OC Mew – Classroom

“Stop… Please!”   Mew plead as she felt him carrying her up by her leg in a humiliating position.   The position left her in a vulnerable position as her cream white panty was shown to the public, all while giving him access to her butthole.  She felt his harden member probing against her butthole as she whimpered in fear.   She […]

Captive – Orihime x Grimmjow x Aizen (2)

“Aizen!”   Grimmjow turned around to look at the man walking towards them, the door slowly closed behind him, taking away any last bit of light.   “I will not… Give in…” Orihime mumbled to herself, as if a mantra, to force herself to be awake. She clenched her fist, inflicting pain in her palms to pull herself out from the trance […]

Captive – Orihime x Grimmjow x Aizen (1)

“Ugh….” “Uhhhn!”  A long trail of whimper and moans escaped from the mouth gag holding the orange hair girl.   Her head tilted up as her ears pick up the sound of the door opening.   “What a beautiful view Ulquiorra has been hiding from me…” A young maiden was seen knee-ing on the floor. Her hands chained to the ceiling, blindfolded with a […]

Rebellious Kids – Vivi X Kidd (1)

She could hear the incessant chattering of the students behind the closed door of the classroom. The sound of boisterous laughter of the students, although they can be rowdy, still often brings a smile to her face. Vivi really enjoys her time being a teacher, but unfortunately, this is going to be the last week […]

Exploring – Doflamingo X Nami

“Fufufu, what is the beautiful navigator of the Mugiwara doing here?”A shadow closed in behind the said navigator, the voice, though with no intention of scaring the poor navigator, sent a chill down her spine. She had never seen the Shichibukai before, but have collected enough rumors and information to know about his sadistic laughter […]