Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 5: Lisa The Librarian

A/N: As usual, I would like to apologize for disappearing for so long. But as you know, there’s no sincerity in my apologies. But here you go, please comment.   Chapter 5: Lisa The Librarian With Mona’s guidance, Aether found himself in the school’s conveniently built bathroom. After cleaning himself up from the sticky mess, he […]

Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 4.1: Mona the Class President

A/N: 2 SFW Chapters in a roll? I must have drunk the potion of innocence by accident.  Chapter 4.1: Mona the Class President Aether left the office room with a pang of guilt. The morning sun permeated through the French window, casting beautiful shadows that adorned the corridors. The mellow sunlight drove the lingering coldness […]

Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 3: Noelle’s Test

A/N: Sorry for missing for so long again, I’m usually busier when it comes to month end.    Here’s a new chapter, SFW, unfortunately.   Aether’s Path Chapter 3: Noelle’s Test -Click- The office door opened with a click, revealing a petite young girl with lavender-colored hair.  “Noelle! You’re here!”  The school president tidied up […]

Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 2: Keqing’s Guidance

A/N: Jang! A new look on the blog! Let me know which is better, the old one or this new one.  Though… If you are on Mobile, I doubt it makes any difference. Lol  Also, finally! This website will be filled with sexy Waifus~ There’s so much more fanarts on waifus than husbando tbh. Lol. […]

Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 1: Introduction

A/N: Hey ya~  Thanks for reading Aether’s Path! Here, we will finally get to see our sexy and beautiful waifus from Genshin.  By the way, please leave comments down below! T.T Also, this is SFW. Summary: Lumine and Aether arrived at a new world that restricts their power, and now, to gain back their power, […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 15: Lumine’s Skill

A/N: Light NSFW? Still NSFW. But not very NSFW. Actually, quite NSFW. This will be the last chapter of the First mini-arc for Lumine’s Path. I’ll be writing Aether’s Path next, 15 chapters, and move back to Lumine for another supposedly 15 chapters.  The reason for this is there are too many Waifu and Husbando […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 14: Continuation

In the messy and dim secluded room, an odd-looking bar was pushed to the corner of the room, away from the animals in heat. Evidence of bondages scattered and surround the source of warmth, droplets of sweat mixed and glide against their skin.  “Ngah… Childe…”  Her petite body was pulled up and hugged tightly from […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 13: Her First Semi-Threesome

A/N: Wait what? What’s a semi-threesome?  A semi-threesome happens when… One of them refuses to have sex, but just wants to be present and have some fun.  But then a threesome means anything with 3 parties, so is it a semi-threesome or not a semi-threesome?  Also, I’m so so so sorry for not updating. Chapter […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 12: Lumine’s Guess

A/N: Sorry for not posting for so long.  I’m sorry.  But anyway! Discord Server is up, go join me on discord and chat with me! https://discord.gg/DcPzBhFvUV ^^  Also, we are now in Kaeya’s mini-arc, which is the reason why he kept appearing, enjoy, you won’t see him ever again in the future once his arc […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 11: Childe’s Surprise

A/N: I’m sorry. It’s SFW, I’m sorry. Also, just want to share that I’m streaming on Twitch, please show your support and chat with me there! ^^ I promise the next one will be good! It is what you guys are all secretly wishing for. I promise!   Chapter 11 – SFW Ganyu was rumored to […]