Secret Affairs – Sanji x Nami

“Wait… Sanji… No…” Nami purred as Sanji’s experienced palms explore her body, his body heat scalded her skin as he pulled her tank top down together with her tube bra, revealing the twin globes that she loves to seduce him so much with.  “Nami…” He whispered into her ear, biting her earlobe softly before sending butterfly kisses across her […]

Cooking Delights – Luffy X OC

Clang–! A sharp noise pierces through the night as the stainless steel bowl dropped on the kitchen floor. The young girl quickly picked up the strawberries as she scolds herself for her stupidity. She was secretly trying to prepare the breakfast before dawn so she could surprise the crew. Sanji the cook woke up pretty […]

Rebellious Kids – Vivi X Kidd (2)

“I won’t let you off so easily…” His words resound in her mind like a curse, a curse she could not get rid of. She left the school grounds successfully. She submitted her resignation letter successfully. She also managed to avoid all the places that he used to ambush her successfully. Yet, things don’t seems […]

Rebellious Kids – Vivi X Kidd (1)

She could hear the incessant chattering of the students behind the closed door of the classroom. The sound of boisterous laughter of the students, although they can be rowdy, still often brings a smile to her face. Vivi really enjoys her time being a teacher, but unfortunately, this is going to be the last week […]