Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 4.1: Mona the Class President


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Chapter 4.1: Mona the Class President

Aether left the office room with a pang of guilt.

The morning sun permeated through the French window, casting beautiful shadows that adorned the corridors.

The mellow sunlight drove the lingering coldness away from his skin but was unable to get rid of the shadow of guilt in his heart.

Her big round eyes that twinkled with a thirst for knowledge flashed before him as he recalled the incessant chatters that drove him into compromising from her dainty lips.

While he did agree to teach and explain to her the process, they did not settle on the timing to do so. Since she is not a student here, he decided that the only way is to avoid contact with her at all costs.

Following the guide in the student manual, he arrived at his classroom.

“Excuse me!” With a gentle knock, he opened the door and was greeted with the sight of an individual girl in the dimly lighted room.

A light clinking sound of metal objects hitting rang in the air-conditioned room, her two long pigtails swayed left and right as her head bobbed in rhythm.

The golden ornaments tied onto the ends of her pigtails chinked whenever in contact with the steel chair legs.

Her right hand moved furiously across her textbook, highlighting and jotting down notes as she read through the thick chunk of text.

Aether moved closer towards her, taking a seat at the empty seat in front of her.

The dragging of the chair alerted the young maiden as she raised her head, her pale green eyes shone like the cosmic in the dim classroom.


“Yes. Hi. I’m Aether.” The young boy flashed a nervous smile.

“I’m Mona! Class president of Class 1-D.” Mona held out her hand and exchanged handshakes with the boy.

“You just finished your entrance test right?” She asked, keeping her textbooks in her bag.

Aether nodded.

“What’s your score?” Her eyes blinked with curiosity as she stood up, revealing her flattering long legs in sheer tights.

“Uh… I’m not sure.” He scratched his head awkwardly.

The young maiden supported her body with her palms and sat on Aether’s desk. She took out her phone and opened the messaging application.

“The one who did the test for you is Ningguang right?”

Aether paused for a moment before answering, “She was busy, so Noelle came in her stead.”

“Noelle?!” Mona jumped down from the desk, apparently astonished by his answer.

Confused by her overreaction, he stuttered, “And… Keqing…”

“Keqing?” Mona echoed his answer. Her fingers tapped on the desk with an irregular rhythm.

Aether recalled the exact reaction by Keqing earlier in the office. It seems that many students are protective of this Noelle, especially surprising given that she is not a student here.

“Keqing… She did the test. Noelle came to retrieve the data, that’s all.” Aether contemplated for the best way to explain, making sure that there is no misunderstanding that he bullied Noelle in any way.

“I see, as expected of Keqing.” Mona began texting on her phone as she continued to ramble on.

“Even though Noelle is Ningguang’s personal assistant, she also attended certain classes in the school. She is… very helpful to all students.” Noelle is too helpful for her own good and is often being taken advantage of by other students.

Unknowingly, it became the responsibility of students like Keqing and Mona to make sure she isn’t being taken advantage of. This includes her innocent mind and body.

“346?!” Mona gasped, her thumbs tapped quickly against the phone’s screen.

“Is that my score?” Aether asked, not being sure what is the meaning of the score, he asked again, “Is it high?”

Mona placed her phone away and took a second look at this new student again.

Blonde fluffy hair frame his baby face, thick and lush eyelashes that rival those of a make-up model outlined his almond-shaped eyes. A single long quirky braid was tied behind him with a golden hairband.

“It’s high!” She echoed. Her eyes gazed hungrily at the new student, she knowingly licked her lips, as if contemplating how to savor the dish in front of her.

Without any warning, she seat herself on his lap comfortably. Her legs swung lightly in excitement.

“Can I… try?” Suggestive words escaped her lips as hot air blew against his cheek.

“Try… What?” He gulped, his already calmed down little brother perked up a little as he felt his pants tightened. His member twitched as he felt her bottom pressed against him.

Her fingers traced along his chin, down to his neck and collarbone. Unbuttoning the top few buttons, she dropped trails of kisses along his bare skin and plant a kiss on his lips.

“What do you think?” Her green eyes glistened with curiosity, reminding him of Noelle.

What was different between the two is the subject that they are curious about.

“The test number… What does it represent?”

“Mm? It shows the amount of pleasure you can take. 346? It’s probably a succubus kind of standard.” Mona chuckled a little, her arms circling his neck as she clung to his body.

“You have the score that makes people curious…”

Her fingers traced lightly around his apple, feeling his throat moved as he swallowed.

Her tongue replaced her fingers, lightly tapping and seducing him.

“Keqing… Did she made you cum earlier?” She asked, a hidden hint of competition could be found in her words.

He shook his head, gaze fixated on her exposed collarbone.

Her fair skin illuminated brightly, as if luminous, attracting all of his attention.

She licked her lips again as a devious smile crept up her dainty face.

“I’ll finish you.”

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