Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 14: Continuation

In the messy and dim secluded room, an odd-looking bar was pushed to the corner of the room, away from the animals in heat. Evidence of bondages scattered and surround the source of warmth, droplets of sweat mixed and glide against their skin.  “Ngah… Childe…”  Her petite body was pulled up and hugged tightly from […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 13: Her First Semi-Threesome

A/N: Wait what? What’s a semi-threesome?  A semi-threesome happens when… One of them refuses to have sex, but just wants to be present and have some fun.  But then a threesome means anything with 3 parties, so is it a semi-threesome or not a semi-threesome?  Also, I’m so so so sorry for not updating. Chapter […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 12: Lumine’s Guess

A/N: Sorry for not posting for so long.  I’m sorry.  But anyway! Discord Server is up, go join me on discord and chat with me! https://discord.gg/DcPzBhFvUV ^^  Also, we are now in Kaeya’s mini-arc, which is the reason why he kept appearing, enjoy, you won’t see him ever again in the future once his arc […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 10: Kaeya’s Advances

A/N: It’s Kaeya again! -wink-  I did mention that I will stop at Chapter 15, but it is not the end for Lumine’s Path. It’s just that I will be writing Aether’s path till Chapter 15 first, before coming back to Lumine.  I hope you guys look forward to Aether’s chapter since I’ve been dropping […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 6: Kaeya’s Challenge

A/N: Sorry for the late post! Urgh, I was contemplating on how to write a good one without them going full on (Since you know, Lumine must be tired LOL). Then at the same time I was thinking if I should let Aether see this scene but it’s not like I want to do incest […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 5: Lisa the Librarian

Chapter 5 *No Yuri – but it’s still NSFW. Surprise Surprise~  After their rendezvous, Razor, being a very responsible Class President, showed Lumine her way to the school’s bathroom.  ‘It’s so convenient that it’s scary…’  Lumine thought inwardly while being glad to be able to clean herself up from all the sticky mess.  There are […]

Freedom (Lisa x Kaeya)

“Yo! Charles!”   The Angel’s Share bartender raised his head up as he greets his regular.   “Oh, Captain Kaeya, rare to see you at such a late timing. Almost thought that you wouldn’t be coming tonight at all.”   “Urgh… Yeah, I was caught up with something…” The dark turquoise hair captain scratched his head, his eyes […]