience in this test. I might be task to go through the test in the future with other new students, and… Keqing might not be there for me all the time.” She explained, her eyes looking at him eagerly. 

Aether gaped at her with a confused and disbelief look, words unable to form in her mouth.

“Umm… Of course… If I’m able to learn how to conduct the test, I’ll be of better help to the rest of the teachers as well!” Noelle continued, trying to convince him further.

Aether’s mind wandered back to the heated moment with the school president earlier, his manhood starting to hurt from restraining himself earlier. 

He picked up the silicon ring again, his fingers fidget nervously with the object, and felt a small button at the side of the ring. 


The young boy pressed the button. 


He flinched, startled by the sudden vibration of the small object. 

“This… Isn’t what I think it is, right?” He asked himself.

“Eh? They are tools given by Baiwen. She is one of Ningguang’s secretaries.” 


“Yes, she said it will help me in conducting the test since I’m a rookie myself… Though, I’m not really sure how to use it.”

“I see…” 

He is starting to understand why Keqing mentioned that Noelle appearing is a problem. 

“Baiwen said that you will know how to use it though…” 

Her big olive-green eyes shone with anticipation. 


“Could you tell me the process of how did Keqing conduct the test without using any tools?” 


“Or at least… Could you show me how to use the tools?” 


“If you are busy, you can just tell me verbally, I’m quick at learning new things!” 


“Ah, but there’s still other tools in the bag though…” 


Aether looked at the energetic maiden with a troubled expression. 

Words of rejection ran through his mind as he chooses his words carefully. 

“I’m… actually kind of busy today…”