Teyvat E High – Aether’s Path Chapter 5: Lisa The Librarian

A/N: As usual, I would like to apologize for disappearing for so long. But as you know, there’s no sincerity in my apologies. But here you go, please comment.   Chapter 5: Lisa The Librarian With Mona’s guidance, Aether found himself in the school’s conveniently built bathroom. After cleaning himself up from the sticky mess, he […]

Teyvat E High – Lumine’s Path Chapter 5: Lisa the Librarian

Chapter 5 *No Yuri – but it’s still NSFW. Surprise Surprise~  After their rendezvous, Razor, being a very responsible Class President, showed Lumine her way to the school’s bathroom.  ‘It’s so convenient that it’s scary…’  Lumine thought inwardly while being glad to be able to clean herself up from all the sticky mess.  There are […]

Freedom (Lisa x Kaeya)

“Yo! Charles!”   The Angel’s Share bartender raised his head up as he greets his regular.   “Oh, Captain Kaeya, rare to see you at such a late timing. Almost thought that you wouldn’t be coming tonight at all.”   “Urgh… Yeah, I was caught up with something…” The dark turquoise hair captain scratched his head, his eyes […]