Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 15: Lumine’s Skill

A/N: Light NSFW? Still NSFW. But not very NSFW. Actually, quite NSFW. This will be the last chapter of the First mini-arc for Lumine’s Path. I’ll be writing Aether’s Path next, 15 chapters, and move back to Lumine for another supposedly 15 chapters.  The reason for this is there are too many Waifu and Husbando […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 14: Continuation

In the messy and dim secluded room, an odd-looking bar was pushed to the corner of the room, away from the animals in heat. Evidence of bondages scattered and surround the source of warmth, droplets of sweat mixed and glide against their skin.  “Ngah… Childe…”  Her petite body was pulled up and hugged tightly from […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 13: Her First Semi-Threesome

A/N: Wait what? What’s a semi-threesome?  A semi-threesome happens when… One of them refuses to have sex, but just wants to be present and have some fun.  But then a threesome means anything with 3 parties, so is it a semi-threesome or not a semi-threesome?  Also, I’m so so so sorry for not updating. Chapter […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 11: Childe’s Surprise

A/N: I’m sorry. It’s SFW, I’m sorry. Also, just want to share that I’m streaming on Twitch, please show your support and chat with me there! ^^ I promise the next one will be good! It is what you guys are all secretly wishing for. I promise!   Chapter 11 – SFW Ganyu was rumored to […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 2: Childe’s Guidance

A/N: Hello~ Chapter 2! From this point on, every chapters will be filled with smut and NSFW unless stated otherwise. Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 2: Childe’s Guidance “Childe?” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. Despite being an innocent maiden, she knew very well where this might be going.After all, this […]

Dragonspine (Childe x Lumine)

Amidst the cold and dreary Dragonspine stood two young adventures. Or rather, just one of them as the other one was a Harbinger being pulled to accompany her.   The two of them stood motionlessly in front of a couple of dried branches on the ground, apparently used previously by other adventures as a campfire.   One might wonder, why would they stand […]