Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 4.2: Mona the Class President


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Chapter 4.2: Mona the Class President

The young maiden sat on his lap and faced the uneasy young boy. Her fingers swiftly undressed his upper body, unzipping his pants and releasing his manhood from the constrain. 

Baffled by her initiative and enthusiasm, Aether had his arms placed awkwardly beside him in the air. 

His heart beat faster and faster as her face leaned in closer to him. He could smell a sweet fragrance emitting from her body, and her lips crashed onto his. 

Her warmth slippery tongue licking his lips, eagerly asking for entrance. 

Mimicking her movements, Aether opened his mouth gingerly and embraced the warmth of her tongue. Her small wet muscle danced playfully in his mouth, suggestively inviting him to explore her mouth.

The desperate motion of her tongue overpowered his senses, a swimming giddiness spun him round and round, enveloping the whole of his mind as he falls into a trance. 

Mona rocked her lower body against his throbbing manhood, attempting to ease the tingling sensation in her. 

Her movement grew rougher, almost imitating the way of the rawest form of sex.

Unknowingly, as if guided by the innate ability of men, Aether’s awkward hands gradually moved to embrace the young girl, pulling her petite body closer to him and deepening the kiss between them. 

A ticklish sensation crept on his manhood. Her fingernails grazed against his clothed member, feeling the cotton material moistened with his warm juice. 

Withdrawing herself from the kiss, she giggled softly against his neck. Heated breath caressed against his sensitive skin as a torturous moan escaped his clenched teeth.

The look of confusion emerged on Mona’s face quickly evolved into skepticism and relief, “Virgin?” 

She was almost doubting her charm when she realized the problem lies in the young man in front of her. 

Pulling his underpants down, she released his throbbing meat, the tip emitting transparent discharge as a moan mixed with relief and pleasure escaped his lips. 

Mona gulped with excitement, her eyes fixated on the monstrous meat that seems out of place against the gullible boy with infantile features. 

Clenching her sex, she could feel her insides almost screaming with lust, wanting to know how it would feel for his rod to tear through her body.

The experienced maiden raised herself and turned to rest her body on the table, presenting her bottom to him. 

Peeling off the sheer tights from her waist down to her thigh, she flipped her skirt up and scrunched them around her waist. 

Aether was enthralled by the sight presented before him, her snowy white peach ass with a pinkish and delicate lip. 

Her rosy and slender fingers spread her sex, revealing a darker shade of cherry pink inside of her. Her hole glistened with thick and dripping juices, spreading and running down her inner thigh. 

“Aether…” She purred as a single-digit entered and removed from her slippery hole. Her ass jiggled as she clenched her sex as if enthusiastically asking for him to enter her. 

Irritated, Mona turned her head, wanting to shoot a death stare at the culprit but a sudden shadow closed in. 

His strong and lean arms placed on the table, caging her body between him. The awkward young boy leaned in and captured her lower lips. 

Her lips curled into a discrete and satisfied smile as she felt his manhood awkwardly poking at her entrance. Relaxing her body, she was ready to accept him wholly. 

Aether placed his palm on her butt, spreading her hole even wider, the innocent young man guides his meat rod to the entrance of her warm slippery hole.

The smooth entrance of his member was quickly met with friction as he attempts to shove into her with his dry and hard rod. 

“Ah…” Moans of satisfaction mixed with a hint of ache and pain. She raised a finger and waved in the air wanting to complain. 

However, his incessant movement of plunging into her earned continuous moans from the young maiden. Retracting her finger and clenched it into a fist, she swallowed down her words of complaints. 

She will forgive his roughness and amateurishness since this is his first time.

“I… I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Aether halt, half his manhood still buried inside of her.

The growing ache swelled in him, like a ball of fire that is pulsing with flames of desire. He constrained his movement but his hardened rod rebelled with intermittent pulses. 

The slight movement was magnified into intense teasing as the tip of his rod scratch the walls of her vagina. 

Mona shook her head, her hips raised and pushed against his lower body eagerly, implicitly demanding him to continue. 

His pride swell at the sight of her enthusiasm, feeling encouraged, he moved his hand to hold her hips.

Aether pulled her hips towards him in an instant, his full length piercing deep into her as he felt her uneven walls massaging his manhood. 

“Argh… Mona, you are so warm…” 

He regulates his breathing as he felt his balls tightened. He held back, refusing to cum so quickly. 


The initial pain caused by his dry rod dissipated and was promptly turned into the pain of her womb expanding to accommodate his size.

Her mind forced herself to relax her body but quickly tensed up whenever his rod twitches in her. 

She felt the long rod sliding out of her body, his manhood slowly dragging through her flesh as wet noises filled the classroom. 

Not giving her a chance to relax, the impatient boy thrust into her again. His vision turned red as the air surrounding them heats up. 

Holding her hip in place, he plunged into her again and again, each time unsheathing only half of his manhood before assaulting. 

Juices leaked out every time he plunges into her, accompanied by her moans and his deep grunts. He bit his lower lips, wanting to last longer to satisfy the class president. 

“Ughn!” Mona let out a muffled moan, her insides tightened as she came. As if an unknown force was extracting energy out of her, her body rest against the table listlessly. 

Her body still rocking against the table as the young man finishes his load into her with a few pumps. 

He unsheathed his manhood from her hole with a ‘pop’ as liquids leaked down her thigh. 

He sat back at the table, Mona still presenting her bottom to him. 

As much as she was worn out, the class president continued to act like she was the one in control. 

Her right hand moved to spread open her hole again as she clenched her sex, pushing out their mixed cum. 

The globule of their mixed cum dangled before dripping on the ground, her hole and inner thigh glistened with sticky liquid as their heated exchange earlier spread the liquid around their lower body. 

Aether grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him roughly. Mona was caught in surprise and lost her footing, her body collapsed into his arms as he embraced her.

“My class president is so capable,” he drawled while nibbling on her ear lobe.

Mona felt a hardened warm object twitching near her inner thigh. The tip of the object grazing against her skin while excreting warm sticky liquid. 

Aether spread her legs with his knees, exposing her hole to the cold air.

Her body jerked as she felt his fingers playing with her sensitive bud.  

“Your junior have so much to learn from you.”

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