Captive – Orihime x Grimmjow x Aizen (2)

“Aizen!”   Grimmjow turned around to look at the man walking towards them, the door slowly closed behind him, taking away any last bit of light.   “I will not… Give in…” Orihime mumbled to herself, as if a mantra, to force herself to be awake. She clenched her fist, inflicting pain in her palms to pull herself out from the trance […]

Captive – Orihime x Grimmjow x Aizen (1)

“Ugh….” “Uhhhn!”  A long trail of whimper and moans escaped from the mouth gag holding the orange hair girl.   Her head tilted up as her ears pick up the sound of the door opening.   “What a beautiful view Ulquiorra has been hiding from me…” A young maiden was seen knee-ing on the floor. Her hands chained to the ceiling, blindfolded with a […]