Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 5: Lisa The Librarian

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Chapter 5: Lisa The Librarian

With Mona’s guidance, Aether found himself in the school’s conveniently built bathroom.

After cleaning himself up from the sticky mess, he decided to leave a text message for Mona that he will not be joining her and the rest of the clique for lunch. 

According to Mona, it seems like the class will head for their respective curriculum classes after the lunch break. 

Being a new student who has not registered for his lessons, there are no arrangements left for him and he decided to loiter around and explore the campus till the end of the day. 

Opening up the campus map from the App, he spotted an isolated building at the north of the school. 

He pondered for a while and decided to familiarize himself with his future napping spot. 

The tall antiquated library entered his sight as he arrived at the north of the school campus. Branded with centuries-old evidence on the walls of the buildings, he almost felt embarrassed by his thought of coming here just to nap. 


Aether entered the library with a highly vaulted ceiling and made a beeline to the highest floor of the building. 

Approaching the corners, he sought for the best-hidden spot. 

Oblivious to him, a pair of bright green eyes have been following him ever since he set foot in her territory. 

Click – Clack – 

Revealing herself from behind the numerous shelves, she giggled as her eyes twinkled with a hint of excitement. 

Aether’s body intuitively turned around when he first heard the sound of the footsteps.

A voluptuous lady with fair skin appeared before his eyes. Her mini dress was colored with a mysterious shade of purple, white fabric with golden embellishment hugged her bosom tightly with a sweetheart neckline. 

“Ara? A new student?” Lisa tapped a finger on her chin lightly, trying to recall the faces of the students on the campus. 

She would never have missed out on such a face. 

“What a cutie,” she giggled. 

Golden eyes swept across her sensuous silhouette swiftly, not wanting to appear rude. 

“Sensei…?” The boy’s voice was mixed with uncertainty and shyness.

Possessing such assets, the air around her seems to scream maturity and sexiness. 

Lisa crossed her arms gently, showing off her deep cleavage as her bosom pressed against each other.

Sauntering towards him, she chuckled as the bashful young boy force himself to glance away from her.

Cherry red blush rose on his cheek, gradually spreading towards his ears. 

“Lisa,” she leaned in, whispering near his ears before giving it a lick. 

Aether jumped back a little when he felt her warm muscle tapping on his ears. Her hot breath tickling his nape as he quickly retreated. His palm covering his neck as his mind went wild.

Their eyes met for once, one figuring out the intention of the person in front of him while the other figuring how she should start her meal. 

Click – Clack – 

Her slender legs stepped forth, inching closer to the boy as he retreats unknowingly. 

He gulped. Is it what he thinks it is? 

Isn’t this… A little too crazy? 

“Ne… It’s kind of lonely when you are the only one taking care of this Library…” She drawled her voice, adding a tint of coquettish in her words. 

Her voice is like spider silk, entangling his mind in the web, losing his sense of thinking. 

His foot hit something as he felt his body fell back into the comfort of a large velvety armchair. 

Lisa inched closer, licking her lips as a hint of triumph flashed across her eyes. 

“Your name?” She could tell the boy, though shy, was equally as excited as she is. 

“Aether…” Words came out of his mouth unconsciously.

“Aether…” She echoed, lowering her body as she spreads his knee, accomodating herself in between him. 

Tilting her head, her tongue guides the zip to her teeth as she pulls it down. 

The sound of his pants unzipping filled the air as he felt the motion of her teeth grazed against his bulge. That was when his attention was finally brought to his swelling manhood. 

Doing this openly in the library made the entire experience more exciting. 

While he is still new to this, he could feel the lady in front of him was of a different level than the other girls he met previously.

He wasn’t sure how to explain this, but if he needs to put this into words, he will describe her as the sex demon, or rather, a succubus. 

Every movement she made was a pleasure to his eyes, even when she lowered her body, her hips swayed in such a way that was enticing to him. 

The words she spoke hint at endless possibilities while her voice sounds like a hypnosis lullaby. 

Her fingers lingered near his inner thigh, grazing his skin against his long pants while pulling his member out.

Amid all of these, her seductive gaze never left him, it was as if they have been communicating through their eyes all this while.

It was visually appealing, even though she was still fully clothed, he felt like he could cum just by looking at her.  

A wet warm feeling engulfed his rod as he let out a gasp. He removed his gaze away from her hastily, calming himself down inwardly as he restrains himself from cumming. 

“What a darling… You are so cute,” She whispered as her lips grazed along his rod, leaving a trail of wet kisses against his member. 

“Ughn… Wait…” Aether moaned, trying to clear his mind, preventing himself from cumming. 

“Fufu… Are you trying to hold back?” Lisa chuckled, raising her body a little as she moved to take in his entire member. 

Bobbing her head up and down, imitating the motion of sex, she sucked in a little, squeezing his member gently in her mouth. 

Her eyes caught on to Aether’s clenching his fist against the armchair, enduring the pleasure that seems to be a form of torture to him. 

His other hand covering his mouth, refraining himself from moaning too loud. 

Her attacks came too sudden, she was only flirting and playing with him moments ago and suddenly it felt like they were having real raw sex. 

He felt his rod twitching, but before he hit orgasm, the teacher released his manhood. 

Switching to a gentler approach, she tapped her tongue on the tip of his dick, drinking up his pre-cum while her tongue licked his shaft.

“Come closer…” She instructed. The young boy lift his body a little, moving closer to her, his back no longer resting against the armchair. 

Pulling down the white fabric on her chest, her bosom jumped out of the restrain as they jiggled a little. Her right hand swiped a handful of his juices and began to fondle her right breast, her fingers pinching her pink nipples as she spread his juices around her breast. 

“Come cutie…” Her left hand held on to his right hand and guide him towards her breast. As if teaching him the ways to pleasure a girl, her palms cupped over his, squeezing her breast as she moaned.

Slowly, the boy gained confidence, guided by the different pitches in her moans, he started to play with her soft bosom. Squeezing them into different shapes, his fingers started to pinch her nipple playfully, pressing them down and pulling them up. 

It was enchanting to see the woman reacting differently to how he played with her bosom. His throat felt dry as he wanted more. 

“You want something?” She asked, her fluttering eyelashes seducing him. 

He gulped. 

Yes, he wants it badly. 

He sat closer to her body, pressing his member in between her bosom as he squeezed her breast together.

“Can I?” He asked, almost too politely for this moment. 

Lisa chuckled. 

Her hands removing his as she took over and pressed her boobs closer, engulfing his shaft. Her head lowered as she licked at the tip of his manhood. 

She wet her bosom with her saliva and his juices and began to massage his shaft with her glistening breast. 

Mesmerized by the sight in front of him, his hand moved to play with the nipples that were left peeking out in between her fingers. 

He lightly tapped on the tip before pulling and twisting them, earning delighted moans from the lady. 

Lisa felt heat puddling inside of her, a sense of need almost engulfing her mind, pushing her over the edge. 

Aether knew she was close from the look of her face and the moans that escaped her mouth.

Acting on instinct, he pulled her hair away gently, signaling her to stop the oral sex. 

A look of confusion appeared on her face, did this young boy just stop her? 

Aether guided her to stand up before pulling her into his arms. 

Before she knew it, she was resting on his legs on the armchair.

“Ugh!” Lisa let out a gasp when she realized what the boy was intending to do. 

His right hand fondling her right bosom while his mouth took in her left nipple. 

Lapping hungrily on her nipple, his other hand twists her other nipple forcefully. 

After observing her reaction earlier, he knew well that she loves it when pain is being inflicted on her nipples. 

He felt her moans getting louder, her breathing erratic, and her body trying to inch closer towards his dick. 

His member twitching as their sex almost touch, but Aether ignored it. 

As if a form of achievement, the young and childish boy wants to prove himself. 

His mouth swallowing her bosom, as if french kissing, his tongue licked her flawless and smooth breast before closing in towards her nipple and sucking it hard. 

“Ughnnn… Aether!” Lisa never felt like this before, it was always her being the predator. 

Yet now, her body was not for her to control, it was a new feeling for her, to be controlled and ravaged by a young boy. 

“Ughnn!” She let out a moan of satisfaction as she felt a puddle of fluid leak out of her womanhood. 

Her body spasmed as the boy stop his aggressive advances. He began to caress her body instead.

“How is it, Lisa-sensei?” he asked innocently as if the deeds were not done by him. 

Lisa chuckled as she recomposed herself. 

“The girls in the school will be delighted to find you.” 

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