Secret Affairs – Sanji x Nami

“Wait… Sanji… No…” Nami purred as Sanji’s experienced palms explore her body, his body heat scalded her skin as he pulled her tank top down together with her tube bra, revealing the twin globes that she loves to seduce him so much with.  “Nami…” He whispered into her ear, biting her earlobe softly before sending butterfly kisses across her […]

Exploring – Doflamingo X Nami

“Fufufu, what is the beautiful navigator of the Mugiwara doing here?”A shadow closed in behind the said navigator, the voice, though with no intention of scaring the poor navigator, sent a chill down her spine. She had never seen the Shichibukai before, but have collected enough rumors and information to know about his sadistic laughter […]